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    What Console Will Sell out First?

    tru has a point, he does contribute more than 90% of the players here. On the other hand... HABS is just angry he has lost 25 leagues in a row
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    PP and TRU Kickstarter

    I agree it's great. But it has to be at least best of 5.
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    PP and TRU Kickstarter

    There is definitely some cheese in the game that is generated by the home advantages. Chicago is a prime example. The Chicago Blackhawks aren't THAT good. Los Angeles has a better roster yet they never win. How can this be? No offense to flasox, but he was able to win with CHI, so how could nobody else come close with better teams like LA, BOS or WPG? I have won all 10 of my home playoff games in Blitz, and only one of them were close (OT). On the road I have lost 5 of 10. I don't think it is luck at this point since I'm always getting blown out on the road.
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    About Player Attributes

    Cool The actual speed of the dekes are the same, but how far the rotation goes I believe is limited when accelerating. I can't deke with Peter Bondra like I can with Gretzky. Is it just me?
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    Player Attributes and the like(New Here)

    Weight - Affects who a player can body check and who a player can get body checked by. A player can body check someone who weighs at least 2 points more than them (weight bug) and will get body checked by anyone who weighs at least 2 points less. It also affects the magnitude of the AGILITY stat. The less a player weighs, the more agility he will experience relative to the stat. This is the most valued stat in the game. Agility - Acceleration and how quick you can turn. If a player has 99 agility and 72 speed like Wayne Gretzky, he will accelerate at a pace of 99 speed and then eventually slow down to a pace of 72 speed. If a player has 72 agility and 99 speed like Peter Bondra, he will accelerate at a pace of 72 speed and then speed up to a pace of 99 speed. When a player is accelerating (more speed than agility) he is unable to turn and deke as well as he would at full speed. When a player is accelerating negatively (more agility than speed) he is able to turn and deke much easier. It is desirable to have more agility than speed for better deking. A player will always be moving at the speed equal to his speed stat (he will never have to speed up from a slower pace or slow down from a faster one) if his agility is equal to his speed. Agility is affected by weight; the heavier, the less agility a player will experience. A 140lb player with 99 agility will have way more agility than a 196lb player with 99 agility. This is the most important stat in the game along with stick-handling. Speed - How fast a player will skate after accelerating to top speed. The higher, the faster. Those with at least an 82 in this stat are considerably faster than everyone. This is one of the most valued stats in the game. Shot Power - How hard a player shoots the puck. The higher, the faster a player's shots will be. Those with at least an 82 in this stat will shoot the puck considerably harder than everyone else. This stat is not so important. Shot Accuracy - A player's ability to shoot the puck wherever he is aiming. The higher, the more accurate. Players with at least a 70 in this stat are far more accurate than all other players. Accuracy is more important than power. Stick-Handling - A player's ability to keep control of the puck when a defender touches it. Also a player's ability to resist a check. All players that have at least a 79 (or 77?) are able to do the Sherman Shuffle. The better a player is at stick-handling, the more he will do the shuffle. Those who have at least a 60 in this stat should be able to deke through traffic well enough. This is the best stat in the game along with agility. Passing - How accurate a player passes the puck. The higher, the more accurate. Those with at least a 50 in this stat should be good enough at passing. This is the least important of all the stats. Offensive Awareness and Defensive Awareness - How well a player can position himself. The higher, the better positioning (relative to offense and defense). This stat is the most overlooked but it is extremely important. Checking Rating - The tendency of a computer to body check Aggression - Not sure. Maybe tendency to take a penalty?? Endurance - The ability of a player to stay energized when playing with line changes. The higher, the more energy.
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    PP and TRU Kickstarter

