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  1. My laptop is going down. When it gets to me: 1) Larry Murphy 2) Dave Ellett Thanks.
  2. Modano and 4.8 for Russ Courtnall and 3.13 is the deal.
  3. Here is the link to the actual spreadsheet if anyone is interested. I attached a classic version of the ROM we will be using for the league. plabaxclassic.bin
  4. Ok, so we will just deal with a forward playing on defense and vice versa. The third injury to a position won't have any effect.
  5. I am pretty sure that the game has a max on the number of injuries. If you play a game with 3F and 2D, an injury won't have any effect. I believe the same may happen here. The 4th forward or 3rd defenseman would come in for an injury, but any other injury wouldn't do anything.
  6. Players react to loose pucks based on hot/cold and awareness. It's not momentum, it's the advantages in the game that create these kind of effects. There are few players with high awareness, but the advantages bump the hot/cold to make players do things like intercept pucks and toddle on checks. Example... In GDL, Sweeney doesn't react to loose pucks and intercept passes, however he does in Classic (Boston has a high advantage, and there are no advantages in GDL).
  7. Everything (the spreadsheet, ROM) will be released when the draft starts. If you want to know further in advance, I guess I can say that the players should play similar to GDL. There just won't be any hot/cold.
  8. We will draft sometime next week.
  9. Me and Seth played some good games. I am glad to be the only three-time champion. Now, all we need is for AJ and FPB to play for third place!!!
  10. I can agree, but for what it's worth, FPB was kicked from the GDL 15 group chat as well. I don't ask not because I know I'm in the wrong, but because I know guys like FPB aren't in pristine mental condition like I am.
  11. Yeah, it's fine. When guys like AJ and FPB kick me, I just let it be. Those are the kinds of people who will shoot up the next live tournament and then hang themselves if they don't get their way.
  12. I didn't know the season was ending so soon!!! FPB kicked me out of the group chat and my AIM contacts don't load correctly. In other words, there are some people I can't contact unless it is through the group chat (or they message me first)! Good luck to everyone!!
  13. On a side note, I see you have been practicing your stand-up comedy for the next GDL Draft Lottery
  14. I don't need to respect AJ in any way as he's not being honest. Let's be real here. AJ never planned to play me in the first place. He just was waiting until I provoked him so he could refuse to play and receive sympathy from the community. He was waiting for an opportunity to forfeit because of my "attitude". Had I never said anything, you can bet money that he would have had a backup excuse as to why he would have to drop the league. We could have played already. Forget about Saskatoon, and forget about the deadline. That has nothing to do with it. It has to do with him not wanting to play. I'm not sure why he doesn't want to play, but it's definitely not because of my attitude. It's the easiest reason for him to pick because it will be the most validated. Whether or not I am rude or not has no effect on the playoff series, and I agree with what Pearate said in the other thread: rivalry gives a good reason to play. We already saw AJ's reason as to why he was refusing to play me in the regular season to be a lie. We've seen AJ and Uncle Seth argue about a lag spike, in which it seemed very likely to believe that AJ was lying. AJ has lied to me before about putting on no smoothing. I'm not giving him the benefit of the doubt here. TLDR: My attitude has nothing to do with AJ's forfeit, there is another reason that he's concealing.
  15. I never said anything about showering instead of playing. I am just bothered by smoz. I brought up showering to show how priority works. Smoz is claiming that he has no real free time, meaning that he is always doing something to keep him occupied. Despite this, he is still able to shower every single day. So, if smoz has no free time, what happens in the case of something taking an hour longer than it should have? Does he sacrifice a shower, or does he sacrifice something else (such as sleep)? Since he has no free time, something has to be sacrificed. This is where my reasoning kicks in. Smoz will never decide to sacrifice taking a shower. That's because he wants to shower. This means that there will always be time for a shower! In theory, smozoma could do the same with NHL '94, but he chooses not to. This means he does not want to play, not that he is busy. I'm sure you don't care anyway. But I wanted smoz to read this too.
  16. Funny how AJ came running to me a couple of days ago for help when he couldn't get his GENS working with the NHL '94 tourney host. GA!