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  1. I'm digging it quite a bit, but the Penguins don't seem to play quite right. Endurance levels on players don't seem quite right. . . Endurance levels don't reflect the minutes that these players get. Some of the tougher Penguins power forwards are really soft and can get knocked off the puck with easy in the game, not quite the same in real life where Staal, Malone, Ruutu, and Talbot can play keep away for days. Talbot should be a much better overall player than Christensen. Scuderi should be a better dman than Orpik, because he is. Orpik gets the least minutes for a reason.
  2. Sounds fun. I was disappointed in other people's updated ROMs. On the one that is on the main NHL94 page some teams like the Islanders and Flyers just seem better than their real life counter parts, and other teams seem worse than their real life counter parts (Penguins and a few others) But I did notice that the stats between players seem to be in a much tighter spread in terms of overall, while the original NHL 94 has players all over the spectrum. The player ratings also seem to favor older veteran players that thrived in the old NHL, instead of the newer players that are currently dominating (Crosby, Kovalchuck, Hossa, Ovetchkin, St. Louis, LeCavalier, Briere, etc.) If you need any help with getting any of the teams stats done (since you have formulas it would just be b***h work) I'll help.