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  1. My problem with the CB check is that you get the best of both worlds when drafting: Drafting a player for body checking should result in a sacrifice of skill, and drafting a player for skill should result in a sacrifice of body checking. When a non CB checker like me goes to draft a player like Larry Murphy, the ability to body check is sacrificed. If I wanted a body checker, I would have to draft a player like Russell, Hynes, etc. However, when a CB checker goes to draft a player for body checking, they don't need to sacrifice any skill because the most ideal body checker is going to be one of the best players available. When a CB checker drafts Larry Murphy, you aren't sacrificing anything in missing out on Gord Hynes and Cam Russell because what they offer (body checking) is covered by the CB check. If I wanted a solid body checking defenseman, I would have to draft one of Sweeney, Zhitnik, Lidstrom or Svoboda. All of which are drafted too high in the sense that there are more skilled players available. This is not the case for CB checkers. Since I don't want to body check, I go for the skilled players. However the pool of skilled players is worse than it should be because the CB checkers have been taking from it. When the CB checkers should have been taking Zhitnik, they were taking Zalapski, putting the non CB checkers at a disadvantage. ------------------------------------------------- During the Plabax League draft, Raph had a comment along the lines of "why would I draft Mark Messier without the CB check?". Even though Messier was probably the best or close to the best player available without the CB check, this comment was made.Knowing that Messier is a skilled player, we can come to the conclusion that Raph values body checking more than skill. Without the CB check, I assume Raph would go for the best checker available regardless, who would be someone like Gary Leeman, Nelson Emerson or Dallas Drake. Out of these players, Messier is the only one who is actually skilled. Messier has 5 agility, 5 stickhandling and high awareness. Without the CB check, who are the only good body checkers who have similar skillsets? Wayne Gretzky, Pat LaFontaine and Doug Gilmour. Or you could settle for Denis Savard/Pelle Eklund, all who you can almost never draft at a position as low as you can Messier. So, instead of Raph drafting Gary Leeman and leaving Messier for me, he drafts Messier and leaves me with the next best guy (assuming he wants to body check and I don't). ------------------------------------------------------- You can say I can't complain because I'm making the choice to never CB check, but I just don't feel good about doing it when there are others who don't CB check.
  2. Death to the CB check! Easily one of the worst features of NHL '94.
  3. CHECKPOINT 3 - JANUARY 23RD, 2017 Missed Icestorm - 1 Strike Summary Chefstar - 1 Icestorm - 1 --------------------------------------------------------------------------- The next checkpoint is January 30th, 2017, and 24 games are required. Remember, hitting two consecutive checkpoints removes a strike!
  4. You can't have 30 second penalties. I will never play another game with penalties on. They are the worst thing ever.
  5. I have absolutely no interest in playing at this tournament.
  6. CB check and C checks play a huge factor too. It's very difficult to play against body checkers unless you have elite players, which most don't.
  7. CHECKPOINT 2 - JANUARY 16TH, 2017 Missed CBK - 2 (BOOT) Chefstar - 1 Strike Summary kingraph - 1 Chefstar - 1 --------------------------------------------------------------------------- The next checkpoint is January 23rd, 2017, and 18 games are required. Remember, hitting two consecutive checkpoints removes a strike!
  8. Karl, come play in the Plabax League!!
  9. Wow, you are correct. I'm not sure how I didn't catch that myself. Thanks for the reminder! +1
  10. CHECKPOINT 1 - JANUARY 9TH, 2017 Missed kingraph - Strike 1 CBK - Strike 1 Icestorm (exempt due to being out of town) - No Strike Strike Summary kingraph - 1 CBK - 1 --------------------------------------------------------------------------- The next checkpoint is January 16th, 2017, and 12 games are required. Remember, hitting two consecutive checkpoints removes a strike!
