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    Coach Mac's Historic Roms

    Actually nm... I have the file... it was DL'ed under the name NHL 19something and it has the years/teams in it Sorry for the incovience
  2. CutterTML

    Coach Mac's Historic Roms

    Can't find that one anymore... did it get reassigned to other ROMs?? Didnt find it on Page 1 as it should have been
  3. CutterTML

    Coach Mac's Historic Roms

    But do u know if he did the same thing as with the 50s and 60s ROM by just doing an all star team within the team (not a particular season)?? If not, do u know off hand what yearly teams he used for each franchise?
  4. CutterTML

    Coach Mac's Historic Roms

    Ah OK because at times u did decade ROMs and u did specific teams like the 87 Leafs in the 80s ROM so thats what I was inquiring about
  5. CutterTML

    Coach Mac's Historic Roms

    Can you tell me what teams you used for the ROMS? Which Hab team for example
  6. CutterTML

    1976 WHA

    Spoiling us with the European teams!!!
  7. CutterTML

    The 1910s

    Im proud to be from Berlin aka Kitchener... Looking forward to more seasons from the 1910s.... maybe 20s 30s 40s as well PLEASE!!! Im doing research for a ROM I want to do and will release info soon
  8. CutterTML

    Any WHA roms

    I think CoachMac or somebody did a ROM for 1976 with all the NHL/WHA teams in it... title is NHL1976ot+wha
  9. CutterTML

    In Search of Coach Mac's Decade Roms

    Thats the 80s, waiting on the other decades, thank u Matt
  10. CutterTML

    In Search of Coach Mac's Decade Roms

    I liked those ROMs but i dont have the teams list he did for each team within the roms like what Leafs team he used for 70s 80s and so on... I dont think theres a link to the team list anywhere
  11. The important thing was that Germany GOT to the FInals as is... No one thought they would take out Sweden and/or Canada but here they are: WOrth noting the Germans HAD TO WIN a qualification tourney ina group with Latvia, japan and Austria
  12. Did u upload the World Juniors rom or rather have there been World Junior ROMs on this site???
  13. CutterTML

    Why no SNES ROM love recently???

    I keep checking every week for new or updates to SNES or Sega NHL94 roms and theyre great but it seems recently that no one is doing SNES ROM updates? Are we all deciding that the Sega version works better, there are fans out there waiting for SNES love somehow. Any explanation works y'know
  14. I have the all decade ROMs that some1 created but forget within each ROM what team is in it? For example, i have the 80s one and i think Calgary was the 89 team, i forget which year was the Rangers team based on, etc. Is there a link to where all this info came out
  15. I technically just need the team lists for each ROM... Like which Habs team and which Leafs team was in the 70s ROM for example
  16. As in wait for him to answer this thread? I did look at his ROMs and its not there... not sure if he was the one with the all-decade ROMs... if it isnt him, who is it???
  17. I know i think COach MAC did something like that in which he had different NHL teams from each year and i wanted the list of teams per decade, thats what I am asking for
  18. CutterTML

    Coach Mac's Historic Roms

    Coach, when you do edits to the ROMs like i saw at the top when ur March post was EDITED to Mondays date, can you post in this topic what changes you made in each ROM, meaning if u were to make changes to the 73 ROM is it possible to write down a note saying what has changed from one date to the updated date?
  19. CutterTML

    Idea for new ROM

    Maybe what I'll do is create rosters for the CHL teams (WHL OHL QMJHL) all-time rosters i mean and try to get someone to work the roster into NOSE, sounds complicated for the editor sub form. Once Im done with rosters, I'll let you know and some1 can pick up the pieces, I am willing to be a co-collaborator if you will
  20. CutterTML

    Idea for new ROM

    My CHL idea has to do with All-Time teams like my hometown Kitchener Rangers having Scott STevens Larry Robinson Al MacInnis etc. on the team I appreciate the hockeyDB idea but i rather do all-time teams
  21. CutterTML

    Idea for new ROM

    May i ask where and how to download this thing??? I mean does it have a tutorial or something?
  22. CutterTML

    Idea for new ROM

    My idea would be all-time college hockey teams or all-time CHL (Canadian Hockey League) teams, go to to do research and voila it can be done MY PERSONAL OPINION!
  23. CutterTML

    ETB/Old Time Hockey Season 01 Rom

    I went to the nhl94rocks site, and saw the stats and then saw this "plablegsiFINAL" league and noticed players on different teams like Yzerman on Quebec, which ROM did that stuff come from??? Its a question for ANYBODY
  24. CutterTML

    request WHL 2008-2009

    now only if ppl made OHL and QMJHL custom roms