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  1. I'm all about it. No offsides isn't hockey. If your goalie can make a two-line pass to Mogilny for a breakaway, then you aren't playing hockey. I'm totally in. This would make coaches have to use actually hockey strategy. Love the idea, if you set it up, I'm in.
  2. The Hamilton Tigers select Thomas Steen
  3. Hey Donch any chance you could put some pink in the Hamilton? I dont care how, whatever works for you.
  4. Hamiliton Tigers LW - Mike Ricci C - Tomas Sandstrom RW - Alexander Semak LD - Teppo Numminen RD - Don Sweeney G - John Blue
  5. I basically just bribe my girlfriend to leave the house whenever I play. I gave her $50 the other day to get her hair done so I could do GDL draft.
  6. lol Love the Hamilton. Disgustingly incredible.
  7. 6.4 Hamilton selects (F) Alexander Semak
  8. Hamiltion selects (G) John Blue
  9. This thread is amazing. Stories to follow....
  10. The Hamilton Tigers Select Teppo Numminen
  11. Darko Selects Al MacGinnis
  12. With the 69th overall pick in the GDL XII Draft, The Hamilton Tigers select..... (F) Mike Ricci
  13. Hamilton Tigers I guess theres no way to get the stripes, but if you could make them as ugly and horribly yellow as possible it would be great
  14. With the 28th overall pick in the GDL XII Draft, the Hamilton Tigers begrudgingly select..... (F) Tomas Sandstrom
  15. With the 21st overall pick in the 12th Genesis Draft League, The Hamilton Tigers select..... (D) Don Sweeney
  16. so just a suggestion, can we maybe leave hateful bigotry out of the team names?
  17. So when do games start? also, are we using save states or no? and if not, how are we logging the games?
  18. Tremendously fun series, and I was really glad I could make it a worthwhile one. Sweeps are boring, and the excitement of games 4, 5, and 6 were incredible. I locked my girlfriend out of our bedroom halfway through the second game, and I do believe it was the lineup change I needed to make it a series and not a sweep. Good luck to wally, hope you win it all!
  19. Awesome Wally, I was hoping someone would do this.
  20. Wait, whatever Hamilton is, ill take that over ATL
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