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  1. You could hack it to play 4on5 every game but that still wouldn't make it difficult. There is pretty much nothing you can do to make the game difficult.
  2. Those include checks after the whistle.. I know I don't check very much. My #1 PIM accumulator in Blitz 11 (Petr Svoboda) was rank #34 in checks for league-wide yet led the league in PIMs. If body checks had true correlation, the players with the highest body checks would be way ahead of the guys who had some of the lowest numbers.
  3. Yeah.. then there is Raph who gets 500 checks and doesn't get more PIMS than me who can't even hit close to 200. lol
  4. I don't like the "PIMS are part of the game" argument. PIMS are IN the game, but they are not "part" of the game. We just happen to play with them. It's like how we don't play with line changes or offside. Aren't they part of the game too? In reality penalties are just something random that comes up. You can't commit a penalty intentionally. Some games you get no penalties, but others you can play the exact same way and get eight. Sometimes even regular defensive plays are called as penalties. Avoiding penalties should be a skill but you can't practice such a thing in NHL '94. Penalties are supposed to penalize unfair play, but penalties almost never penalize any sort of dirty playing in NHL '94. There are penalties in the game like slashing but there is no command to slash. There are hooking penalties in the game but even hooking exclusively doesn't give hooking penalties. Same thing with tripping. Probably less than 5% of my trips are called as tripping penalties. The problem with this to me is that goals are much easier to score on the power play. I feel like the game is rewarding a player with a high chance at scoring for something that was completely random. Not only that, but the power plays are far too long. It may as well be a free goal with how often power plays are successful. The power plays are 4x longer than their real life counterparts and thus go in at a much higher rate. It's the equivalent of an eight minute power play for a minor penalty in real life. Penalties also stall the game. I do convert at a very high rate on power plays, but I would rather not have them.
  5. Nice analysis!! There is also a link between stick handling and total HAM. The higher the total, the more likely a player with at least 4STH is likely to "toddle". That's why you see it much more often in Blitz (3TOT with 2/1) vs. GDL (2TOT with 1/1).
  6. Their slogan is even based off of it. "EA SPORTS - It's in the game".
  7. Hey, that's a fine opinion. Maybe the other guys with no championships and worse results are more skilled than me, but the results and the play definitely don't suggest that. That is my reasoning behind it. I use RESULTS and knowledge of skill to make my statements. I don't think I am the best just because, I think I am the best because statistically I have the best results and when I play against others I am clearly better. Sure I haven't done anything in over a year but go to the finals four times and win three titles consecutively, but that's OK too. I do know that it is you who feels the need to run and update your sig for winning TWO titles consecutively, however winning THREE consecutively is nothing. So, next time I forget, I will need you to remind me yet again that my accomplishments are nothing. I haven't registered for any league since GDL 14, that is why my results have slowed down. But hey, at the end of the day, all that is misinformation and it's tiring you out!! I don't want to keep tiring you out so I will side with you and admit that I am nothing special: Hey.. I'm Plabax, and I have done NOTHING in my time here at NHL' I won the GENS-A season as a rookie. I have also won five draft league titles (nobody has won more), and I did it in the span of six seasons with the one loss coming in a game 7 that was decided with one minute remaining!! I wish I were good at this game so I could justify my complaints that are backed up with stats and facts. But.. having six titles, the highest playoff win percentage ever and a winning playoff record against every opponent he has ever played (as a non-replacement) just doesn't cut it in the eyes of the four-time champ who wins via. forfeit and lag spikes, angryjay93 and others like the almighty CoachMac, who has dominated every single opponent in his simmed NHLPA '93 league and even the legend himself, Sebe, who admit his inferiority to and infatuation of Raph to the point where he changed his display picture to a close-up of Raph's face but covers it up by having a wife and hasn't updated his Comic Sans signature since the 90s because he hasn't won in so long. The last seven leagues I registered for: GDL 14 - Runner-Up GDL 13 - Champion Blitz 11 - Champion Blitz 10 - Champion GDL 12 - Runner-Up Blitz 09 - Champion GDL 11 - Champion Yeah I lost a couple of classics as a replacement and I'm not going to count that. Sure I've beaten others such as FPB and Zalex who were replacements, but who cares because it wouldn't have made any difference. The only time I registered for GENS A and played in the playoffs, I won. I haven't even registered since 2013. I can promise a victory if I do register next Classic, pick my team under fair circumstances, play my games and not get my seeding screwed by time constraints and the coach I replaced.
