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  1. Hey, I want to register. I joined the GENS AIM group, but I have that problem where I can't use the diagonals for some reason. Using a Logitech Dual pad, the one that looks like a PS2 controller. Tried deleting GENS.cfg twice and restarting, same deal. I believe I'm using version 2.14 of GENS. Works fine with Fusion, though. In the meanwhile, I have ZSNES so I can play on that. AIM is Wendel Clark'sMustache.
  2. Since I pretty much use the Devils exclusively, I'll chime in. I use Richer-Semak-Zelepukin up front with Stevens and Niedermayer on the back. Because I think, as a real life Devils fan, we're all supposed to hate Bruce Driver and I don't remember why anymore. However, since I've pretty much been playing alone for years, I tend to use line changes and whatnot, which I break down as Richer-Semak-MacLean Lemieux-Nicholls-Zelepukin McKay-Stastny-Holik Stevens-Niedermayer Fetisov-Kasatonov Driver-Daneyko You just need to play the Devils like they played in real life, tight defensively with big hits and attack mostly on turnovers. Although it's pretty apparent I'm more of a "set it up like I actually would've" as opposed to the "higher ranking means 1st line" approach. Although Stastny was more of a scorer in his day than a 3rd liner and I really wish we had Peluso so I could relive the Crash Line from back in the day.
  3. I made an AIM, user name is the same as my name here. Consistency is fun. Plus, too good of a name to only use it once. The only difference is that there's a space between Wendel and Clark'sMustache for my AIM name. It looks way different than the last time I used it.
  4. Hey everyone, just another new guy here. Came here because I heard about the 2014-2015 roster update for the game and I had to join up. Not just to download it, but I don't get to talk much hockey in my day-to-day life and kicking the hell out of the Whalers (long story on why) using the Devils is getting old. I actually didn't have either NHL 94 or a Genesis growing up; I had NHLPA 93 and NHL 96 for SNES, but thanks to the era of emulators, I found that I prefer the Genesis version of 94. This is quite possibly the only game where the GEN version is the better one. I've played hockey in real life since about '91 or so, mostly a goalie in my childhood/teens and switching to D in my twenties. I noticed a lot of people posting about AIM. If that means AOL Instant Messenger, I literally haven't used that in about a decade. Do I need to make another one to play?
  5. Thank you so much for this, to whoever was involved. This rules so hard.
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