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  1. To my knowledge of current emulators, both SSF and BizHawk (Version 02.00 and later) are the closest that we have at this time to utilizing the Multitap features in an optimal form, SSF is best to use for better emulation accuracy and BizHawk II uses Saturnus for easier input synchronization; both of them sadly do not have any known Netplay capabilities by normal means (yet), special builds of the emulator that can utilize Kaillera with such a high denomination of players would need to be made for such a liberty, especially given that most Desktop computers only have a maximum of six USB ports to plug in controllers and keyboards, which can get a bit crammed up very quickly. As for porting MD and Sega CD titles to the Saturn, I honestly wouldn't be able to say much on that at the moment, especially due to the truth that I am still not fluent in how to code and have yet to have true understanding of how titles from those consoles were ported to the Saturn; considering that the Saturn does have most of the hardware that had come with the Genesis/Megadrive and both its add~ons, somebody with high knowledge of the hardware might be able to explain how to do this easier, but even then, the Saturn was said by many as hard to work with, this is ironically part of why we see more Megadrive and Sega CD Homebrew ported to the Dreamcast instead of its predecessor, Pier Solar and the upcoming Tanglewood are prime examples of where this has been notable in the past decade alone.
  2. Eight Player would be virtually impossible to make outside of a Disassembly Hack, one would basically need to code in functionality for the menus to display new options for Five to Eight Player Mode, make it possible for players to have uniquely set indicators (it will be harder on the MD due to palette limitations), rework the Multitap liberties to use two Team Players at once, and assure that input optimizations are implemented to prevent lag frames or issues where button inputs are not being registered; for now, I'll keep it at the fact that we might not see it for a while, but I'm sure that Advanced level programmers that know the code of the series will be able to conjure up something eventually, it's only a matter of time before we get it. As for Ten to Twelve Player gameplay, we will be out of luck on that for now: That would require the creation of a port of NHL '94, preferably the Sega CD version, to the Sega Saturn, as the Saturn granted us to have up to twelve players being able to play at once (only three Sports titles ever used the maximum player cap on the console) and would be the only (easy) way for us to get such a luxury working on actual hardware; Netplay, however, I would imagine would be a disaster for Twelve Player games, everybody would need to have a strong Internet connection and lag would probably be inevitable; fortunately though, the Saturn does have Online functionality, albeit weak by today's standards, but I'm sure that such a port would accommodate for that somehow, especially given that it is likely easier to work on a functional Online Mode than it was in 1996.
  3. Totally forgot to do this months ago, at least it's better than never, even though it's long overdue. Similar to my NHL '94: Thirty Team ROM HivePal Offset List, this one will allow you to know the locations of virtually every major palette in Slapshot67's version of the Thirty Team ROM for NHLPA Hockey '93, it will be updated accordingly for any offsets that I did not list at the time of this post; some palettes, like '94, have multiple offsets and will be listed together for the sake of convenience, some are also rendered as Undetermined due to being unsure on which is the exact offset for the respective primary palette, based on my notes from earlier in the year. Primary Palettes: ~ EA Sports Splash Screen: Undetermined. Could be one to all of these four: 0887FE, 08881E, 08883E, 08885E. ~ Title Screen: The first four are the background, palettes 05 to 07 are the ones that make up the text, stars, and (possibly) the logo bar, in that order: 013704, 013724, 013744, 013764, 0A8A2A, 0A8A6A, 0A8A8A. ~ Main Menu: 0AF8BC. ~ Ron Barr's Commentary, Stat Menus: 032A70, 032A90, 032AB0, 032AD0. ~ Arena 0I: Undetermined. It could be one of the following: 035E50, 08D20C. ~ Arena 02, Team Banners: Undetermined. It could be one of the following: 035E70, 07C038, 08D22C, 09571A. Team Palettes (Sprites, first is Home, second is Visitor): ~ Team 0I: 09BD1A, 09BD3A. ~ Team 02: 09BF5E, 09BF7E. ~ Team 03: 09C20C, 09C22C. ~ Team 04: 09C4DE, 09C4FE. ~ Team 05: 09C766, 09C786. ~ Team 06: 09CA22, 09CA42. ~ Team 07: 09CC4E, 09CC6E. ~ Team 08: 09CEE8, 09CF08. ~ Team 09: 09D168, 09D188. ~ Team 0I0: 09D444, 09D464. ~ Team 0II: 09D71C, 09D73C. ~ Team 0I2: 09D9D0, 09D9F0. ~ Team 0I3: 09DC44, 09DC64. ~ Team 0I4: 09DE8C, 09DEAC. ~ Team 0I5: 09E0AA, 09E0EA. ~ Team 0I6: 09E358, 09E378. ~ Team 0I7: 09E644, 09E664. ~ Team 0I8: 09E958, 09E978. ~ Team 0I9: 09EC58, 09EC78. ~ Team 020: 09EF48, 09EF68. ~ Team 02I: 09F24C, 09F26C. ~ Team 022: 09F4EA, 09F50A. ~ Team 023: 09F78A, 09F7AA. ~ Team 024: 09F9E2, 09FA02. ~ Team 025: 09FC9E, 09FCBE. ~ Team 026: 09FF92, 09FFB2. ~ Team 027: 0A0216, 0A0236. ~ Team 028: 0A04EE, 0A050E ~ Team 029: 0A1546, 0A1566. ~ Team 030: 0A1756, 0A1776. And that is every palette offset that I am aware of in this particular ROM, at the time of this post, I'm more than sure that it'll come in handy for those that want to work on more ROM hacks of '93, this will definitely make editing the palettes a bit more easy and extensive, I hope that this will serve you folks well. With that said, folks, I hope that this helps in extending the guide for art editing of '93's current Thirty Team ROM by a significant margin, put it to the best use that you can, I truly cannot wait for what you could make with this now available to you, even if it is simply editing colours. Happy palette editing! (:
  4. For the most part, it's a horribly underrated franchise, I truly would have loved to view where they would have taken the Elitserien series, I guess that it wasn't selling all too well and probably would explain why Elitserien '97 was never made, although they were made available as an add~on for NHL 200I and have been in every installment as of NHL '04. '96 is the only title worth playing out of the two, if I had to say, you boot up the game in NTSC Mode and you will have a rather fun time, better speed and traction control, in my personal view of it; the only downside about '96 though is actually the fact that they had taken out all of the organ music, I guess that they don't use the such in Sweden, but I cannot confirm nor deny that at the time of this post, still a rather odd modification nonetheless.
