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  2. Actually nm... I have the file... it was DL'ed under the name NHL 19something and it has the years/teams in it Sorry for the incovience
  3. Can't find that one anymore... did it get reassigned to other ROMs?? Didnt find it on Page 1 as it should have been
  4. But do u know if he did the same thing as with the 50s and 60s ROM by just doing an all star team within the team (not a particular season)?? If not, do u know off hand what yearly teams he used for each franchise?
  5. Ah OK because at times u did decade ROMs and u did specific teams like the 87 Leafs in the 80s ROM so thats what I was inquiring about
  6. Can you tell me what teams you used for the ROMS? Which Hab team for example
  7. Spoiling us with the European teams!!!
  8. Im proud to be from Berlin aka Kitchener... Looking forward to more seasons from the 1910s.... maybe 20s 30s 40s as well PLEASE!!! Im doing research for a ROM I want to do and will release info soon
  9. I think CoachMac or somebody did a ROM for 1976 with all the NHL/WHA teams in it... title is NHL1976ot+wha
  10. Thats the 80s, waiting on the other decades, thank u Matt
  11. I liked those ROMs but i dont have the teams list he did for each team within the roms like what Leafs team he used for 70s 80s and so on... I dont think theres a link to the team list anywhere
  12. The important thing was that Germany GOT to the FInals as is... No one thought they would take out Sweden and/or Canada but here they are: WOrth noting the Germans HAD TO WIN a qualification tourney ina group with Latvia, japan and Austria
  13. Did u upload the World Juniors rom or rather have there been World Junior ROMs on this site???
  14. I technically just need the team lists for each ROM... Like which Habs team and which Leafs team was in the 70s ROM for example
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