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  1. Yeah, that and Arizona State is a beast in the game (I mean, heck, they made it to the 1997 Rose Bowl, so they SHOULD be!) There are some specific long-term challenges I know will come into play: #1. College football has expanded. In 1995, EA released College Football USA '96 (Genesis only), which had 108 teams. BWCF '95 had 36. In the offseason after 1995, four teams jumped to Division I-A and one (University of the Pacific) dropped football altogether, and College Football USA '97 has 111 teams and a partially-defined 112th filler team. By comparison, the 2015 season has 128 teams in FBS,
  2. Hiya! I'm Raymie, and while I'm also a hockey fan, I'm here mostly to get some help doing a light hack of a different game by High Score Productions: College Football USA '97. Built for the Genesis in June 1996, the engine for this game dates back to Bill Walsh College Football in 1993. CFB USA '97 was the last 16-bit college football game (only followed by a poor SNES port in late 1996). Many of the same technical parameters apply from NHL '94 to CFB USA '97. It has the same checksum routine. Its teams have plain text headers with listed stadiums (never used). The sound is in the same forma