  5. Data Found! Apparently, my theory worked, so the offset for editing each teams' Matchup Screen values in this is exactly 070 hex values ahead beginning from the "V" in the "V.L.T." section of the code (074 hex values ahead, if you are going for the eight stat numbers), that is extremely good to know in the long run. Now, given this, I do feel that it will be easier to work with editing up these values without a trouble, but after looking further at this, it appears that I will not be able to provide a proper list of offsets for each respective team in this case, at least for the Thirty Team ROM, in this case. For me to provide a proper list, that would require the clean and unmodified version of the ROM Image using Slapshot67's template (which I still have laying around on my computer), and the rosters would have to be unmodified as well, so that this is edited first in the hex editor long before everything else; I'll definitely make the list when I have found all 030 necessary offsets and remember to type them down, I'll probably do that once I have completed development of Volumes 02 to 05 of MIAA 20I5 in full, maybe before that, but I guarantee that it will be available when the respective time comes, anything to make editing up '93 a little more easier for developers. (:
  6. Looks as if what you have presented here appears to share the same logic in the Thirty Team ROM, the only difference being the fact that the Thirty Team ROM does not use the offsets that you had presented, which are only exclusive to the original, I am able to confirm that after comparing the two (using the offsets for the original ROM, both Revision 00 and Revision 0I, when editing the Thirty Team ROM will result in you finding a whole bunch of hex values that are FF, just to clarify). An easy way to figure out where these hex values start, based what you have presented here, is to go exactly 070 values beginning from the "V" in the "V.L.T." section, where each team's data begins, in this chunk of code. If what I am saying here is correct, then the offsets for each of the teams' statistics on the Matchup Screen in the Thirty Team ROM is pretty much hook, line, and sinker to find, all that it be is a matter of proper counting on the part of the developer. I would gladly list those down if this theory is accurate, I'll need to go through all of them first to clarify this entirely though, just to play it safe. It is also worth noting down that the information that I had highlighted for the Needham Rockets is data that is a modification of the first team in the Thirty Team ROM (I think that it was originally Anaheim in Slapshot67's build, if my memory serves correctly), and as you might notice when comparing these values together with the original ROMs' data for the Eastern All~Stars, either Wboy or Slapshot67 had happened to modify the teams' code massively for the template, something that I presume was mandatory to not only make it look a bit more organized, but also to have it apply to other portions of the ROM to allow all of the registers and executions to work properly with little to no error. Below be a Value for Value comparison of what Anaheim (Thirty Team ROM) and the Eastern All~Stars (Original ROM) teams' data looks like before the Player Names in both ROM images, so that you are able to view the similarities and differences between the two, the differences begin showing up more after 56 00 4C 00 54 0E, in the first line. ~ Original ROM Text: V.L.T.è.".....". .Œ.j.*.L. .Ì.î.ª.Œ.„.è.".....". .Œ.j.*.L.Ì.". ...Œ.„p .Ö™™.™Ø .......................................................... ~ Original ROM Hex Values: 56 00 4C 00 54 0E E8 02 22 00 00 00 00 02 22 04 20 08 8C 06 6A 00 2A 02 4C 04 20 0C CC 0E EE 0A AA 04 8C 0A 84 0E E8 02 22 00 00 00 00 02 22 04 20 08 8C 06 6A 00 2A 02 4C 0C CC 02 22 04 20 00 00 04 8C 0A 84 70 20 00 D6 99 99 90 99 D8 A0 01 11 12 0E 04 0B 05 00 01 13 14 0F 05 0C 04 00 01 15 16 10 06 0D 04 00 01 11 12 0E 04 0B 05 00 01 13 14 10 05 0C 04 00 01 15 16 10 08 0F 07 00 01 14 11 0F 07 10 08 00 00 0E ~ Thirty Team ROM Text: V.L.T.ê.Ì.......".Î.®.î.®.........(...ê.Ì.........Î.®. .î..."...D.*..3.!ÓgfgVÿ........................................................... ~ Thirty Team ROM Hex Values: 56 00 4C 00 54 0E EA 0C CC 00 00 00 00 00 02 02 22 0C CE 0C AE 0E EE 0A AE 00 00 00 02 00 04 02 02 02 28 00 02 0E EA 0C CC 00 00 00 00 00 02 02 02 0C CE 0C AE 02 20 0E EE 00 04 02 22 00 00 04 44 02 2A 00 02 33 11 21 D3 67 66 67 56 FF 00 01 10 11 05 06 07 09 00 01 10 12 09 0A 06 0B 00 01 11 10 03 07 04 05 00 01 11 12 09 04 06 05 00 01 10 12 0B 05 0D 0A 00 01 10 11 0B 0C 0E 07 00 01 10 12 0E 0F 0D 09 00 00 10 Perhaps this will be able to assist in the making for the list of offsets for each team, it seems easier done than said when looking at it now, and also provided my mentioned theory. Wishfully, this helps out in figuring out exactly what I must do here, this truly seems complex but might be simpler than expected, provided what you've mentioned above. Feel more than free to add in your tutorial on how to get rid of the values entirely as well, it definitely be worth adding into this topic since it definitely is relevant to the topic in some probable way and form. Although my personal aim is to modify the numbers for the team stats on the Matchup Screen, I am positive that there are some that would like to know how to get rid of them entirely, so it's nice to have it archived on here somehow. (:
  7. The information that you view in the highlighted area for the Needham Rockets is what I presume that you are looking into, please do bear in mind that the Rockets are the first team in the team list for Volume 02. Above that data is the text for the commentary and information for each team in the Matchup Screen, and the data before that happens to be a massive amount of code that is used for the sprite of each of the letters in generating the game's text for each screen. Needham, for example, I would not know if the letters and numbers before Courtney Burke's name is what I would have to edit though, it truly would seem a bit obscure to me if it were. To explain further what I am discussing about, the numbers that used for each team in '93's Matchup Screen describes the teams' levels of Shooting, Skating, Passing, Defense, Checking, Fighting, Goaltending (Goalkeeping, as mentioned in~game), Power Play Advantage, Home Team Advantage, and how they are Overall; no matter where I look though, even in the data for the team's information, I truly am stumped as to where to look, if this is not it; I think that it is stored in an area that I would least expect it to be, I would not be surprised if it is in the utmost complex area possible, '93's code is very odd in this regard, it's not easy to work with for select things such as this. :/ Thanks for the welcoming, truly makes me smile to know that my return to the NHL Hacking scene makes even one person happy. I am forever grateful that I could be a part of this community, I always have been glad to deliver my insight and ability to the table full throttle, folks such as yourself truly have been well worth my time interacting with, I have learned a lot from being on here. (:
  8. Alrighty, folks, about time that I come back to do development of titles on here, I have been in a need of returning to the NHL Hacking scene after getting back online completely. Today, I return with wonder about editing in Slapshot67's incarnation of NHLPA Hockey '93, I have presented a good example of how it is meant to be presented, but there is still a few things missing, the above mentioned especially noticeable in the mix. In Revision 00 builds of MIAA Women's Hockey 20I5: Tournament Edition ~ Volume 0I, a good amount of you that have played the game either from here or via The First Annual Sega Homebrew Competition have general to complete awareness that I was not able to edit up the numbers for each respective team for the Matchup Screen, I had also said in the description for the TE titles that you would have to pay extremely close attention to the commentary provided by Ron Barr to know exactly what your team is getting into, assuming that you were coming into this game without playing Volume 0I: The Mass Tour's releases based on '94 first. Given that even now I still have not a single clue as to how to deal with the Matchup Screen's Stat Numbers one single bit (far as I'm aware, NOSE cannot even edit them, and '93 does not have any support for editing in EARE), I truly am kind of stuck in my quest to perfect the Assembly Hack of '93 to deliver as accurate of a game as probable, statistical accuracy does mean everything to a game and the lack of editing this truly does prevent modders of '93 to make