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  2. Need to revise my lines, I just would like Karlsson and Josi switched in their D1 D2 designations
  3. Sedin - Benn - Oshie (Marchand) Oshie - Sedin - Benn (Domi) Marchand - Oshie - Plecanek Josi - Karlsson Klingberg - Karlsson Hamonic - Klingberg Halak
  4. 7.11 Jack Vandal (NYI) selects G Jaroslav Halak
  5. 5.11 Jack Vandal (NYI) selects brad marchand
  6. Also I am in for HHL league 74, and if I can gimme boston again
  7. 4.8 Jack Vandal (NYI) selects Roman Josi
  8. This season was a blast. Im gonna have to start playing with Winnipeg LOLZ
  9. 3.11 Jack Vandal (NYI) selects the cuter Sedin twin, Daniel
  10. 2.8 Jack Vandal (NYI) selects Erik Karlsson
  11. 1.11 Jack Vandal (NYI) selects Jamie Benn
  12. I'll be home from work just before 3am, I understand if thats too late for you. Tomorrow night I will be on from 8pm-12pm, and friday ill be on from 3pm-9pm. Thanks for getting back to me!!
  13. Hey guys, lets schedule these games. I'm usually available midday or late nights, but can be flexible. Hit me up here or on aim.
  14. Hey budz, I am honestly not up to date on current teams or players, so please just give me whatever the next "logical" team would be. I'm not picky, bad teams make me better
  15. I know its probably not conventional, but I would be glad to take over sebes team. I'm almost finished with B1 season and you know I'd get the games in
  16. KG I'm available sunday 10/25 all day, or any night this week at 3am.
  17. Will we just post our games here? or is there a place to upload savestates?
  18. Love it! Nice job Lupz, I'll take JV at +700 lolololol
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