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  1. Really looking forward to try it!! Thanks goodbyeccha!!
  2. From what I read, the simulated stats are not based on attributes, but rather on career stats. So if you are using modified rosters and another player was put in Mario Lemieux's place and his career stats were not changed, there is a good chance that that new player will be one the best scorer in the league, even if his attributes are ones of the lowest in the league. If you wish to modify the players career stats, I think NHLInfo can do it or you can take a look at this thread
  3. Thanks for the input! I'll start from scratch with the original db since after simulating the season with Koppe's rosters, Morgan Rielly of all people won the Hart, Norris, and Art Ross trophy with 53 pts. Carey Price played 61 games and had a .959 save %. Ryan Miller had a GAA of 0.50! One weird thing... Sidney Crosby won the EA Sports trophy with 12 points, a +/- of -11 and 112 PIMS in 82 games. I wonder if that trophy in particular is based on attributes rather than stats...
  4. Quick question with which I hope you can share some light on... I'm using Koppe's latest rosters (14_8 version) and when I use the gametocsv file, there are players missing in the attributes.csv that it generates. The players however are there in the game and in NHLinfo. I don't have the same problem using the default roster; all players are exported correctly in the attributes.csv file. Any idea as to what might be causing this?
  5. It makes sense, I guess the attributes rating were set to a maximum of 12 so to leave space to increase the attributes with the POT rating? Thanks a lot for the info!!
  6. Excellent file, way better than what I had done in the past! I might tinker with it to get more variety in player types (physical defender, small skilled forwards, etc.) And I will try to add to it. In the past, we used to do our drafts without seeing the attributes; instead, we would have a "player profile" in excel with goals, assists, +/-, and hits - all based on the hidden player attributes, plus a bit of randomness in there so that it wouldn't be a given that the best player would be taken. It seemed more realistic that way. Quick question though... What do the columns... 6 - POT 7 - COM 8 - OVR ... refer to exactly? Thanks for the file!
  7. Fantastic Kiba, seems to work!! Thanks a lot!!!
  8. A bit late to the party, but would it be possible to reupload the nhl95pctools2 package? I could download the first one without an itch but the 2nd one times out when I try to download it... Thanks in advance, it seems waaaaaaay simpler then when I was editing the game in 98!!