their works as optimal as probable. Another thing that had caught my surprise about this is that I had alternatively thought that '93 would automatically adjust the Matchup Screen Stat Numbers, provided the fact that I am unable to edit them manually, I was expressively wrong about that as well. This has been getting on my nerves a good bit too, it truly feels excessively off to me that I am looking at a bad team such as the 20I4~20I5 Matignon Warriors and viewing them having these ridiculously high Team Stats that were originally used for Dallas in the template, this truly does have me a bit ticked off but not too bad that I would flip out at the screen every single time that I view it, it's simply a tidbit that I feel does not deserve to be there in the long run. Provided the fact that I have been messing around with '93 for more than half a year now, I am at least grateful that we are even able to edit up what is available to us, and that MIAA 20I5 TE is as complex as it is right now, I will not ever judge the Thirty Team ROM's progress for what we already have. Lacking the knowledge in editing the Matchup Screen Stat Numbers though is something that does irk me a great lot, provided that '94 already has the luxury of having its Team Ratings manually editable (even though it is done via EARE), '93 deserves the same love in this department wholly; in the event that you are able to help out in explaining how to handle editing the Team Stats in '93's Thirty Team ROM, then I will be more than willing to read from you on how to handle this, I truly want to get this dealt with at some point, even if we have to wait a few years and change to figure out how this is handled, I am an extremely patient man in waiting for things such as this, as you already know by now. With that said, folks, please do feel more than free to discuss. I am truly glad to be finally getting back into the swing of things here on the forums and making mods of the NHL series, it truly has been too long since I have been doing anything with or for the folks here.
  9. The positive reception is well appreciated, good sir, I truly am happy that you enjoy what you are viewing out of this series so far. I still am working on the series behind the scenes, but development has become rather slow in recent time due to other projects that I have on the backburner to handle; chances are though that I will be able to get back to everything in this series (and an upcoming JWHL series that I will be handling after the releases of The Super 08 at TD Banknorth Garden) in all due time, but for now, I am taking it easy and working on one project at a time, what with my video editing, wallpapers, development kits, and a major graphical mod of Sonic Adventure II: Battle being worked on by me outside of the forum taking up my time to actually get back to work full~time on this; granted though, it will not take far too long to get back to MIAA 20I5, I still have 020 installments in this thread alone to finish up and release (not including Special or Promotional Editions), I've got to get back to this series at some point! (:
  10. From how I view this, for all Genesis and Megadrive versions, that would require NOSE to have an update to its Statistic Editor, the issue with this being the fact that the stat for Fighting is linked to the player's Stick Hand. What would have to be done is that the Stick Hand would have to become standalone for doing stat editing with '92 to '94 and '96 to '98, and then Fighting would probably be able to be properly modified to have a standalone editor; what I do not know of, however, is if we would ever get that at this current time, especially since I don't know if NOSE is getting any major updates in the near future (such as proper Arena Editing for '93's Thirty Team ROM, we still have to do that by hand at this time), but hey, something might come around to help us with this at a certain point in time, I won't count out any possibility if somebody is actually planning something to help out with editing the stats more than we already are able to. As we see it right now though, chances are that we might not get more liberated Fighting Level editing for a while, we will have to see what comes in the next matter of years. Who knows, it could come to us when we least expect it, but I will be patient until that probable moment comes, I don't expect this to be soon but as I said, anything could happen that might allow this to come to us earlier than anticipated, if it is easy to do, at least.
  11. About time that this is finally beginning to become implemented, this truly will level the playing field for those that are working on Legacy series titles, as well as optimizing the more recent titles (up to 'I7) with the All~Star rosters and allowing us to have a more recent template that works for us, provided that this project delivers to us more than we are already viewing. Although this project is in a rather early Alpha condition, the 032 Team ROM does seem as if it could help in allowing more to be done with the ROM image, and it truly would be lovely to view where this goes. Now, I know that I am kind of asking for a bit much here out of this project, provided the NHL Hacking scene's current setbacks with the art modification of the current Thirty Team templates, but I am curious for as to how we will be able to handle the matter regarding the editing of select backgrounds that we sadly do not have the ease or perfection of doing at this point in time. I have conjured up a list of pretty much everything that I could find in TM for the artwork that has yet to be properly decompressed for easy and swift editing, perhaps these could be dealt with in the process of making a complete version of the 032 Team ROM; in the event that I am missing anything from this list, then please do add on to this list, I know that I am missing a few things. ~ Hockey Arena: Editable, as we have viewed with the Ball Hockey installments and Six Aside Soccer, still has to be properly edited tile by tile, even with the Sprite Patch. ~ Scoreboard/In~Game Options Menu: Editable, but everything is an unorganized mess, it would be nice to have a simple large image replace it. ~ Zamboni Sprites: Organized Mess. Can be edited, as shown in the Ball Hockey installments, MIAA Women's Hockey 20I5, and NHL '94: 20I6 Edition (Revision 0I), but aligning the sprite tiles in TM is virtually impossible for precision editing. ~ Player Sprites: Organized Mess. You could figure out which portions of each sprites apply to each other, but it can be a pain to work with. ~ EA Sports Background: Ommitted, at least from what I am able to tell. I do not view anywhere in TM that the EA Sports tiles for the Matchups Screen and other screens appear, not one single bit whatsoever. ~ Player Cards: Garbled, currently only editable via means of EARE. I don't expect these to become uncompressed anytime soon, but I am positive that a good amount of people would love to edit these in an easier method than the way that EARE has it, I still am unsure on how to properly work it. ~ Main Menu Background: Organized Mess. Only 0240 tiles are actually used for the Main Menu, and sadly, this means that portions of the tiles in the Main Menu actually get reused, thus meaning that we sadly cannot import a full image into the Main Menu's background, which is something that I have wanted to do for MIAA 20I5 and subsequent projects; you may read more about what I am talking about on this particular factor from this thread if you have still yet to: http://forum.nhl94.com/index.php/topic/17177-md-the-currently-ever-so-labourous-task-of-editing-the-background-for-the-main-menu/ ~ Instant Replay Menu: Organized Mess, yet also Corrupted. When you edit a tile in the Instant Replay Menu, select tiles will repeat themselves if you edit anything, and I mean practically anything in it, but particularly the one that shows the options for when you press the B, C, or Start Button. This issue is utmost notable in MIAA Women's Hockey 20I5, where I have translated the B (Cross) and C (Circle) Button commands to be in Japanese, rather than English; I sadly do not know how to handle that at this time. ~ Player Cards Banner (the little section where the "EA Sports Player Cards" text is on the Player Cards screen): Organized Mess. You are able to edit it, but it is not an easy chore. A lot of the rows are mostly misaligned, and cannot be neatly edited in TM at this time. ~ Scoreboard and Summary Screen Text: Organized Mess. Has been proven editable by both Hackmaster Mack and yours truly in Mack's Hacks NHL '06, Mack's Hacks NHL '07, MIAA Women's Hockey 20I5, and NHL '94: 20I6 Edition (Revision 0I). The issue with this text is