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  1. Awesome guys, Keep the questions coming. Even random questions or inside jokes from the game may open a line of interesting questions.
  2. Hey guys in couple weeks a landed an interview with a "notorious" 90's NHL'er. What general top 5 questions would you like to hear asked to a guy that was in NHL '94 or was playing in that era?
  3. Congrats Raph! I just ordered a copy of the book to possibly use that page in the film!
  4. As its looking now, July in Hay River NWT. If we can plan that everyone meets in Yellowknife (easiest place to fly to in the NWT) I can get a aircraft to fly us to Hay River (no extra cost). Coach Mac Said he would drive to Hay. I'm working on getting some NHL alumni to be there as well
  5. Ok maybe Summer time When Coach Mac is free kgman/AJ/Raph. This could be an epic Gens show down. Plus we can go fishing at a lodge (i'll bring a generator so we can play). Let me think some more. Larmer and Anderson mite join.
  6. I have been toying around with the idea of doing a King of 94 North. So my question... If I can find an airline sponsor. Who would fly to Yellowknife to play NHL 94? It would be in March/April, Its more of a publicly stunt then "get as many players as possible". If I can get 3-5 guys that I have filmed before (you know who you are) it mite be a very cool scene in the movie plus it may be your only chance to see the true North. The first 3-4 can stay at my place. Just a thought, let me know if any of you guys would be up to it. -Mikey UPDATE: THE DATES ARE MORE LOOKING LIKE JULY 2016
  7. Dude, I can tell you did a lot of research! trust me when I say this... I don't want to tell you any spoilers, but you will know when you watch the movie that i uncovered how the game was made
  8. Well that makes it easy lol!! Of course Kingraph will have his own copy to screen and ill try my best to be there!!!
  9. Hey Guys i'm working on writing the story right now. Its going great! I was just thinking of what things are you guys are looking forward to seeing in this film?
  10. I will be interviewing a retro video game You Tube personality for the film in the next month. (I will tell who he is closer to the date and its confirmed). My main question for him is "In the world of Retro video game collecting where do sports games fit in?" I would like to hear your guys view on this question and any sub topics that mite pop up...
  11. You will have to watch the movie to learn more lol
  12. Hey Habs! Im driving with two of my buds Friday around 4pm and driving back Sunday. send me an email mikeymcbryan@gmail.com if you want to jump in!
  13. Buds.... as the tile says it will be part of Pixelated Heroes
  14. WOW!!! Thanks guys. Like i always told you crazy folks I was just a match that lit the fire. You guys are the Gasoline!!! It was always just there it just needed a spark. I believe Evan's vision to have a place for the '94 buds is a gift that gives everyday!!
  15. Hey Guys, Well I have been super busy, I'm back up in Yellowknife (Northwest Territories) working at my normal day job. I'm doing about ten hours in the Buffalo Airways Hangar a day and 3-4 hours a night on the film. I'm living a breathing NHL '94. I wake up at 6am everyday and play a quick game before I get ready for work. I got the new Framemeister so its looks perfect on an HD screen. (big thanks to Chaos for helping me out when I thought I wrecked it!!!!!) After work I watch one documentary a night and take notes on what I liked and didn't like about it, then I spend my time writing and coming up with story structure. I have partnered up with a very cool production company and a very experienced producer. So post production is looking really good. We hit the editing suite in November! The Tourism Minster for the NWT made a speech the other day at a film festival that they where excited for Pixelated Heroes! The Northern film commission here has expressed interest in helping fund the rest of the film. I'll be making a press release with any news when it happens. I do have some shoots left, but I'm holding them off until I have the "story" written, I'm working with writers to make sure this is on the same production level as King of Kong (We are telling a way different story, but I'm looking to it as a base for my quality level). You guys have seen what we can pull off with King of 94, I want to do it a hundred fold with the movie. We will be launching a Kickstarter campaign in th coming months with some killer perks and ill make sure you guys are 100% up to date with that project. That all being said I don't have to much time to read all the comments on the forum as I want. I very proud of you guys for King of 94!!! If you flew across the country or just took a cab, every person took a 22 year journey to get there! I trust that Halifax, KingRaph and Evan will have next years event at hart and I 10000% trust them on tweaking the rules, logistics and layout. I promise you if we all work together that the King of 94 Two will be the biggest retro sports tournament in history PERIOD!! #TecmoWho and if i continue to work my ass off this winter/spring i'll be sitting next too you watching Pixelated Heroes at Real Sports next Fall, the night before we find out who the next King is!!! Moving forward with he film, I will not be sharing too much more about the "story" on the forum. I want you guys to watch the movie and come on the same journey as I did to discover WHY we love this game. Basically I can give you a bunch of spoilers and I don't think you guys want that. But I can tell you one thing... Like the Roswell Crash conspiracy, some stuff is real a lot is fake and the truth is stranger then fiction (oh crap now I hope I can live up to that statement lol). I fell like I mite get lost in the dark recesses of post production, if anything pops up that you guys think I should know please email me at mikeymcbryan@gmail.com and the people with my phone number are free to call me anytime, even just to chat! Again thank you everyone, this project and myself are so lucky to have a family like you guys backing it! "May all your dirty goals count" Cheers, Mikey
  16. Thanks hnfoo for finding our doc, Yes the rabbit hole is very deep. I don't want to give to much away at this point but Jim Simmons is a keystone figure that is the most underrated person is video game history and his story will be told.
  17. Want to know the real reason Fighting was removed from NHL '94, why NHL '95 turned out so different and the surprising twist when it comes to the SNES version of NHL '94 ... you are going to have to wait for the movie lol
  18. I just wanted to send a message to everyone that helped out and played in the King of 94 tourney and this movie project. It been a wild ride so far but the work for me has just gotten started. So i'll take a second to reach out to the crew that has made this possible so far. Halifax was the life blood of the event. With out his dedication and love for this game, none of this would have ever happened. From my first post to this one he has been there the whole time!!! AngryJay you have been the most traveled player and has been there from the beginning. Saskatoon, Hartford and Toronto... Where ever in the world NHL '94 is being played live AJ will be there!!! KingRaph you are the best spokesperson for this game hands down. You have always gone out of your way to help me with this movie and I can't thank you enough. The SNES guys!! Chaos, BobK The Hill brothers and Gereky! You guys opened my eyes up to the world of Super Nintendo and truly made this project more complete. Smoz! Dude you are a genius. Coach, Brutus, Uncle Seth&Buck, EA and the man Kgman!!. You guys really made the King of 94 fun for me and can't explain how much fun it was getting to hang out with you guys!! Every Single Forum member that I met. So... So many of you, I hope you guys enjoyed your time in TO and lets do this again sometime!!!!!! Lastly I want to thank Evan! You are the true Godfather and the reason NHL '94 is alive today. You planted the seed and look what it has grown up to be! The award you gave me at the end of the event was the most unexpected and greatness thank you anyone could ever give me. Now as I finish filming a few more segments and head into the editing stages, i'll do my best to do this subject justice. Again thank you everyone!!!!!!
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