    I was thinking.. low chance but it is possible a scrub could win this tournament. I have found out what the home advantage really does; it gives larger hot/cold boosts and sometimes makes it virtually impossible to lose by locking the other team from scoring. The all-star teams have a weak home/away for this. A weak home/away deactivates the luck! To prove it, try playing as Chicago with a weak advantage. You will see they are not so good anymore. Theoretically, a noob can end up winning all his/her home games simply because the advantage works with him/her. Imagine that. The tournament should use hacked cartridges to get rid of this. I don't like the idea of someone getting "bopped" by a scrub in a best-of-1.
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    PP and TRU Kickstarter

    I don't WANT to go because of the conditions. For me, it's not worth it imo.
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    PP and TRU Kickstarter

    lol even if you can speed all the way down to Mississauga.. doesn't change the fact that it is still 5 hrs from my house. It's far.
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    PP and TRU Kickstarter

    Yeah, I live in Ottawa. I am around 5'8 in height and I think 120lbs. I'm not going to any tournament where the entry fee is $45 and is five hours drive away from my home. I will probably go to the University of Toronto next year, so look for me then.
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    NHL'94 Team Rankings

    These may be some of the worst rankings ever.. ha
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    Philadelphia Flyers

    Perfect post lol The truth.
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    Toronto Maple Leafs

    Gilmour has 5/4 skating, so 5 agility and 4 speed. Walking around C and C/B checks puts you in the best positions to score. It's fine to get hit by body checks every now and then. If you go look at the Blitz 10 stats, I get checked way more than anyone else but I have the best GFA by a pretty solid margin. I also have a pretty good GAA despite never using the C or C/B check. In Blitz 09 I was able to win with a super light team averaging about 0.15 body checks a game.
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    Toronto Maple Leafs

    I think Gilmour benefits. Before players were forced to B-check him, now they will try and C/B check. For someone with 5/4 skating like Gilmour, it is 50x easier to get around a C or C/B check than it is for a B-check. Also, when everyone is so focused on C/B checking they end up overusing the technique and just using the C/B at everything. I see this garbage all the time.
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    NHL'94 Team Rankings

    DAL should be in tier 1 (behind DET) - As good as NYR, but they have a 4 weighter in Neal Broten. NYR should be in tier 1 (behind DAL) - NYR is dynamite. VAN should be in tier 1 (behind NYR) - A good difference in skill between NYR and VAN imo. BUF should be in tier 1 (behind VAN) - If either LaFontaine or Mogilny get injured, it's not a good time. CHI should be in tier 1 (behind BUF) - Roenick is overrated BOS should be in tier 2 (as the best team) - These guys could fit in tier 1.. nasty LA should be in tier 2 (behind BOS) - This team is stacked with good shots, but only one player (Gretzky) has good skating. WPG should be in tier 2 (behind LA) - Housley and Zhamnov have the stick handlez and Selanne is an elite. CGY should be in tier 2 (behind WPG) - Fleury, Roberts, Makarov, Nieuwendyk PHI should be in tier 2 (behind CGY) - Two players with good skating (Recchi and Eklund), a 5 weighter in Eklund and two great shots in Recchi and Lindy.
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    GDLXII - Playoff Picture

    No. Tomorrow, Sunday Night and Monday evening work good.
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    Pittsburgh Penguins

    No love for Kevin Stevens The most unappreciated player in the game.
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    GDLXII - Playoff Picture