  8. 70% player skill. That's an extremely low number if you think about it. Only 70% of the game is reliant on player skill? 30% relying on luck is a bit too much in my opinion, I'd say maybe 20% or 15% of the game depends on team/luck for Classic. That is just enough room for the guys like Flasox and Wookiee to get their free wins in. A more accurate representation of a draft league is: 95% Player Skill 4.9% Team 0.1% Momentum/Hot/Cold The team can decide who wins but it often doesn't. The momentum exists but it rarely (if ever) determines the outcome of a series. I don't think I have ever won or lost a series because of momentum or hot and cold but I believe I have lost a series and it's possible I've won some because of my team. Still, I've won 25 playoff series in the draft leagues and only one was in seven games. If the momentum and hot/cold truly had a 10% impact on the game, you would see some closer matchups.
  9. How about the draft league version... Players skill 98% Game Momentum 2%
  10. The difference between the two is that hot/cold is theoretically 50/50 and hidden while the home/away advantages are deliberately uneven but not hidden. Hot/Cold should balance out whereas the advantages aren't supposed to. When do people ever lose because of hot/cold? With hot/cold enabled and even advantages across the board, I went to the finals in seven leagues straight and won all but one series before game 7. It is very unlikely that the hot/cold has a bigger impact than the advantages, which are clearly seen to have some sort of impact in the results. And, even if "HOT", the boost that is received is not as drastic if the advantages aren't as high. So in GDL or with average/weak advantaged teams the HOT/COLD you see is not as extreme as you would find it in Classic with the strong advantages.
  11. I remember that GDL '93 league... Always felt so helpless when the opposition had a breakaway lol
  12. I am referring to HOME/AWAY advantages not the other ones. I don't know if the other ones have any effect. I heard they were for computer sim games. I KNOW the home/away have an effect. You can feel the home/away advantages in play. Don't deny that. Teams like Boston and Philadelphia are definitely super powered. They definitely get a higher stickhandle rating on occasion in comparison to GDL or any other average rated team. Maybe the players get more agility, awareness and shot power/accuracy as well. I don't know, but there definitely is an advantage. Still, I had Detroit and I won. Only me and Sebe have won with Detroit in recent times despite players like Freydey, Flasox, Raph, Zalex, FPB and Uncle Seth having to play with them. You rarely see the top top guys picking Chicago or any of the other teams that would benefit strongly from advantages besides Carse and the times he had Buffalo and I guess Raph and Buffalo so you don't see a lot of wins from those teams. The results for Chicago are close if not better than the results for Detroit despite the coach and player skill for Detroit being way higher. Vancouver has better results possibly because their advantages. If they were even I'm sure Detroit would be better. The only two guys that have used both DET/VAN lost with DET but won with VAN. And, Carse didn't score 300+ in GENS-A. He did it in GENS A/B/C.
  13. The #1 thing that needs to be fixed... Whenever you switch between regular season/playoffs or scoring/goaltending it sorts back to the default category!!! That and everything opens in new tabs Finally the GFA and GAA numbers are true. It's neat to see the new averages for sure.
  14. Detroit has "weak" home advantage (I'm not sure if that does anything) and I had to play 4 home games while Winnipeg is average on both home/away which means the advantages were in my opponent's favour and not mine. Now I don't know if it had any true effect because I believe I was the better player and I won anyway. You make a good point, but I was #1 in scoring, #1 in shots generated, #1 in shot differential and #1 in goal differential averages in the regular season and the playoffs. I scored the most goals ever by a landslide in a single season of GENS-A. I dominated and was the best player. I started my season 0-7 (I was a rookie) then I won 29 of my final 33 games and carried my momentum into the playoffs. Now I'm not too sure exactly HOW the advantages work, but the crazy wacky victories you see in Classic almost ALWAYS (or maybe always) happen with a team with the strongest advantages. There are two examples I probably should refrain from using which are Zalex (CHI) vs. Raph (BUF) and Depch (MTL) vs. Raph (BOS) as both teams had even advantages (like Blitz), and Raph seems to not like to use Boston. However, all the other weird victories in my opinion are: Flasox (CHI) over Freydey (LA) Flasox (CHI) over Icestorm (EDM) Flasox (CHI) over Icestorm (CGY) Vocally Caged (BUF) over Angryjay (TOR) Wookiee (CHI) over Zalex (DAL) Voc (TOR) over brutus (CHI) in 7! (no offense to brutus but he sucked back then!!) Zalex (CHI) over Plabax (CGY) HABS (PHI) over Zalex (DET) Depch (BOS) over Icestorm (TOR) There are obviously ton of results where the player with the lower advantage came out on top, but you would never see some of those results in a draft league. Now that I look at it, most of these teams have a good/top goalie. Maybe it is the goaltending. It could be because the teams in classic are able to have a great goalie and great offense whereas that never happens in a draft league. This could be a plausible reason and if true I would have no problem standing corrected . I know recently that the defense has improved and it has been harder for me to score on Roy and Belfour without the pass shot or a superstar player. Another supporting detail for this argument is that I never really found any results that I found weird involving MTL, a team with strong advantages and Patrick Roy. This could be because MTL does not have a superstar or high offensive firepower that gives them the offense/goalie combo that isn't seen in draft leagues. However, I still feel that BOS and PHI have that "handicap" feel to them. You rarely see the lesser skilled players picking them so I feel that's why there is a lack of results that support my argument in that department.
