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  1. Jersey number update LA KINGS: Adrian Kempe. Listed as #39. His new number: 9
  2. 32nd team, I wonder who it will be. A Hall Of Fame dream team perhaps?
  3. Yeah. Whatever, dude. Good luck with that OCD.
  4. hnfoo's chill pill prescription must've ran out. That said, Naples ROM is pretty well done. It just takes a little getting used to it and feeling the rhythm of gameplay. Sometimes you DON'T have to flatten your opponent to steal the puck from him, for example. BTW hnfool, our opinions do NOT need your approval.
  5. Giving naples ROM a chance. There's certain rhythm to playing, especially defense. I'm learning to time my cross-the slot passes (tricky, but fun when you roof it.) Would like to see a water bottle fly off the goal when those high ones go in.. I was wondering, is there a 2 uniform limit per team? I like the Kings' "Forum Blue & Gold" uniforms a lot.
  6. Glad we don't have to HEAR Dork Emerick in the ROM. Outdoor games, nice idea.
  7. Game plays a bit slow. Hitting opponents is like trying to hit confetti. My cpu controlled teammates often seem unaware of their surroundings.
  8. Thanks. I reloaded the .bin version after restarting my phone and IT WORKS!😃 The Kings are on my ice!
  9. Updated versions won't work on my android phone.
  10. There is no star under the human-controlled player in your ROM, making the game difficult to play. Please add it.
  11. Fun game. Slapper from the top of the slot, aim for the top corner.It's a great way to score.
  12. Dopefish, I use Gensoid on my android phone, an LG Volt. Works good and sounds great with my earbuds!
  13. About the Kings: Rob Scuderi wears #7. #4 is retired for Hall of Fame defenseman Rob Blake. Luke Schenn wears #52, not #22. Nick Shore wears #21, not #37 Vincent Lecavalier wears #44, not#40 Kris Versteeg wears #10, not#32
  14. Thank YOU for updating the ROM, and keeping the game fun!
  15. Thank YOU for updating the ROM, and keeping the game fun!
  16. In trade dradline ROM, LA Kings has two #77s, Jeff Carter and Derek Forbort, who is no longer with the team. The new ROM plays great, btw.
  17. Ask Naples39 how he got the Kings' sleeve stripes right in his ROM.
  18. As a Kings fan, WOW! AWESOME WORK, SLAPSHOT! (LOUD STICK TAPS) I was wondering, Is there a way to mix home and road jerseys in the crowd? At games, some fans like to wear the white ones. Me included.
  19. I figure Skip's 2016 trade deadline update will arrive soon. (Maybe accurate sleeve stripes for the Kings?)
  20. Kingraph, Control response variatons do occur between .bin and .zip ROMS. Why? I don't know. Maybe the emulator being used is a factor. I play on my android phone, often enough to pick up on problems.
  21. Of course I know that.I know he has a life, and is not glued to his computer every waking moment.
  22. Idea for next update: take nhl16 v7.bin and just update the rosters. Gameplay is funfunfun in it. Sleeve stripes on Kings unis should be white on the black jersey, black on the white jersey, if possible.