that select portions of the text, similar to the banner text in NHL Hockey '92 and EA Sports Network Pro Hockey, share select sprite tiles, and that will prove difficult when doing Font Importing from a different game or template, that be for sure. ~ Lord Stanley's Cup: Unknown. I can't find it, at least. It would be lovely to put in a custom trophy at some point, especially provided the fact that the Thirty Team ROM for '93 already delivers to us that luxury, I truly do wonder why this has not been handled in '94, as of yet. ~ Referee and Faceoff Windows: Organized Mess. Has been proven editable in MIAA Women's Hockey 20I5. Some of the sprites could become garbled in the editing process, if not handled correctly, especially the Offsides/Penalty Window sprites; the easiest to edit is the Faceoff Window, you can edit the wall in the image like a charm. I know that there is a plentiful lot more that is not easy to edit in the Thirty Team ROM, but these are the major ones that truly need to be touched upon. Wishfully, as we go about the upcoming times in the development of the 032 Team ROM, we will be able to obtain the luxury of editing these portions of the art and more with ease, anything to make this title ever more optimal to work with; now that we are in a generation of NHL ROM Hacking that does happen to focus more on the artwork than most other things that the game offers at this time, this truly be what needs to be worked on in conjunction with delivering to us the liberty of having two more teams per ROM image to edit up, which will allow for more unique and visually detailed ROM hacks such as what the Ball Hockey series, as well as Six Aside Soccer, Mack's Hacks NHL '06 & NHL '07, MIAA Women's Hockey 20I5, and NHL '94: 20I6 Edition (Revision 0I) have already presented to the lot of us, and even if what I am asking about here were to end up increasing the size of NHL '94 to 4096 KB or more, that would be completely okay, because that would allow for us to be able to work with more of what the original game offered while taking extremely less time to make new titles for the forum in a more complete form with the extra liberties on the art editing; again, even if not everything can be decompressed for the 032 Team ROM template, having more than what we already have truly would benefit more developers and newcomers in the long run, that is truly what counts here. Either way though, I truly am glad to know that we will end up getting the 032 Team ROM eventually, that is strongly welcome in a time where the NHL and other leagues are getting larger and we are adapting to the modern times and standards, or at least preparing for them. I will definitely follow this project more, going into the rest of this year, this truly does sound well worth it in the long run, and I truly cannot wait to view how the final product will be, come the time for it to be officially released' this truly does have the potential of allowing a lot of titles to both be made and/or updated, so wishfully, this expansion will do a lot with '94 and allow for new ideas and ambitions to be shared with all. (:
  12. Those of you who have been following the series up to now might have been wondering why I have not released Volume 03, as well as the Tournament Edition of Volume 02, at this point in time, given that it usually only takes me about a week to a month to make a complete build on average when I do not have any interruptions. Sadly, I have been having a lot of personal factors coming up on my end, and in recent time, it will only be harder to get it out on here due to something else that has come up, even though I will have more time to work on the series now; that will be explained below. Clear, one of the utmost notable and controversial Internet Service Providers of its time here in Massachusetts, had been bought out by Sprint a matter of months ago, and this had ultimately led to their service becoming discontinued on the Friday that is upcoming, November 06. Here at the residence that I often refer to as Home Base VII (2008), we have been using Clear since Summer or Autumn of 20I2 and we had some troubles in attempting to figure out what service to switch to; while we already know what we will be doing regarding that, it will take a few weeks to get the Gateway or Modem that we will be using, so I have had to put my content creation on a partial hold regarding Online matters only until the time comes that I get back online in full over here. Members and my Head and Co~Head Administrators within Royameadow and Co. are already well aware of me and other Clear users having to undergo this Blackout Season, and I wanted to make sure that you folks were aware about it as well, in the event that any of you were attempting to get in touch with me to talk about anything whatsoever. However, while the Blackout Season will prevent me from getting more installments of the MIAA 20I5 series out to the public due to the lack of my online activity, I will be extremely and massively active with development while handling matters with my Offline teams and units, this will allow me to continue working on Volumes 02 to 05 without much of any worry that I will be behind schedule more than I already am, and it will also allow me to get to working on other projects that I have in store (Royameadow: The Halloween 20I5 Wallpaper, Roya Rockwood: Twentieth Anniversary Special, Sonic Hacking Contest XIII Done Quick, and even an update to our Content Development Kit), so hey, there is a massive lot to work on but the extra time truly will be welcome for me, it will do extremely well for me under these circumstances. In the event that all goes according to plan, I will have Volume 02's Tournament Edition complete, and I will have Volume 03 available along with it, with the Volume 03 Demo coming out a week in advance before the Revision 00 build comes around. Volumes 0I and 02 also will have yet another revision to fix an issue with the way that Player Cards are viewed, they will use the palette fixes that I had made for the Player Cards that are present in my unofficial Revision 0I build of Naples39's NHL '94: 20I6 Edition; those fixes will be done to Revision 00c of Volume 0I and Revision 00 of Volume 02, as there is not a need for me to re~release the same build of a title with a slight palette change, so those download links will be modified when the time comes. For now though, please do be patient with me at this time, when it comes to both this series and any project that I might happen to be doing or have planned at this point in time. My team and I will be back up and running in full in all due time, even though I do not know when that will be; for now though, safe travels, fellow readers of this post, as well as the players and followers of my works, we will completely return in a far better improved state and will be back up and running full force before you even know it! (:
  13. Now, I know that it is usually considered as a bit of a faux pas to make and/or release a ROM hack of a ROM hack, depending on what is done with it, but I would say that this particular build is significant and relevant enough to be available on here, consider it to be a gift and optimization of sorts. This was an Over the Weekend mini~project that I had decided to undergo, provided that the build of NHL '94: 20I6 Edition on here is as complete as it could be roster~wise, yet had suffered some technical and graphical issues that were barely yet still noticeable nonetheless. The "Revision 0I" build, as I will refer to it as, bears the following changes to the original release: ~ The visual template used is the one that I had made while working on MIAA Women's Hockey 20I5 ~ Volume 02: Skaters of the East West, this build now bears The Zana GX Font and uses palette changes that resemble that of the official boxart for NHL 'I6. The Blue Ice that is presented in this build is actually a preview of what to expect when I do get around to working completely on MIAA Women's Hockey 20I5 ~ Volume 03: Hockey Pilgrims, it is present in this build for Eye Care reasons, especially for those Late Night and After Dark gaming sessions. ~ The Menu and Scoreboard Text that is being used utilizes the font that Hackmaster Mack had used for his Mack's Hacks and GoodGen build of NHL '07. This is being used to make the look of the game feel a bit more modernized, I had felt that it had worked well for the visual structure of this title and it looks a bit more attractive than the original font in select ways. ~ For Gameplay Speed reasons, the Weight Scale has been bumped back to the year I950, you will notice that it does not play as slow, when compared to the Revision 00 build. At the same