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  1. This is a fantastic hack. Good job! I say it again: This hack is SUPERB! I like the great diversity of teams, Britain, Romania, Croatia, Serbia and even China, lol. Great Wall Arena? That's a new one... at least it was so for me! Hilarious stuff. I messed around somewhat in NOSE and came up with purple boards, better selection of roosters and more of that "Winter Olympics Feeling". I'm gonna do some research and take a deeper look into the selection of players of the smaller teams. I lowered the ability for both China, Serbia and Crotia. They are really really bad. The tempo is so slow, there's no chance they could even keep up with Canada (for instance), but right now, in this hack, they can. I'm taking a deeper look at that, lowering their stats (and speed!). Instead, they should have one or two "key players" with superb shooting, passing or penalty kill abilities. Like Kopitar in Slovenia or Zucca in Norway. I gave their passing and speed "6 = 99". Crosby, Ovechkin,etc, they are wonderchilds, so it was natural to give them 99 in everything, lol. I heard some guys here disliked the cyan ice, but didn't like the blending of the white ice either. Grey seem like a good compromise to some, while others thought a lighter cyan ice were the best. I tweaked around and came up with this color: Purple Boards = Sochi 2014. Tested it in some games and to me, it seems easy on the eyes, what do you think?