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  1. any word on when this is happening? Have seen dex on this week but has anyone heard from annatar?
  2. I've broken gdl cherry twice inna row. get at me bros.
  3. Trades updated, sic, I didnt get your 4th dman. Also youll prob have to man edit your lines gdl14_preseasonV5.bin
  4. Hamilton Tigers SC1: LW Messier #11 C Hull #16 RW Linden (change Lindens #16 to either #15 or #17?) LW Numminen RW Chiasson X: Stevens 2nd: Same. Don't know the best way to do this, but id like Stevens to be the replacement at every forward slot
  5. Awesome, thanks raph. Just trying to help move things along
  6. Sorry to spam, but 3 month playoffs are no good, and this tactic worked in Gens B1 so I'm doin it. Any word on when this matchup is happening?
  7. Im crazy drunk and SUPER stoned, haven't slept in a day, but hate all you want my homies, its a preference thaaaaang. CONFIRMED FUCKERS Hull ftw
  8. muahahahahahahahaha yessssssssssssss the yellow and pink ones
  9. Im in with hamilton, but im gonna switch back to the yellow and pink jerseys from GDL 12. Thanks raph!
  10. Nobody would feel "good" being advanced that way, I know, but really, how long are we gonna wait for these guys? We got vhl and gdl draft coming up, I'd like to be done w playoffs by then.
  11. Yeah, neither of them have been active for weeks, and if I recall their was speculation about bigfoot even being able to make it in the playoffs. I vote to move Lupz up to the final round. I feel like that would most likely be the outcome anyway.
  12. Seriously, guys, it shouldn't take this long. Has anyone heard ANYTHING from them?
  13. Doesn't using line changes add endurance as a factor?
  14. I enjoy penalties purely for the randomness it adds to the game. It allows the bench players more time, thus adding significance to the later rounds of the draft.
  16. Need to revise my lines, I just would like Karlsson and Josi switched in their D1 D2 designations
  17. Sedin - Benn - Oshie (Marchand) Oshie - Sedin - Benn (Domi) Marchand - Oshie - Plecanek Josi - Karlsson Klingberg - Karlsson Hamonic - Klingberg Halak
  18. 11.11 Jack Vandal (NYI) selects D Travis Hamonic
  19. 7.11 Jack Vandal (NYI) selects G Jaroslav Halak