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  1. Bump. I want to know too. I'd sell myself into indentured servitude to play this game again.
  2. Is this NHL '95 for PC by any chance?
  3. I'm SNES...actually I don't really care either way (I'm just a PC guy) but I happened to download the SNES.
  4. Cool, just checking. (pun not intended) Get thee to a punnery. (pun intended)
  5. While we are on the topic...how do people feel about repeatedly using the "shoot" button on defense in an attempt to get back at three times the speed of sound?
  6. I won't do it if you don't do it. That's my stance on the CCC. I won't be the one to initiate anything either. I'll only use the CCC if the other guy already used it in the same game.
  7. Is the creasecutter generally frowned upon within NHL '94 circles? It is somewhat of a glitch goal, which is why I ask. I don't wanna score 5 creasecutters on an opponent and find out that he's angry at the end of the game.