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  1. I am under the impression that the Offense/Defense advantages don't have any in-game effect, but the home and away do. The advantages will be set like the all-stars in Classic, with weak home and strong road.
  2. In the absence of GDL, I'll be running a classic draft league with no penalties (b-check enabled), static stats, quick goalie control and maybe Blitz-like boosted goalies. We will draft 4F,3D,1G. The season will be 30 days, and will consist of four checkpoints. Miss one checkpoint, it's a warning. Miss two, instant boot (at my discretion). If you complete a checkpoint with a warning, you can get your warning removed. Reply to this thread with your team preference (Classic only) if you are interested in joining. I will decide who gets to play in my league. If a guy like beavers replies, I'll skip him. Be wise and don't waste your time!! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Plabax - jackandjose - TB Depch - FLA HABS - ANH kingraph - SJ Icestorm - OTT aqualizard - TOR AtomicRaven - MTL JV - NYR Uncle Seth - DAL Lupz - WPG
  3. Too much catering to the slackers. When you have to wait around for eight weeks to play twenty minutes worth of NHL '94, people start to wonder if it's even worth it anymore. For too long we have been accepting the slacking, and now it has caught up with us. It's annoying when you want to play but can't because a number of guys "don't have the time". Not only that, but we have people making a mockery out of the deadlines and the commissioners by not taking them seriously. The current state of the community is perfect for the slackers like VC and Freydey who love extensions and not having to play any games. It seems like they are the ones who created the rules in the first place.
  4. Wow, I thought it was you and JV in the final. I don't even remember brutus being in B.
  5. Dallas is a top tier team for sure. Tex is also an A player because he won GENS B.
  6. Take penalties out. They're garbage. Elite defensive players can't even kill 40% of penalties, yet 95% of penalties are committed by the AI.
  7. If you only have B players, does that mean it will still be non-snaking? Would kind of suck to have to pick last in every round.
  8. Funny how it works out. I've never played swos in the playoffs.
  9. Avoid those long OT games!! GDL_Season_16_PLAYOFFSfinal.bin
  10. You use it when you need it. I don't mind smoothing if it's needed. I usually use it. The one problem I had with it was when AJ was putting on extra smoothing for no reason and refusing to turn it off.
  11. Premium

    SDL 5

    Is there any interest for SDL 5?
  12. We know that no matter how long the season length is, the non-slackers will play all their games ASAP and the non-slackers will play them the weekend before the season ends. I'm willing to bet that GP completion doesn't go lower if you make the seasons 15-20 days. Nobody is completing their schedule evenly throughout the season. It's always done in "bunches" of 20-30% of the total schedule over the course of 2-3 days.
  13. If your name is not smozoma, nobody will play along.
  14. Freydey!! We are matched up in the GDL playoffs. Let me know when you're good to play.
  15. Here we go again.. Raph and Zepp: The 20-week wait!!
  16. Ability to receive a pass cleanly is linked to either skating or awareness. I'm not sure which one determines it. It could possibly be a combination of both. Knowing this, guys like LaFontaine and Oates definitely don't mess up passes the most. They have good skating and very high awareness ratings. It's just in your head.
  17. People seem to like SLACKING more than someone who quits and actually asks for a replacement.. SLACKING is classless. Quitting because you don't want to play is not. It would be lovely to see these kind of responses for the million slackers we have.
  18. I really thought this happened.. lol I had a great shock. have confidence and stay focused.
  19. We played and we had no connection problems Thanks for playing, AJ!!!
  20. Amazing excuse, AJ. You should be a defense lawyer. Brutus, this is the kind of buffoonery I'm talking about.
  21. My disrespect toward AJ...
  22. Disrespectful when asking for games? Come on man. You've gotta do better than that. We both know I haven't disrespected you when asking for games. Maybe you should UP the frames now that I hear you are lag spiking yet again.. Then your record will really take a hit.
  23. It seems as if AJ is refusing to play me this season. That is cool. BUT, I want to say something. If we do meet up in the playoffs (round 3), I'm not going to waste my time playing this guy's game and let him do whatever he wants. I'm not going to tolerate any buffoonery. I'm not tolerating any garbage such as stupid play times because of "having no connection and time", and I'm not going to deal with his antics IN-GAME such as putting on +3 smoothing and refusing to take it off or scoring on lag spikes. There should be a hard deadline of 5-7 days. If we fail to reach the deadline primarily to AJ's stupid scheduling/antics, it's going to be a forfeit for AJ. If it's on me, I will take the forfeit. If the series DOES get a "deadline extension" because of the "oh, I don't want to have a forfeit late in the playoffs with top players", I'm not going to play. If it results in my disqualification then so be it. There is no point in wasting the league's time over a grown man who has no "time" or internet in 2016. If it comes to that point, think of it as the first step in the NHL '94 community of not tolerating the bullshit of guys who don't want to free up some time in their life to play a video game.