time, Smozoma's Hot and Cold Randomizer (Fix 04) is being used for handling the way that the game feels every single time that you play it; this probably will help out those that have a rough time playing on the Hot and Cold Fixed Number method (Fix 05), and will assist for easier gameplay in the long run. ~ Accuracy with the commentary is everything, and provided that NBC Sports Network is the group running the show with the NHL titles nowadays, Barry Melrose has been replaced by Mike Emrick and Ed Olczyk (known as Doc and Eddie in~game, respectively) for the Commentary/Matchups Screen. Wishfully, that is a very welcome change, as having Doc and Eddie in the game for accuracy purposes sounds reasonable, makes absolute sense when comparing the Megadrive version to the Generation VIII consoles' counterpart. ~ Timer Settings are exactly the same as the Revision 00 build, but they have different names. Short Game is the 05 Minute setting, Lucky Game is 07 Minute, OWR (Official World Record) Game is 0I0 Minute, and NHL Game is the 020 Minute setting, bear that in mind if you are confused on what they mean if you were coming into this without reading this description. ~ The Remixed Music that you hear in this build is a part of a preview that I am using for Hockey Pilgrims' Revision 00 build, please bear in mind that this does not apply to the Organ Cues though. Depending on when you go to the Main Menu or Matchups Screen, you will be able to hear the song play a little differently every single time, the OST is no longer the same with a major luxury such as this, and that is why I love Instrument DF ever so much when doing Music Hacking for this title, it allows for the listener to have a randomized experience with the music depending on which frame that they decide to change tracks. You may download the unofficial Revision 0I build of NHL '94: 20I6 Edition from the below link. http://www.mediafire.com/download/reb2r8x55bwug9y/NHL_%2794_%7E_20I6_Edition_%28JUE%29_%5B%21%5D_%28Revision_0I%29.rar What might surprise some of you folks that are not familiar with my works on here be that this revision had only taken a matter of hours across two separate days, hence why I had referred to this as an Over the Weekend mini~project, it is pretty easy to work on this with what I now know with the Thirty Team ROM, as well as having my notes and templates on Standby to instantly send them over to another title without error. Now, I do not intend for this build to deprecate what Naples39 has already delivered to us, by any probable means, for he still deserves all of the credit for taking the time to implement the rosters, Player Card icons and everything else that he has done to make this incarnation of NHL 'I6 possible for us; this build is mostly a graphical and musical enhancement, above anything else, so in the event that you want to play the game with a more detailed look and sound, then this be what you would take for a spin, but the original Revision 00 build is still the original regardless, I could not ever take credit for that out of respect for the original release in its entirety. Either way though, if you do enjoy this incarnation of the ROM hack, then that be what counts here in full. It's simply the same game with a different look and feel, all the while optimizing what made the original ever so well acclaimed and cherished across the past 020 days, anything to have this game recognized in much brighter of a spotlight, Naples39's title truly does deserve it in full. (: EDIT (January 03 of 20I6): Those 066 of you that have gone out of your way to download this particular build at the time of the original release of this post, please re~download the ROM image, I had to make a fix that was causing New Jersey to crash in the menus and gameplay. Apparently, one of the players from the Scoring 0I and Penalty Kill lines was missing, so I had to put other players in the respective slots as placeholders to prevent the crash from happening; if they are not NHL Accurate, then please do go out of your way to adjust this accordingly, anything to make the game as optimal as it probably could be. Other than that, the ROM image is nearly perfect to play with, feel free to have fun with it however probable. It's NHL 'I6 at its current finest, lovely design, music, and all; with that said, folks, enjoy! (:
  14. Simply put, yes. As stated by me on plentiful occasions on here, I'm not much of a fan of the way that the number "1" looks with that little tail on the end nowadays, depending on the font, so I use the Capital I in place of it (except for discussing code, model numbers, and certain other specifics). The resume that is on that page is dated for May 17 of 1994, roughly six months before the release of the title. The Genesis version of ESPN National Hockey Night had come out in November and the Super Nintendo counterpart had come out in December, and I presume that Pegasus Racer and Shut Up and Jam! were still being worked on at that time back in May, that would explain why they are labeled as Unreleased at that point in time. I or anybody else on this forum would probably have to plan to do an interview with him at some point, in the event that ever comes to be a possibility for any of us, this definitely would help out in learning more about the ice hockey game that could have come to be. In the event that this ever becomes possible, I feel that asking the major questions (such as how the game was supposed to play, how it would have looked and sounded, as well as anything regarding the OST and the spokesperson/commentator for the game) would have to be asked before posing the ultimately and heavily wondered question, that question being "Why was RttCH '94 canceled?"; there is a major chance that we could probably arrange something out of this, and I definitely would be glad to do so if I ever get the time to do so, I truly feel that we would be able to obtain a massive amount of good from doing this, an interview of some sort could get the game back into the public eye somehow, even if it is simply a conversation in text form. (:
  15. Road to the Cup Hockey '94 is rather rarely talked about, much to my shock and surprise, it is one of the only unreleased titles of its genre from that portion of the decade. Far as I am aware, this is probably only the third or fourth major forum post that it that exists on the mainstream sites, but wishfully, this will probably get somebody out there to get the talk on this title expanded more beyond the basic development information, this game could have gone somewhere if it got finished or came out. I appreciate the compliment, it always makes me smile to know that I am able to do this for the forum. Details and Quality are my personal Hot Spots, delivering content and information such as this always is worth my time to do, I am happy to deliver it at all points in time. (:
  16. Road to the Cup Hockey '94 is an unreleased title that was intended to be delivered to the Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo back in 1993 by Park Place Productions, with Electro Brain doing the work to port the title over to the SNES/SFC. Not much is known about this game, aside from information that has been scooped up by researchers over the past decades, so I sadly cannot say much of anything regarding where this game was supposed to go or what its condition is (if it does have a ROM image to begin with), but provided the fact that Park Place was the same group to work with Electronic Arts to develop NHL Hockey '92, EA (Sports Network) Hockey, Pro Hockey, and the Super Famicom version of NHLPA Hockey '93, I would not be surprised if they had wanted to develop their own IP using their own new engine or working with NHL Hockey '92 as a template/basis for what was to come of it, it sounded as if it probably would have been an interesting title to reside alongside NHL Hockey '94, in the long run. Below is some of the information that I have been able to scoop up from Sega Retro and plentiful forums, in relation to this title. You may have a read of that information below; as little as it might be, at least it is worth archiving this in some probable form. Sega Retro: ~ Title: Road to the Cup Hockey '94 ~ Involved Companies: Electro Brain, Park Place Productions ~ ROM Found and Released?: No. SMS Power! ~ GDRI: Mega Drive/Genesis ~ Road to the Cup Hockey '94 (unreleased) (Electro Brain) Super Famicom/Super NES ~ Road to the Cup Hockey '94 (unreleased) (Electro Brain) Lost Levels Forums, posted by GDRI: ~ Road to the Cup Hockey '94 (Park Place Prod.), Electrobrain (Super NES): Unreleased. Sole programmer. Develped tokenized-AI routines and improved SNES sprite engine/support library. You may read up more on what has been presented here from the below links as well. It's mostly everything that I have brought up here, but presents everything that was discussed. ~ Sega Retro: http://segaretro.org/Unreleased_Mega_Drive_games ~ SMS Power! ~ GDRI: http://gdri.smspower.org/wiki/index.php/Park_Place_Productions ~ Lost Levels Forums: http://forums.lostlevels.org/viewtopic.php?p=25818 ~ Google Groups, originally posted by Harry A. Schenck: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/misc.jobs.resumes/cn4V8yxwD-E In the event that you happen to know anything more about Road to the Cup Hockey '94, and/or in the event that the original ROM image(s) is or are found and dumped, then please do feel more than free to deliver your findings. I have always been curious about this one, provided how positive Park Place's track record with Early 199X decade Generation IV Gaming has been, so it truly be a shame that this game had never come out or finished; granted, I know that I will be keeping an eye out for this one, in the event that my research on it comes up with something major, it truly will do a lot of good if we could find the ice hockey game that could or would have been a decently lovable competitor to NHL '94.
