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  1. NHL'94 (Sega CD) NHL '94 (Gens) Mike Tyson's Punch Out (NES) Blades of Steel (NES) NHL '94 (SNES) V'Ball (NES) NHL 2001(PS1) NHL '06 (PS2) NHL '16 (PS4) Mutant Hockey League (Gens)
  2. Thanks Clockwise! Wow a Candy... My TV show won the best doc series last year and best director this year... But I have a feeling you have done your research already lol! In the next few days i'll send you an email I got some questions for you and hopefully you can help me out! Cheers Bud
  3. Hey boys, As you guys all know I have been traveling all over North America getting content for the doc. As luck would have it I never had to go far to get Theo Fleury... He walked right into my work up here in Yellowknife NWT Canada. He was in town doing talks. He needed to go to Hay River (My hometown) so I hooked him up with a flight there and he was more then happy to give me interview. I will not give anything away but he was the best and most well rounded NHL'er interview I have ever done. On top of that he is an amazing guy and he well bring a lot to the project PS for the die hards he knows that the EA Sports All Star game drinking story was in 1999 the internet was quick to let him know lol. Oh and he is a Sega Genesis guy M
  4. Hey Mac, Doesn't look like I can commit to a date, my summer is looking pretty packed to plan a tourney. BUT!! Send me an email, If you come up to the NWT we can work on a date that woks and I will be more than happy to show you around!!
  5. I think 6 hours can be crammed in. Mark's and Michael Brook where 4 hours each. Jim was an hour & 45mins. There is a bunch of off stuff that is off the record so I could cut each down to a solid 30-45 mins of continuous interview.
  6. Thats no problem I have about 20 hours of footage from KO94
  7. When I sat down with Jim I read to him word for word the message you wrote on the last post
  8. Hey Guys, Just wanted to keep you diehards in the loop. Last Saturday I finished all my main filming for the movie. I have a few pick up scenes to be filmed in the next few months but the MEAT of the film is done. I have spent the last year and 3 months getting all the interviews and research done to put this whole journey into a complete story. I'm working with writers and producers now to take all the info and make something that is true to the subject matter and yet have universal appeal. King of Kong on the surface was a Donkey Kong Movie, but underneath it was about the human competitive sprit. The new Jake the Snake Doc isn't really about wrestling, its about hitting rock bottom and making a comeback. So Pixelated Heroes on the surface is a doc about NHL '94, but underneath its about childhood nostalgia and its evolution as time goes on. Lots of stuff will be cut from the documentary as I have to cut around 200 hours of footage to just under 2. This will give me lots of bonus features I can put into a Blue Ray release. We will be launching a Kickstarter campaign in the summer to raise funds to put into editing/marketing and buying licensed footage. So a question for you all... types of "perks" would you guys like to see? Cheers, Mikey
  9. All great questions. I have added all of them to my list of topics to bring up.
  10. The guy who started it all. Jim designed the 1st game in the NHL series for the Sega Genesis. What questions would you ask him?
  11. Ok folks this is a tough one. What did NHL '95 do right or try and do? I don't want to know what failed. Again this is a thought experiment. If you where a sales guy trying to sell NHL '95 to a 94 guy that has never played it what things would you say makes it better (Again i don't care if those things didn't work or made the game worse).
  12. Everything is a fantasy until acted on I like the answers we are getting. In time yes we will be looking into something official. Everything on this thread is movie related so...for now this is just a thought experiment (But not a waste of time, trust me). I wanted to make you guys think like producers and see what you would change if you had the power too (not so much for an online ROM but for an official release).
  13. If you could release a patch to fix problems or make things better in the Genesis version of NHL 94 what would you do?
  14. i'm totally in! I can get at least 2 if you want to get the other 28.
  15. Thanks bud that looks awesome
  16. Can Someone find me the fighting ratings of the top 20 best fighters in NHLPA '93? I will run down the names and ask hi what he thinks of the rating... ill also need Roenick/Gretzky/Larmer/Ronning/Glenn Anderson That would be an awesome skit!
  17. Amazing! AJ looks like he almost smiled
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