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  1. Jack Vandal selects THE LOS ANGELES KINGS for B1 w00t w00t
  2. I'll most likely be awake for the draft, but just in case, heres my order: DET, CHI, VAN, BOS, NYR, STL, CAL, HAR. In the event all of those teams are taken then give me Tampa and Ill effin' win anyway
  3. Hey I already registered, but want to post just to confirm my commitment. Thanks budz!!!
  4. JackVandal (HAM) trades Petr Klima, Mike Vernon, and 7.10 to KingRaph (NYR) for Ed Belfour, Dave Ellet, and Valerie Kamensky
  5. ham selects mike vernon
  6. Hamilton selects Mark Messier
  7. The Hamilton Tigers select Gary Roberts
  8. Hamilton selects Petr Klima
  9. The Hamilton Tigers will return for GDL 13
  10. lol houly has the league record for differential, he beat jer 13-0 lololololzzzzzz
  11. jack vandal selects Van-f**king-couver
  12. Yes! Thanks Chaos, much appreciated.
  13. kindas feelin like donny needs replacing at this point... just my 2 cents
  14. If anyone needs to schedule games with me, This is the thread in which to do so. My general availability in EST: Su - 6pm - 3am M - 8pm - 3am Tu - 3am - 4am W - All friggin' day Th - 10pm - 3am F - Nahhh, dog Sa - 3am - 4am I'm on at random times aside from those, but if you wish to schedule then that is a fairly good basis to work from.
  15. Hamilton would like to switch its 2nd line RW Steen with 2nd Line LW Donnelly
  16. All day tomorrow. This week mon-wed anytime after 7pm EST. Thurs-Sat 3am-5am EST
  17. A heads up, I wont be able to test my lines until sunday, so I'm anticipating some changes sunday night for Hamilton.
  18. Team: Hamiliton Tigers First Line G - John Blue LD - Teppo Numminen #27 RD - Don Sweeney #32 LW - Alexander Semak #20 C - Tomas Sandstrom #7 RW - Mike Ricci #9 X - Thomas Steen Second Line G - R. Knickle LD - J. Norton RD - A. Kasatonov #8 LW - M. Donnelly C - A. Semak RW - T. Steen X - R. Sutter I don't know the numbers for sutter, steen, norton or knickle, but im pretty sure kasatonov is the only number needing changes (sharing #7 with sandstrom, so I changed his to #8)
  19. horrible darren puppa for Hamilton
  20. Its tough to tell, based on my skill level, but my overall feeling about my team is very positive. I maybe should have picked a goalie a round or two earlier, but from my late draft position I've looked over the rounds and felt like for the first 5 picks I made, I took the best possible option.
  21. Donch, thank you. thats perfect *devilish grin*
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