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  1. I personnally use http://www.planetemu.net/, It's only problem is it's french, still a good site for ROMS on all platforms. Laters
  2. Hi, Found this link for it. http://dosbox.sourceforge.net/news.php?show_news=1 Seems it needs to be played through an Emu called Dosbox, which can be download from the site and may work with XP, Not sure if the game can be downloaded from the site though, Getting the game looks like the hard part, I'll keep digging around on the net though. Have a read on the Dosbox site, Laters
  3. Yeah man, There's instructions for how to do it with Hex editor on NHL94.com under the Game editing tab, if your playing the bin file in GENS download Wboy's editing program off his website http://www.hexaddicts.com/nose/index.html and then it's very simple to change. Laters
  4. Hiya, I got the bin file of this website and upgraded with Wboy's 30 team rom patch, Im currently playing the bin file in Gens. I've got the bin file edited pretty much how I want it now i.e. player ratings, strips etc. Just wondering if it can be converted into ISO format and would it work if burned to CD within GENS? Or I could just wait for your version heh heh LOL
  5. Has anybody managed to convert an existing edited BIN file into an ISO for SegaCD use in Gens? And does it Work? I already have my fully edited BIN file which plays perfectly. The chance that I could change the music to include rock music like the rangers play on intermissions is very tempting.....
  6. Sweet, I'll give that a try later on after work. The sooner I get tellqvist off Toronto's goalie roster the better. Thanks Dude Keep up the quality work!!!!!!!
  7. Anybody aware of these special passed in NHL94. I've found 2 out, If you double tap A in the attacking zone you can chip the puck over a incoming defender which looks class!!!!!! If you press up & double tap B if you in the centre it does a really quick pass/shot that goalies struggle to deal with. Finally the drop pass. This is the one I don't know how to do, I've had players do a really slow pass that hardly moves so another player runs in and picks up the puck, it's happened once or twice for me. Anybody have any ideas how to do this one or anybody had a similar thing happen???
  8. Hello, I've been playing around with NOSE for the last 2 weeks, Don't think it's possible with NOSE, There's some posts from other people about trying to do it through Tile molester, you might be better asking them as I have no experience with Sprites and graphics. Hope this helps Laters
  9. Hello, Is there any way of adding additional goalies via the NOSE editor??? Or could it be a addition to a later release of NOSE???
  10. Yo everybody, I have recently downloaded SWOS's updated rom and NOSE, Im ready to start my full 82 season. Except the ROM is missing All-stars East & West. Is there a hacked rom out there with these teams on So I can play my All Star Game mid Season???
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