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  1. Congrats to annatar on the series win! Most of the games were close, but his defense really shut down and brought the broom sticks out. I couldn't juke and find openings to operate, and he did a good job keeping me frustrated and preventing big leads by me. Also blowing 3rd period leads late in games 1&2 doesn't help either good luck C4 u will need it!!
  2. Halifax, please set up next series. I've already reached out to annatar hopefully we can play early this week. I apologize for delay but really out of control of either party Thanks for playing bobk, I was getting a lot of bounces my way, just a couple goals difference in games 2&3 change the series for sure. You'll be schooling me soon enough
  3. Team: Denver First Line G - lacher LD - Al macinnis RD - chelios LW - Forsburg C - bure RW - klima x attaker - steve Thomas line 2 ld - eric d rd -kasper minus c - primeau lw - thomas rw - kymlev xtra - Bure
  4. Also what is the penalty for this drop so I know how much cap I have
  5. Please drop Patrick Roy and don Sweeney
  6. I agree let's get started, I need to make some key signings!
  7. Can I just drop players to free up cap space if I no longer want them?? Also I take it anyone who had 1 year remaining on their contract last year would be available?
  8. Thanks everyone! It's important to note my seeding really helped me. I didn't have to play c4, bobk, or angryjay. Any of these guys could have easily knocked me out. Also blackdevil had me on the ropes facing elimination twice, he was playing at a high level as well and could have won. Hoping to carry this high into dynasty
  9. To all who don't know this, annatar is the ultimate player and sportsman. No surprise he has won as many times as he has. I really do feel if this series was played 10 more times I would lose all 10. But something got in me today, I knew once I won game 4, I needed defense to really step in, and the goals would come. Also, I had to alter my attack to keep annatar off balance. Even when behind in game 6 going into the 3rd with a game 7 looming, I kept the same approach and not letting up on defense. My whole career here I have been known for pretty lackluster defense and my GAA doesn't l
  10. Yes late morning early afternoon is perfect, I can be on as early as 10am!!!
  11. I agree with c4 I was very late to free agency last year, also I had no idea which players were available, isn't there anyway to make available list of players, or do I have to create one . It's like I had to check who was signed / on everyone's team
  12. I'm available to play 7pm est till late
  13. Just an update: I will not be able to play my series to the earliest Sunday, I will be available all sunday late afternoon / night , and all Monday night to get our series in before the deadline. I apologize for the delay as I know coaches are waiting, time zones are screwing us up to no ones fault. Koke let me know if this works, I'll stay up till 11-12 est if needed those nights to accommodate , thanks!