  17. With the Generation IV Gaming on Hardware craze still being very well among us in Present~Time, I would not be surprised if some of you happen to play the ROM hacks on here via means of the original hardware through use of either a Flash Cart or the various Everdrives that you could get online. What has been expressively noticed throughout the past matter of years with the Everdrives, however, is the fact that although you may play the majority of the Genesis, Megadrive, Super Nintendo, and Super Famicom's original titles on an NTSC~U or NTSC~J console with the Everdrive MD, Mega Everdrive, and Super Everdrive on their respective consoles, we sadly cannot play certain ROM hacks of select titles without them crashing or getting an Address Error somewhere along the way; apparently, the information on here regarding this for NHL ROM hacks is rather minimal, hence why I had decided to make this thread in the first place for those that might want to discuss this. This thread is made with the sole purpose of attempting to archive the information on how each ROM hack of NHL Hockey '92 to NHL '98 (GS/MD) and NHLPA Hockey '93 to NHL '98 (SNES/SFC) work on the original hardware through means of Flash Carts and the Everdrives. so that the information on any issues that they might have while running on a Flash Cart or ED is stored on here and able to help those playing on consoles to know why a game might not work or will function oddly at certain points in time. Those of you who are able to test on hardware may mention your findings here, and I will update this post to mention the stance of how each hack works, including the new ones that come out at their respective times. Below will be two lists, one for the Genesis and Megadrive, and the other for the Super Nintendo and Super Famicom. I also have a colour code listed below to indicate what the condition of each hack is rendered as based on information by testers; you may use this to understand matters with a hack, if it be applicable towards it, and also if there are extra requirements to run it. ~ Navy indicates that the hack works perfectly on hardware. Not a single error or crash present except for those that were common in the original games' ROM or ROM hack template. ~ Emerald indicates that the hack works well on hardware, but does have occasional glitches (ones that were not present in the original games, bear in mind) that will come up from time to time, nothing game~breaking though. ~ Maroon indicates that the hack will crash on actual hardware, it also will indicate that there are game~breaking glitches that were not in the originals that could negatively affect gameplay and/or select features and settings. ~ Plum indicates that the hack exceeds the 6024 KB limit of the original Genesis and Megadrive carts and might not work properly on hardware, key word being "might", depending on what is used to play it. In the event that it does work on hardware, then it might require either special accessories or an Everdrive to run it, which will be mentioned in the respective listing for that title; glitches and crashes that are found will be mentioned accordingly. ~ Black indicates that the hack does not work at all on hardware, even with Flash Carts and Everdrives, and they will be rendered an Emulator Exclusive. Most ROM hacks that exceed the I0240 KB data limit of the Genesis and Megadrive will get listed under this colour as well; they probably might require a special emulator to run them, if that be mandatory. The lists will begin below, they will be updated accordingly as more information on other hacks' conditions on hardware is delivered to here. Details will be presented as "Title of Game (Tested by 'Name of Tester'): Glitch, error, and hardware requirement details." for each title, respectively. Sega Genesis/Megadrive: ~ NHL '98: MIAA Setup Edition (Tested by me): The Damaging and Fighting penalties will garble up the graphics, due to a registration error with displaying certain time values, of which is easily fixed by going in and out of the Pause Menu. The Power Play Timer will also occasionally become soft~locked at 00'00"00, but this glitch is extremely rare to get and does not deliver a common problem with the gameplay (although that team will be down a player for the rest of that respective game); might require MegaKey and/or a Super 032X to play on Everdrive MD via NTSC~U, PAL (Europe), PAL (Asia), and NTSC~K consoles. Super Nintendo/Super Famicom: No titles are available for this list at this time. Please check back at a later point. Wishfully, this will help out those that are attempting to play our projects and hacks on actual hardware, knowing about how each ROM hack plays on the original consoles will definitely allow a lot of people to be able to know what to expect if they intend to put these titles on a Flash Cart or Everdrive for such playing luxury. As I have stated above, if you are a tester for ROM hacks on actual hardware by means of Flash Carts and Everdrives, then please do drop a comment in here regarding what you know about how each title functions, anything to expand the list to make it as complete as probable; the more hacks that we could list down and know how they function, the better it will be for new hardware players and what we could do to optimize games that do not work properly; it truly will be worth the time spent, that's for sure. (:
  18. Double Post. Now, I do not know if these are accurate values, as all that I have done here is simply convert the Hex Value offsets to Decimal Value, thanks to this website (http://www.binaryhexconverter.com/hex-to-decimal-converter), and I have yet to experiment with these offsets at the time of this post. All palettes except for the banners are present here, those are shared with the Team Logo offsets; if these do not work, then do inform me, and we will have to figure this out as a combined force, as palette importing using TM is not my forte at this time. Primary Offsets: ~ Main Menu: 316842. ~ Arena Palette 0I: 366884. ~ Arena Palette 02: 366916. ~ Hot and Cold Text Sprites: 775106 (For the alternate offset from HivePal, use 1166842.). ~ "High Score Productions and Mark Lesser Present...." Splash Screen: 1003874 (Top Row), 1003938 (Center Row), and 1003970 (Bottom Row). ~ EA Sports Splash Screen: 1083114. ~ Title Screen: 1152422 (Main Title Screen Image), 1152454 (NHL Logo), 1152486 (NHLPA Logo), and 1164034 (Game Title Logo). Main Menu Team Logo Offsets: ~ Team 0I: 1868270. ~ Team 02: 1868302. ~ Team 03: 1868334. ~ Team 04: 1868366. ~ Team 05: 1868398. ~ Team 06:1868430. ~ Team 07: 1868462. ~ Team 08: 1868494. ~ Team 09: 1868526. ~ Team 0i0: 1868558. ~ Team 0Ii: 1868590. ~ Team 0I2: 1868622. ~ Team 0I3: 1868654. ~ Team 0I4: 1868686. ~ Team 0I5: 1868718. ~ Team 0I6: 1868750. ~ Team 0I7: 1868782. ~ Team 0I8: 1868814. ~ Team 0I9: 1868846. ~ Team 020: 1868878. ~ Team 02i: 1868910. ~ Team 022: 1868942. ~ Team 023: 1868974. ~ Team 024: 1869006. ~ Team 025: 1869038. ~ Team 026: 1869070. ~ Team 027: 1869102. ~ Team 028: 1869134. ~ Team 029: 1869166. ~ Team 030: 1869198. As stated above, this was simple conversion that I had done, I honestly do not know if these offsets will work for us in TM, at the time of this post. In the event that anybody is able to test these out and deliver their observations, then that will be completely appreciated at this time, anything to optimize handling the palette editing for this game and for editing sprites and the screens properly.
