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  1. I apologize to the community for calling to ban a player. I realize that no one player is bigger than the game and I should not have called out Wags like that. I do think at times his behaviour is....unwelcome, but I think all of the US players should look at themselves right now and say, "What the f**k...we are down 42-15" We ALL need to step it up. I can't say I support Wags' behaviour, but I support his view that all the US players need to step it up and step it up fast. Sorry to Wags and to all.
  2. Ice/Jrod vs Shifty/DaDonch (ANA) Ice/Jrod @ ANA 11-4 Ice/Jrod ANA @ Ice/Jrod 8-2 Shifty/DaDonch GGs, goes to show how volatile 2on2 can be!
  3. We may have to have an official game night and time instituted. This started off so strong, we can't let it lose steam guys. Habs and I agree that this is the best bunch of guys in 2on2 history but we are letting it kind of get out of hand. Just something to consider. And I know that jrod/ice have been available to play most nights, it isn't their fault that they've only played 1 game, lets go peeps.
  4. Shifty/Donch went up against sdogg/elio... sdogg/elio @ ANA -- 6-3 ANA ANA @ sdogg/elio -- 8-5 ANA ANA = Shifty/DaDonch GGS fellas! VERY hotly contested second game.
  5. We all know each other here. Seeding should not be public (no one wants to be last seed), it should be done by habs. He knows enough to seed us accordingly. Leave it to habs to create the teams. I don't care who my teammate is, I think most of you guys share that way of thinking as well.
  6. Habs and EA are a team in the season...gonna have to face them either way. And they are damn good.
  7. Format could be..... Group East: Habs/EA76 Sebe/Sungod Elio/Hokkee Group West: Shifty/DaDonch Freydey/Zalex Jesus/Rotandan Play each team in your group 3 times. Two teams advance out of each group which are reseeded according to total wins. Semifinals are best of 7. Finals are best of 9. Just a thought.
  8. I'm in. I gotta extend my first invite for a teammate to Donch though, sorry Sebe. He's gonna be my teammate in the season, after all.
  9. Shifty

    New 2on2 Video

    I use Camtasia Studio 4. I use this to record a 1024x768 window on my screen. (can use any size, but 1024 is more than enough for my purposes) This creates .xyz files (I forget the extension, but it's a format only CS4 can read.) CS4 then can rip these into avi's. Once in avi form, I use a splitter to split off the good bits of video and categorize them: Breakaways Flip Shots Floaters Generic Goals KTFO (big hits :-D) Okey-dokes One-timers Two-timers (Give and go's) Three-timers Pass-shots Saves Slappers If you send the clips to me...just name them accordingly Floater002 Save041 Goal012 Snag me on AIM @ bigchiefjay1016 for info on Camtasia.
  10. Shifty

    New 2on2 Video

    It's true, but some of those plays that happened before the season 3 rom came out are just epic. (Especially at 1:28, which was scored against the cpu while I was playing with snipeshow. I have never ever seen anything like that) I just wish I was recording when whoever it was that scored from the blue line with a slapper, 93-style. Anyways, thanks to all, I did put a good amount of time into figuring out which effects look good and which are too cheesy. My hope is that the next video I make, it uses all clips from the new rom with LEAGUE TEAMS!!! Contact me if you want some screen-capture software that works incredibly well. I'd like to see more people recording clips.
  11. Glad you guys liked it! Sadly though, wags, you aren't in this video anywhere, lol. The shot that you liked, fleury, was against the cpu. Me and snipeshow were playing and that was him. I have never ever seen that ever never ever before either. I about s**t a brick! Haha. Next video will come out when I have enough video, but you guys can help me out here. I can give you the video capture program I use, it's free. Message me on AIM and I will send it @ 33mb. I will also package in a AVI splitter so you can compile the screen-captured videos and cut out the good parts since the uncompressed full games will be rather large. Remember, those are only highlights from games I participated in and even then I have only been recording like....25% of games I play. So if before a game we decide on who is going to record, we dont' all have to, but after the game you can cut up the video and send me the good stuff. Also, someone asked which program. It is definitely NOT Adobe Premiere CS3 Message me like I said to get the programs. I hope through the highlights I compile we can raise interest in 2on2!
  12. I made this video from about 10 games of 2on2. Players include clockwise, donch, habs, fleury..... All the regulars.
  13. While we can't foresee who is just going to quit out of nowhere, I think the random team think will really stave that off. You know that if two new/semi-new players team together, they will probably get stomped on a day to day basis. But, if they team with an established player, the league will be more competitive, the new player will learn quicker, and there will be less quitters I think. Anyhow, ya, I am working on some content to spif up the 2on2 site but Jesus has final say on it. I am waiting on a layout from him so I can mock up a few pages for his approval. It sounds like he is rather busy at the moment. I just want to help and get this thing up ASAP. I am really excited about the new faces. Sungod played with us the other night, he's pretty darn good. Sebe too. If you guys see 'snipeshow' in Kaillera, he is a guy I play hockey with, pretty good at 94 but never played 2on2 until the other day. How many of you are interested in that teamspeak server I want to put up?
  14. I really want to see this league up and going. I was thinking... and I would like to see a random draw for teammates. This isn't just because i don't want to lose to Clockwize and Voc....well...maybe a little. The one concern I have is that if one or two teams have records like 19-1 or 20-0 that some of the otherwise decently dedicated players will lose interest. I don't mind taking beatings...it's the only reason I am getting better day by day. But, if there is no one around to beat on...there's no point. I really don't know of a good way to randomly pick teams...but are you guys up for this? I think it would make things a lot more interesting. Two more things: I am going to be starting a teamspeak server and hosting it on my local PC at the apartment. I'll post info about that when it's up (tonight sometime). Also, I think we should use our own names for the player names to allow for season-by-season tracking. I think we should create our own teams. I would really like to play as the Rockford Icehogs, our local team and AHL affiliate of the Blackhawks :-) Well...let me know what you guys think.
  15. I would like to take over the open team. I am almost always online and willing to play.
  16. I voted for 50 games. For all of you that have met me, I am one of the guys that tends to stay up til 3am to get in practice games, so I'm all up for making those 15 games per night count for something.
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