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    I like the shots from the point, then getting a left winger to bang in the rebounds or tip that sucker in.

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  1. yep ive got it now...Kalteich is my screen
  2. yeah if anyone is up for nhl 94 classic or the 2007 update game...lemme know i wanna get experience before the league starts if anyone is up sometime!
  3. yeah its tough for our teams but in 2 years we'll have the 2 best teams...thats the way WHL rolls haha
  4. 19 games. Play every team once... or... the higher or more competitive the league, the more games you could schedule....like I wouldn't want to play 80 games...just too much in my opinion but other people might want different
  5. yeah im just another new guy i liked the site and thought I could see about giving this game a Try, i've played and owned all the nhl games from 2002 on, so im gonna try the classics yup. I play high school hockey in oregon/SW washington state, and im a huge fan of the portland winter hawks hockey club from the WHL. My favorite team is the Dallas Stars...thats purdy much it.
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