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  1. I totally agree NHL 2000 for ps2 was the best 2nd generation NHL game the thing I liked most about it was the Chase camera view That game holds it's own the rest just suck a funny bug was shooting from center i think it like always goes in
  2. Anyone ever took a slap shot from your zone and scored in the other zone I did and I got recorded
  3. I totally Disagree I played NHL 94 for Super Nintendo it was nice seeing all the nice colors and all these added features but GAME PLAY NOOOOOO WAAAAAAY it has nothing on the Genesis it did not feel right playing it on super nes
  4. Yea I played it I don't really care for it like it had cool music and it looked better but nothing can really touch 94 it's just perfect because it's the only hockey game that you feel like your players on ice and this is why i think nhl 94 is so popular because of the control
  5. Now that would be better for these online leagues I think Can it be done ???
  6. Actually I find it to be the opposite Gretzky does not go down when he's the computer its pretty stupid because Gretzky in reality was not a tough guy but you gotta hit him at least 3 consecutive times to get him down
  7. hahah when i do a wrap around it goes soo wide like a real wrap around is being super tight to the net but in 94 you pretty much do a huge circle and your quite distant from the net but the cheap goal you people speak of where the player goes 90 degrees to beat the goalie we call that the Cut its so cheap but its the only way i can score but manual goalie makes it very easy to stop people from doing that I'd love to know how to stop the pass shoot score method it's quite solid
  8. what colour is the ice in the updated versions ? Also I just bought a dreamcast what emulator will i need to play these nhl 04 games on my dreamcast Finally would the sega cd copy work ??? THANKS A LOT FELLAZ
  9. I was at school the other day and this guy was playing classic super mario 1 and he had 100's of other games on his psx and I asked him how he did that he told me you need the emulator and burn it onto disc but which one will make it possible so i can play games on my psx furthermore if this is possible would it be possibe to get NHL 94 on psx ???
  10. because I can never find anyone to play with
  11. NIIIIIIIICE I WAS DOING IT RIGHT ALL THE TIME I JUST NEVER WAITED THANKS MAN I'll hopefully play one of you guys very soon
  12. I would like to play on line but i Have no idea how to do it when ever i go to that site www.anti3d.com I can never find any thing to do with NHL94 I downloaded kaillerclient what now ????
  13. I don't know the only good thing they did was add 4 player mode and and exit game
  14. Yes it did suck the music was not crisp like the real nhl 94 and the speed was different the impact of the hits were different sometimes i would hit the guy in the boards and he'd end up infront of my net FINALLY those names what the hell is with that at least they could have put the numbers in reverse or actually try to make decent names or better yet update the team rosters or be sneaky and make a cheat availiable so you could get back the real names