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  1. Hey guys, we are doing NHL 94-themed hockey jerseys for our adult travelling team. Anyone have any good ideas on how they should look? I have some thoughts, like around the bottom, all the way around, we might have a player from each team in different 94 poses. Obviously everything would be in pixel graphics. Pretty easy to convert players from screenshots into vector graphics. The background will be light blue, like the ice of course, with the reflections of the stadium lights, just like in the game.

    Anyone have any good ideas?

    The back of the jersey with the number should have a big, blue star. Or whatever color. Something creative for the shoulders and arms. Halp pls.

    Oh, and I want to play again. So I'm back.

  2. Wait that's not quite fair...is it? I liked that trade, it left me with a team that really suits how I play.

    We both agreed to the trade, I'd like more of a say, if possible.

    *Edit* I know we both said we'd be ok if the trade didn't go through, but I wouldn't have agreed to it if I didn't want those guys. Also, the trade was contingent on me taking Casey as my 5th round pick. I call BS, but whatever. At the very least, I feel I should get to re-pick my 5th round, but then that isn't quite right because guys are gone that I would have taken otherwise. I was not going to draft a goalie in 5th rd.

    BigChiefJay 1016 12:00 pm

    ugh. I wasn't going to take casey in 5th round

    i've come to expect this from nhl draft

    not saying this is your fault

    but this is bs

    BigChiefJay 1016 12:00 pm

    plus, we did both agree to the trade, so unless the rules specifically state that top ten pick CANNOT go to icestorm, then I think it should stand

    if rules specifically state that, then he should not have offered the trade to begin with, and I'd like to keep soderstrom or re-pick my 5th round, even though its basically like i fall to the bottom of 5th round picking order

    Vocally Caged 12:02 pm

    yeah...swos would be in charge of that, there's nothing I can do until he gets on

    BigChiefJay 1016 12:03 pm

    ok, I just want to put my opinion on the trade thread so I have it on writing, sry man it's just frustrating

  3. I admit my unfamiliarity with players. Ice sold Sandstrom to me as a 5/5 shot, clearly after review he is a 4/5 shot. But still, this trade leaves me with at least a decent goalie and 5 wgt defenseman.

    To me, I don't believe the trade is nuts. But, I see how it puts Gilmour into Ice's hands.

    I'm happy whether the trade is voided or not. Unless someone can come out and tell me why this trade is stupid for me to take. (The way I see it, is I'm trading a light forward for a light D-man and a fat forward with a great shot)

  4. I'd suggest you get a separate screen name for AIM and pay more attention to the boards. After giving you numerous chances and the headaches involved with you considering quitting so many times, you ended up screwing me out of the seed I deserved in the playoffs because I tried to contact you for three months.

    So many times? I was upset that my g/f was diagnosed with cancer (thankfully, the operation was successful, and on top of that the cancer ended up being benign) and said something I regretted, saying I wanted out of the league. I already apologized for that. As for trying to contact me for 3 months, I call B.S. I don't recall hearing from you on site, for one, and I also don't know about you trying to get ahold of me for 3 months on AIM.

    I played 52 regular season games, it's not like I went out of my way to avoid people. My playoff seed wasn't going to change I think whether I swept you in our season series or not, not excusing me from playing games, but damn, if you wanted to play so bad you should have just kept messaging me. Do you have record of even contacting me? Like I said, I don't recall seeing msg's on the site. I don't check the forum often.

    Remember what happened to me last season? Came in as a replacement coach, played all my remaining games but a few, got enough points to make the playoffs just barely, and I got knocked out of the playoffs because the coach I was supposed to play didn't respond to my game play requests. I suggest you make a better effort at contacting me, perhaps, I was around.

  5. Well, after a rough ending to an otherwise decent season, I drew FPB in the playoffs. After game 1, and a 7-2 Kings win, I was feeling good. Then, Mog took over and FPB won 3 straight. Backs up against the wall, my guys forced a game 7. Down 2-1 with minutes to go, FPB's defense locked down and put an end to our season.

    All in all, I am pretty happy with how it went. Pushing the series to a 7th game and giving FPB all I could muster has certainly lit a charge under me. I'll be back next season, I can't wait!

    Now, FPB and Tampa Bay, bring us home the cup!

  6. In yet another drunken Hokkee trade, of which I think I actually made out well, here we go!

    I am shipping Chelios, Shanahan and Muller to hokkee in exchange for Hull, Linden, G Murphy. Hokkee confirms via AIM.

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