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  1. From the "Extras" webpage it looks like the game is playable online. There is a "leaderboards" section that can be filtered by friends or not. That's just my guess.
  2. Note that the graphics aren't completed. plabaxipreseason.bin
  3. If nobody is next in line, the injury won't have any effect. The third person to be knocked out will remain in the game.
  4. The game won't crash. You'll just have a forward on defense or vice versa. It's the same way in GDL.
  5. My laptop is going down. When it gets to me: 1) Larry Murphy 2) Dave Ellett Thanks.
  6. Modano and 4.8 for Russ Courtnall and 3.13 is the deal.
  7. Thanks guys. Make posts in the official draft thread now.
  8. Really sorry about that. He joined well before the picks happened and I didn't think the draft would reach him before I made the edits and announced it. My bad, next time I'll know to make it public ASAP. The official draft thread is now up. So for now, Lupz is up.
  9. Here is the link to the actual spreadsheet if anyone is interested. I attached a classic version of the ROM we will be using for the league. plabaxclassic.bin
  10. Wait. My bad guys. I forgot to include zeppelin on the list. He's pick 17 lol. s**t
  11. Ok, so we will just deal with a forward playing on defense and vice versa. The third injury to a position won't have any effect.
  12. I am pretty sure that the game has a max on the number of injuries. If you play a game with 3F and 2D, an injury won't have any effect. I believe the same may happen here. The 4th forward or 3rd defenseman would come in for an injury, but any other injury wouldn't do anything.
  13. Players react to loose pucks based on hot/cold and awareness. It's not momentum, it's the advantages in the game that create these kind of effects. There are few players with high awareness, but the advantages bump the hot/cold to make players do things like intercept pucks and toddle on checks. Example... In GDL, Sweeney doesn't react to loose pucks and intercept passes, however he does in Classic (Boston has a high advantage, and there are no advantages in GDL).
  14. Everything (the spreadsheet, ROM) will be released when the draft starts. If you want to know further in advance, I guess I can say that the players should play similar to GDL. There just won't be any hot/cold.
  15. Yes and yes. You are free to make an unofficial trade thread, and you can post your draft picks in this thread.
  16. The draft and group chat will be up this Saturday night or Sunday morning (EST). It's going to be eight rounds long, and all teams will need to draft 4 forwards, 3 defensemen and 1 goalie. All goalies (with the exception of Ed Belfour and Patrick Roy) will get a +1 boost to agility and their respective glove/stick hands. This league will also feature quick goalie control (similar to Blitz), so remember that goalies may not be as valuable. The league will begin on the new year. Because of this, we will draft at a decent pace, and have some time to play around before the season gets going. We have a total of 15 (+1) coaches interested. I know that Tex would consider the league depending on the start date, so I will need to confirm with him. Here is the draft order: 1. Depch 2. Jer 3. CBK 4. Jackandjose 5. Brutus 6. Uncle Seth 7. aqualizard 8. HABS 9. JackVandal 10. Plabax 11. KingRaph 12. chefsuperstar 13. Tex*** (May not play) 14. AtomicRaven 15. Icestorm 16. Lupz The draft snakes.