  19. So I had done some experimentation with the above mentioned, and it appears as if that actually does something completely different in NHL '94's Thirty Team ROM. Instead of making the speed of the ROM function in the way that the PAL to NTSC Region Swap method works, when you edit the values of 000076D6 from 0240 to 303C, what actually happens is that the game now becomes fixed, in which even if you start it up with the PAL region enabled, switching it to NTSC~U or NTSC~J will allow it to play at the speed that it was originally intended to be on NTSC consoles, thus meaning that changing the value from 0240 to 303C at offset 000076D6 in the Thirty Team ROM is, in its truest reality, a Regional Speed Bugfix. In order to obtain Hackmaster Wboy's method in the Thirty Team ROM, to have the game assume that it was already in PAL to begin with, you would have to change 0240 to other select values that work, I have found some but not all within the past two hours and change. Changing 0240 to DCDF will work this perfectly, and that is what one would use best to get this effect without getting a Black Screen; other value changes that you could do at offset 000076D6 include 0160, 05E6, DD0C, and 7897; there are plentiful others that you could do this with, but setting it to 303C will not give you the luxury of the Hyper Speed effect (as Wboy had put it) in the Thirty Team ROM, only the original game's assembly will do that for you in this scenario, based on my examination of how this works.
  20. That sounds easy enough to do, from how you put it, the only matter now is actually finding the offsets for each period in each title to actually do this. It probably will be easiest to do in '94, so I think that I will aim to look into doing this for it first. When you say to add a multiplier though, I have to ask, how exactly would the multiplier look like in Hex Value form? That is what I am truly unsure about here, as handling something such as this is not exactly my forte; I presume though that I would only have to change a few values in each respective section that applies to the game speed to get the results that I want, and also assure that those values are the same in each of the respective portions, do correct me on that if my presumption is incorrect though.
  21. Simply put, I am looking for a method to change the default game speed of each NHL title on the Genesis and Megadrive from '92 to '97, most specifically '93 and '94's Thirty Team ROMs, without the usage of the Region Swap method. The Region Swap method affects the gameplay by a speed shift of -0I7% when doing NTSC to PAL, and +0I7% when doing a PAL to NTSC shift; however, while I do love the change that this delivers to the gameplay, the issue with the Region Swap method is that this speeds up the timer as well, leading for faster or slower times depending on the region that is used. Compared to the prior titles, NHL '98 was the only one of the original seven that had allowed us to have these speed increases and decreases because of the functions from the Fast and Slow settings without affecting the speed of the in~game timer, retaining that at its normal speed regardless of how fast or slow the game was. If I had personally wanted to modify the speed of the timer, then I would definitely learn how to do so accordingly, but in this case, all that I would want to learn to have modified is the gameplay's speed; dealing with the timer is not necessary for what I am looking for here at the moment, that could be learned later on.
