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  1. theres no point in having LINE CHANGES on cause the energy still drains in like 10 seconds??? whats the point of having line changes? is there a way to fix it, youd have to change lines every 3 sec!, its horrible they did this in 93, any suggestions? thisi s playing 5 min games
  2. i think EA should release a new hockey game but NHL 94 look to it, but with season, updated everything, better graphics, but still the classic view and play as 94..This would be the dream game, EA could make a killing off this NHL games are not released on the ds or psp anymore, better start now. What do u think?
  3. Mack when will your nhl 93 be retty?
  4. WOW you made all these games?!?!?!? jeez from the 70s to now,, must have taken you years
  5. just wondering if the g ame was updated at all, after the whole free agent thing happened? thanks
  6. I played a 5 min game and my lines were dead and empty within 2 min of the period??? Did you guys change something????
  7. I cant see anything, but i hear the game. I deleted the rom and redownloaded diff versions of gens and its still all black with just sound?? Anyone know what the problem is??? I need my nhl 94
  8. how to i play netplay on Snes9K Emulator v. 0.09z i go to net play and go to connect to server, but i dont know what to put in the address bar or whatever
  9. no i found it on a picture site just to show you guys i wish this could be updated
  10. hey I just remembered nhl 95 for the PC was pretty much nhl 94 right? just way F'n better, hell they had logos on their jerseys lol has that pc game ever hacked or updated? did that game have season? that would be the coolest game to be updated!!
  11. is it possible to play BIN files on the xbox or ps2s that are modded? the genesis games on my xbox are not bin but rathee .smc will it still read the NHL 2007 update?? cause im going to get my friend to put it on?
  12. do you gusy think there will ever be an updated snes one? I see genesis is getitng all the attention, and there isnt a big demmand for the snes version i am a die hard snes fan of it and thank you to MACK for showing me his from 2002-03 its awesome who usually makes the roms? wboy? wboy if youre listening, PLEASE!!! SNES please!!!
  13. is it possible to make the ice WHITE? or like the snes version? which is more realistic
  14. hi all Im new here, first off, wow i didnt know this could be done, updating nhl 94 i give the biggest credit to everyone who worked on it, thank you Im probably the biggest nhl 94 fan ever.. me and friends play at least 10 game series every week I had trouble downloading the bin file for nhl 07 update can someone please help me out and PM me or email me or msn me lol if you have the file thats not bin, just the rom itself mikey3319@msn.com is msn aol is mariomania33 please anyone!
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