  11. The league starts now. Each coach has one home and one away game against each opponent for a total of 32 games. The site is not up now, so just keep your states. Checkpoint 1: 6 Games - January 9th Checkpoint 2: 12 Games - January 16th Checkpoint 3: 18 Games - January 23rd Checkpoint 4: 24 Games - January 30th Checkpoint 5: 32 Games - February 6th (counts as TWO STRIKES) -- All games must be played to qualify for playoffs The cutoff time for a checkpoint is the time at which I actually check the games played the day after. So for example, if the checkpoint date is January 9th, you have until whenever I actually check on the 10th. I won't be cutting them off at 12AM because I won't always be there to check, and some people play games past midnight. If you miss a checkpoint: One Strike: Warning Strike / Draft Penalty Two Strikes: Boot / One Season Suspension If you have a strike, you can get it removed if you hit two checkpoints after. Checkpoints met before the strike don't count toward this. I can also decide to not give a strike based on what I deem to be reasonable circumstances for a checkpoint not being met. Remember, a game is about 8 minutes.. and you need to play 6 a week. That's approximately 50 minutes of dedication a week. You should be able to figure something out. And finally, if we do get all games in before the season is scheduled to end, we will start the playoffs early. The ROM is attached. Good luck. plablegsiFINAL.bin
  12. Ga. Cool stuff. Keep playing - the game will never get old!
  13. It's fine that you were allowed in the playoffs. But don't you think there comes a point where you should say, "Ok, maybe I should drop.. I won't be able to play for a month"? I'm sure most guys would rather see you take that responsibility than delay the playoffs. Did Raph allow you in on the condition that you would lose 11+ days of productivity due to "jet lag" and "dealing with the holidays"? Probably not, because he doesn't have the lack of intelligence required to think of such scenarios. Again, you don't understand how priorities can work. Go on your vacations, but if it interferes with your playoff series and you need to make everyone else wait 30 days to compensate for it then drop the league. Why would you NOT go on a vacation that you paid for just to play in a FREE league that you can re-register for within a number of months? It's a shame that McMikey or w/e his name is and those stupid scrubs that you destroy at the live events have blown your head up. Stick to playing with Florida and San Jose against those D-level players. You don't seem to keep them waiting.
  14. I said that's what it seems like. To me, it seemed like you were holding up the playoffs. If I am wrong, then that's fine. I have no problem admitting you are right I was around to play my games. I didn't resign because I had the time to play. There usually is a thread that notifies the coaches of the final deadline. and FPB kicked me from the group chat so I figured I'd get my games in once that thread came around. If I knew that I couldn't even find one hour of free time in a month, I would resign. I don't think I have a bad attitude. It's just you and smoz who really think you can be super busy for weeks lol. I just want the games to be played with no buffoonery such as ducking, ignoring people and wasting time in the playoffs. I am sure most people agree with me. It's just that nobody is saying it outright because it's taboo to agree with me around here. When people see me as wrong, 4-10 forum members will chime in to tell me why. When I'm right, I will likely get decent support from Brutus/TK, and that's it. Besides that, the closest I get are subtle responses such as Icestorm's, in which he agreed with me and had a gentle way of calling your actions a joke.
  15. What I mean is that instead of asking Raph, resign. FPB active or not, it seems as if you wouldn't be able to play anyway. If that isn't the case, then it's up to FPB to take responsibility and resign.
  16. I think people should start resigning if they can't play. This does not have to do with AJ specifically... he just happens to be the guy who should resign in this case. You can always just sign up for the next league.
  17. Is this the same AJ that's delaying Classic?
  18. People may get frustrated at this.
  19. December 22 @ 11:59PM!!!
  20. Doing the reverse would bring it back to normal.
  21. The 4th F will come in for the first injured forward. The 3rd D will come in for the first injured defenseman. Injuries should not have anyone play out of position in the scenario that the first two injuries are to different positions. If two injuries happen to the same position (F or D), the second bench player will play out of position if that injury is the second injury. After that, injuries should not have any effect. This is my understanding of how it works based on the fact that injuries don't have any effect when there are no other healthy players left in the lineup. I have tried to remove injuries and I've been unable to do so. I don't like the idea of the duplicate players because what will happen is: Someone will by accident (or on purpose) end up playing with two of the same player simultaneously. I think having a player play out of position because there are literally no other players available makes more sense. Would I like to avoid it? Yes. Is there a way to completely remove injuries? As of now, no.
  22. I'm just going to leave it. I don't care if a defenseman is forced to play forward because of an injury or vice versa.