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  1. Dude I never knew this existed. Firing up Fusion now!! Thanks!
  2. Damn, terrible news. When I logged on to NHL.com, a few days ago, and saw this, it ruptured something in my soul. I loved Brad, he was a cool dude and my fave Red Wings d-man of all time. I was HOPING some dick hacked NHL.com, but no. The news is true =(
  3. Pretty nice, but why so low on speed? I know you might have had to adjust it to eliminate the unrealistic "catching up" speedburst. It kind of takes away, a little, from the speedy ones. But otherwise, very solid! Thank you!
  4. I bow before your greatness, Slappy. I have a NintendoDS with emulators on it, and I'm playing my ISLES..MY 1981 ISLES...the greatest team ever put together....on a subway between clients. You, sir, are incredible! Thank you.
  5. Welcome buddy, I am kinda new here too. Oregon college hockey I hear is very exciting. Would love to see a game if i am ever up there. As for the classics? Not playing the original Genesis and early PSX games is a tragedy. Try em out asap! Oh yeah...NHL 97 for the PSX/Saturn was horrible. Avoid that one.
  6. Look dude, we all have our tastes. I was ambivalent until I went to a Isles/Ranger game and was humiliated by the "We want fish sticks" chant. That decided it for me then and there
  7. Mack, it's nice of you to do this. I like these hacks fine, especially the respect you give Ziggy. He was cool no matter what team he was on!
  8. Very cool Chris! Thanks for this, I await your new hack. Heh hehee Ziggy Palffy has Gretzky's face pic. Looks like you are from LI too. Are you an Islanders fan as well?
  9. Halifax: That is very cool. To face the greatest pure scorer in the history of Hockey and make a save? Worth it to endure the pain. Evan: Thanks a lot. I intend to stick around, and that avatar of Evgeny Davidov dancing rocks
  10. Alright, now that i found the NHL 2007 hack, I am drooling for the older ones, the other hacks, etc. I would love to play with gretzky on the Rangers, or Peca on the Isles, Kariya AND Selanne on the Mighty Ducks. Please guys tell me where to get the older/other hacks! Thnaks.
  11. Hey, I love both of them. I do think Stevie is not as well known outside the hockey world as Mess is. Mess was almost as big as Mike Jordan for a while, the fact he was on the biggest stage on earth (New York) being a big part of it. And even though I am an Islanders fan, I was happy to see Mess bring one to NY.
  12. Hey gang. Big time fan of the Isles, having grown up with the 80's legends, seeing Trottier's first game, Nystroms game winner, etc. I have to say this site impresses me, and the greatest sport and sports game ever are well presented here. I have tons of NHL 94 memories. The best was my 8-1 drubbing of the house champ, the late and lamented ate Eric Pags. I was the Islanders and Pierre scored all the goals. He always would rib me about Pierre after the Hunter hit in 93. Ok anyway, glad to be here, hope you guys will accept me and my obnoxious love for the Isles of the 80's. Thanks!
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