    The site says I have home advantage, but it should be Freydey.
  18. Check out GGPO.. It's a netplay with no lag through some sort of hack that removes input lag I believe. GGPO is used on FightCade (a website for online emulator gaming for arcade systems). Everyone online is welcome to spectate your game live and once the session has ended a video of the whole thing is uploaded instantly on the servers. You honestly never lag and you can chat in-game as well. The creator is Tony Cannon (I think) and he's heavily involved in the fighting game community. He showed GGPO to Capcom and they use it now in some of their games, and it's widely regarded as the best netplay easily. Maybe we can try and contact him. Back in 2012, Supercade (the predecessor to FightCade) had a couple of guys who liked my idea of adding NHL '94 and making it officially compatible with GGPO. I got a response (not from Tony Cannon) but I can't remember what it was. The website has shut down so I can't remember what was said. EDIT: The FAQ explains what has to be done to add a new game. DOUBLE EDIT: Sega Genesis (but not SNES ) is actually a work in progress (says the creator of the emulator). TRIPLE EDIT: I don't think it will be completed anytime soon because he is doing it in his spare time and probably does not have the motivation.
  19. How different is a keyboard from a controller? It is just a preference. NHL '94 has controls a baby can pick up, it's very straightforward. That's why the new EA NHL games have "NHL '94 controls" for the mentally challenged, it's just three buttons and four directions! The fact that you cannot tell if I use a keyboard or a controller only proves the fact that the advantage isn't there. D-pad (controller) vs Arrow Keys (keyboard).. The same thing. I have never noticed the difference between a controller and a keyboard when playing NHL '94. Anyone who has played another game with the arrow keys before won't have a problem either.
  20. The Greatest Athlete in the world is for the winner of the decathlon.The Fastest Man in the world is for the winner of the 100m. The King of '94 is for the winner of a NHL '94 tournament that includes NHL '94 as a whole (says McMikey) which is Sega Genesis, Super Nintendo, Sega CD and DOS. Such a tournament does not exist yet and it won't be the one in Toronto.
  21. Why don't you go read the context? McMikey clearly implied NHL '94 can only be played on the Sega Genesis and the SNES and he said it was the entirety of NHL '94. This is his reasoning as to why it is necessary to mix the systems b/c it's the true way to determine the king of 94 for the doc.I said that it isn't true, because there are 2 other consoles that can and would need to be played. So theoretically you can have the runner-up of the tournament be the true "king of 94", (as he/she can really be better at 3 of the consoles) which then contradicts the method on how McMikey claims the title is determined. This tournament will not define the best at NHL'94 (in regards to his definition), so McMikey made an error. I'm correct. And seriously CoachMac... the ping pong/tennis thing is a perfect example. The best ping pong player will always beat the best tennis player and vice versa. The top SNES player will kick the s**t out of any GENS player and the top GENS player will kick the s**t out of any SNES player. Go look at all the top SNES players, none have done anything in GENS and vice versa.
  22. I'm not trying to troll. People have a point in saying WTF to the idea of mixing the consoles. Sure McMikey put in some hard work, but that's not any excuse to not bash a silly decision. Winner GENS vs SNES does NOT give you the king of 94. Why is that so hard to understand? Again, the best tennis player doesn't play the best ping pong player to determine the king of tennis. How is that a troll? Completely relevant and a great point as to why GENS/SNES may not be the best.
  23. "So as a thought process for a second and think of the systems as secondary and the goal is to find the best person at NHL '94 as a whole (SNES mixed in with Gens)." Ok you're right.. NHL '94 is ONLY on the Sega Genesis and SNES as it was mentioned in your earlier post. Yes I am trolling when I say it is not.. I am not sure what you mean with Michael Jordan. First off, Michael Jordan played in the NBA. The NBA is the top basketball league in the world. He was the best in the NBA, and thus the best BASKETBALL player in the world. Now what if there was a Netball league that was called the NetBall Association (NBA aswell)? You wouldn't take the best netball player from the NetBall Association and say hey.. play Michael Jordan 1on1 to prove who really is the best NBA player. This is essentially what you are doing. Both games are called NHL '94, but they are different like Tennis and Table Tennis. Tell me, when do you see the #1 ranked tennis player face off against the best table tennis player to determine who the best tennis player is? People are smart enough to know that's not how it works.
  24. NHL '94 was released on FOUR different consoles, so even then the point of having the "best" NHL '94 player doesn't apply to the tournament if it's only going to be GENS and SNES. Sure it's cool to mix them, but you still won't determine who the best player is. What if the runner-up in the tournament is actually better at the other two consoles?
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    Toronto Live Tournament for September 2015

    Someone hasn't been looking at GENS A the past couple of seasons..EDIT: Unless nobody is elite in classic I guess.