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  1. Buy an old PC 200Mhz or something with SB 16, install win98 and there you go. Buy it from some ebay and pay max. 20€ for it, that's the way we did it Got it to run on my recent actual pc with win XP as well with emulators, but not with sounds since the current sound cards are too sophicticated. And the sounds are the salt in that game so could've not done it without 'em We've been trying to get screenshots from the game but haven't managed to do so. If anyone here knows which program is able to do it, please reply!
  2. Yea. Cool screenshots don16086! Hey, which program you used to take those screenshots from the game? I can't get to work any screenshot programs with NHL93 or NHL95 on PC. Would appreciate if someone told which screen capture program can do it for PC and how, please?