  22. One day, I had decided to play the Genesis and Megadrive version of NHL '98, I noticed how lovely the overall speed of the game had been when I had set it to High/Fast, and ever since that point in time, I truthfully cannot get enough of it, it is a powerful setting that truly could make or break the entirety of a match in full. Over the past few years, I have countless memories of playing complete games involving a Western All~Stars versus Canada match, the added speed had put their stats to ever so good use; even today, I will usually play as Canada over the Western All~Stars (unless I am doing a 04 Way Play game), and to be truthful, being able to play these games on the highest speed setting have allowed me to have easier coordination, far faster reaction time, easier battle plans in~game, and above all, a very fun experience with NHL '98 as a whole, it actually gave me the liberty to feel free in how I had wanted my game to turn out in the long run. The functions of the Fast and Slow Game Speed settings are something that I have wondered about for a long time with NHL Hockey '92 to NHL '97, as these six titles did not have them, nor do we have any Speed Hacks of them (that I am aware of, anyway) that allow for faster or slower gameplay by default, and I feel that this needs to be talked about for those that truly are strict about how fast or slow that they want their gameplay speed to be; some of us don't want to have to change the console region in the emulator because it only slows down or speeds up the timer, which is what we don't want to have be our only method for changing the game speed in the first six titles . In my case, I desire to know how to go about doing this for the Thirty Team ROMs of NHLPA Hockey '93 and NHL '94, as these are the titles that I am working with the most for all of my projects, and this truly would help out, especially for future titles and franchises that we all have in store; given that said, how would one go about in modifying the game speed for each title to make it as fast or slow as probably desired, and would this method affect the speed of the timer or leave it at its original speed without any complications? Although this thread is made in regard to handling this matter for all titles spanning from '92 to '97, I feel that knowing how to do this for at least '93 and '94 is somewhat mandatory and will help out developers a massive lot, there is nothing worse to some of us than a good ROM hack that gets mixed reviews because the gameplay is either too sluggish for comfort or not fast enough to obtain complete satisfaction and proper difficulty to enhance the game's overall flow and rhythm. In the event that there also happens to be utilities existent that were made to work on modifying the game speed of any of these six titles, then knowing about the such would definitely come in handy indeed, those probably would make the experience far easier for us if it is faster than editing Hex Values. I might happen to use this for when I begin getting around to my future ROM hack series for next year, so knowing how to do this ahead of time will save me a massive lot of development time, I am positive. As we go about into 20I6, knowing something major such as modifying the game speed for each title will definitely make the possibilities in competitive turnouts that much more interesting and worth the views, it would be yet another way to optimize the games more than they already are becoming. (:
  23. In Tile Molester, the Main Menu's background begins at offset 0004B7AA, all of the tiles are accounted for right there. There are 0240 tiles to work with, with select tiles representing different rows than what one would normally presume if they were working with this from start to end, and that is what makes editing this such a massive pain. Now, I am positive that the (easiest) way to edit this screen is simple Copying and Pasting of tiles of the image that you want to use and doing that one by one. However, given that the image does have certain tiles from other rows and columns interfering with the primary order of them, that is why a guide is required, so that we do not accidentally set a tile in an offset that it is not supposed to be, or else the image would come out as partially distorted.. Ah, yes, I think that is why my talk on Anamorphic Widescreen is confusing here, that would explain the misunderstanding here. Basically, all of the images that I have used for this game (Splash Screen and Title Screen images) are all in the resolution of 2844xI600, of which I downscale to either 0320x0224 or 0256x0224, yet the images still are able to be stretched out into a Widescreen resolution because they were originally in that format before downscaling them. There are ways to naturally implement Anamorphic Widescreen into Sega Genesis and Megadrive titles, and this is actually done by coding the game to have the 0320x0224 image with the Black Sidebars on both the top and bottom, taking out roughly 020 to 040 rows of tiles from both sides in the process, if my memory serves correctly. Russian Homebrew titles for the PAL, NTSC~J, and South Korean Megadrive do happen to have this luxury, for some odd reason, probably to compensate for the fact that they wanted to emphasize on it at all points in their works, there have been a few titles that benefit from this luxury from other titles as well, Sonic the Hedgehog: Michael Bay Vision (Sonic MBV) being one of the utmost notable in North America and Europe to use it full~time, that ROM hack is a primary example of what actual Widescreen on the console would be, which would still require cropping on a television set to fill the screen. But yes, to answer your question, I am playing all NHL titles and ROM hacks that are on the Genesis, Megadrive, and Super 032X stretched out in Widescreen, hence the approach that I take with the images and wallpapers that I use for each screen being originally in the I6:09 Aspect Ratio being downscaled to a 04:03 or an 08:07 image to fit into the game properly. Theoretically, given the approach that I have taken with that, this is why I say that my works have Partial Anamorphic Widescreen, and not Full; Full Anamorphic Widescreen in '94 would require us to also find a way to add in the extra 064 columns of tiles that are unused during gameplay (the Scoreboard and gameplay display in 0256x0224, rather than 0320x0224), and if that is done, then we could view more of the arena than we do normally; my talk on questions regarding extending the gameplay screen has already been brought up in another thread by me, you may read up on that from this link if you have yet to view it: http://forum.nhl94.com/index.php/topic/16877-tech-talk-mdsuper-032x-probability-of-obtaining-a-proper-resolution/
  24. For obvious reasons, all Widescreen images would obviously be scaled down to the 04:03 or 08:07 Aspect Ratio, I do not think that would be much of a problem for us while working in TM, given our experience with it. All of the wallpapers that you have viewed in my works have capabilities of Anamorphic Widescreen, even the Mockup that I had presented above is capable of doing so. The Aspect Ratio of the Team Logos, however, that was what we were discussing back on Friday, we won't have to worry about that with what I am looking for in this particular thread. To clarify though, if a logo looks far too stretched on the Main Menu using TM's full dimensions for each logo, then I will reduce the number of columns that the logo takes up in the box, so that way, it looks a bit neater and not too Standard Definition esque, so to speak. As for this topic though, irregardless of the used image's Aspect Ratio, what I happen to be having trouble with when it comes to editing the Main Menu's background is that it is still horribly compressed, it would take hours to insert an image properly into the background because there would be so much trial and error attempting to figure out which tile goes to which portion of the image without a guide. That is what had led to this thread being made, I know that it is probable to do, but it is a rather ample lengthy task; wishfully, we will be able to figure out how to handle editing the background in its current state, putting our own images into the Main Menu would absolutely work well for more modern ROM hacks such as ours it would benefit strongly from it.
  25. Thought that I would re~share this topic that Raceme800 had made in the Welcome Rookies section. I have wanted to look into this a major lot, given my expertise with the understanding of how to edit the artwork in the Thirty Team ROM for NHL '94, and perhaps this could go somewhere major if we are able to figure this out in full. So Raceme800 was wondering if we could probably edit up the Main Menu's background in the Thirty Team ROM, which like the original NHL '94, is still massively compressed to work with at this time. However, as we have viewed from both myself and others here on the forum, we are able to edit certain graphics such as the Main Menu's Option Box and the EA logo on the background of the ice, and this had gotten me thinking: Given these probabilities, in theory, it is probable to more than likely change the entire background of the Main Menu in full, but due to its compression, one would have to know which offsets in Tile Molester go to which portions of the background in order for a new image to go in perfectly, which is an ever so labourous task in within itself. This is where you folks come in, I would love to work on figuring this out for future titles that we develop on here, as the direction that we are now taking the artwork of the game is becoming notable. In the event that somebody could figure out every single coordinate for each row and column of the Main Menu's background, then this would be the thread to post it in to deliver some reference and/or a tutorial for us to learn how to do this without complications and/or error. Although I might happen to love this being my current visual template: I truly would love it if we could work on fixing the editing methods to obtain something such as this at some point in Future~Time: As one of the modern leaders of the art direction for ROM hacks of '94, this is something that I truly would love for us to take on as soon as we are probably able to, I truly do enjoy viewing what I have been able to edit in the title's artwork, and this is truly one of the only things that are missing from the Assembly Hacks. Doing this for the game would optimize editing the artwork for the Thirty Team ROM Assembly in its current incarnation, and we would be able to work with that until the next template for making ROM hacks out of comes out, in which we would then be able to edit the background in the same way that we are currently able to edit the Splash Screens and Title Screen; wishfully, somebody will be able to guide us in the development of editing the background of the Main Menu, it literally is one of the only major things that are currently missing from the utmost recent builds of the game, and to be truthful, I feel that more titles on here would prosper from it, the games would look and feel more visually polished with the ability to modify this, it would encourage more to edit the artwork massively. With that said, please do discuss this topic, I truly am curious about where something such as this could go. A major breakthrough such as this would be completely well worth it for all of us in the long run, I would love to view this go somewhere big. (:
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