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  1. Do you mean NetPlay? Because people are now starting to switch to RetroArch, an all in 1 emulator.
  2. That's so weird. How does that even happen? Well might be the emulator or the console, likely the emulator. Not the biggest nerd here, so I can't guarantee.
  3. Haha yeah, I wished Boston landed him. I think it's smart to let all of these rumors pan out before updating again. Well, I can't wait til hockey starts again!
  4. OMG That's so cool I've never seen those! THose look absoultley awesome.
  5. Nice Rom! Like how you came out with this early!
  6. Yes, Henri Richard is the brother of Rocket Richard
  7. On the lines, you will need filler players on the team, but don't put any of them on a line.
  8. You have to have a least 18 skaters for the game to work well, I believe. But you don't need the phantom skaters, because you can replace the players with "HEX 0!!!" and the game will remove those players in those positions in NOSE.
  9. These are some really cool hacks
  10. I'm doing a super Mario hack right now.
  11. TBH, I don't think very many people on this website that have other hacks. But is a great community and I love that and RBI Baseball.
  12. One Question: Is it possible to change all penalties to penalty shots when an infraction occurs? I would love to know because I am making a rom, and I was trying to get all penalties to be penalty shots.
  13. Sorry for that post on August 14th! Really rude of me.
  14. No, I have never played online ever, I will probably check out exis.
  15. I just realized that someone already took the North Stars.
  16. I have one question. How does the summer league work?
  17. Oh. Well , I just tried to shoot the puck, it hit off of Bergeron and in the net. I didn't know this glitch was pretty known.