  15. I disagree. As there are so many draft league champions who won with average teams, I don't like this argument. How often do you see a lesser player win because he was a better GM? And it's not like Depch and Zalex use TERRIBLE teams while everyone else uses luxury in draft leagues. Also, there is still the case of Flasox, who would have an elite GDL team but get bounced in round 1 or 2. And the main problem to me is the fact that they aren't superior players at the original game. They get outplayed but manage to WIN. It's a handicap. It's like being set back 50m in the 100m race but losing despite running at a faster pace.
  16. Makes sense. That's why Flasox always lost with the best teams in GDL... And, for the record, I don't suck in Classic. I haven't registered since 2013 and I've actually only ever lost as a replacement. I have a title as well. If I do register, I'll pick a team like the Bruins or the Flyers and abuse the handicaps to victory.
  17. C: I lose because the other guy was better than me.. D: I win because my opponent was cheated but it hardly affects me because I would likely win even if my opponent weren't cheated. I don't want to say that I get cheated if I lose, it's that I'm being cheated when I lose in certain scenarios. There is a difference between the two. I've lost multiple times and not felt cheated. You even said I had good sportsmanship when I lost to annatar. That's because it wasn't BS. What you guys are painting this out to be is different from what I am getting at. There is a difference in me getting outplayed and losing because my opponent deserved it and me losing the game when I "should" have won. I'm just not a fan of losing when it's painfully obvious I should have won. And yes smoz, it is ONE of the reasons. When it comes down to it, I beat Zalex 70% of the time in draft league playoffs. I am 12-5 against him and 3-0 in playoff series. Zalex is also 0-5 in playoff series against Raph. When you combine the two, that makes 0-8. He's 0-8 against us in draft leagues so how realistic is it for him to go 2-0 in Classic? If he was playing out of his mind and outplaying me I could believe it, but he came nowhere close to outplaying me. The stats also don't lie: Zalex went to the finals but was somehow at the bottom of the league in the important stats that usually correlate with winning. Hmm.. lol wat? There are other players who have a similar situation. Flasox never had a good GDL season yet he was able to beat Freydey. Depch never had a good GDL or Blitz season yet was able to beat kingraph and Icestorm in 5 games each. Don't you think it is fishy? These things NEVER happen in draft leagues, only in Classic. There was a Hokkee/Icestorm upset in GDL 8 but that was an upset and not a predetermined gift victory. And you are right, the .500 record is my problem.
  18. Such an idiotic comment. Go read the league description on NHL ' It's designed so "everyone can get a good team".. Obviously it is INTENDED to be fair. So stupid lol what the fk are you saying. It's not meant to be fair? So why are the leagues sorted by skil level then..... hmmm I wonder why. Don't you see how the leagues are sorted by GENS-A and GENS-B? The whole point of a league is to see who the best is.. It's a competition. The goal is to WIN and you WIN by being the best. So what if teams are different every season? That goes for all leagues. How stupid can you be? Are you saying Blitz wasn't fair because there was a draft every season? Good logic man. These are not comparable to NHL '94. There is a difference between an "upset" and getting handicapped. In a handicap, the game "determines" who wins whereas an upset is usually caused by luck and other factors such as hard-work and determination like you said. There wasn't code in the Super Bowl that made Tom Brady lose. There wasn't code that made the Miracle on Ice happen. I'm talking about things that happen when they shouldn't. You don't need luck, hard work or dedication to win a handicapped game because the game automatically "makes" you win. All EA Sports Games have this. It's called "scripting" and there is code in the game designed specifically for when the game wants a team to win. It just so happens that NHL '94 does it through advantages and we can take them out of the game. The Miracle on Ice and Leceister City are like winning the lottery. The handicaps I'm talking about are like losing the lottery despite getting all the numbers correct or winning despite getting none of the numbers correct. There is a clear difference between the two. I'm not a fan of the situation where I have a winning lottery ticket but am denied the jackpot for some unknown reason. The others don't mind the situation because they are the guys who have the losing ticket but still receive the jackpot. I'm saying, Why not just use the method where the guys with the winning tickets win the jackpot since that's how it's supposed to be??
  19. It's not supposed to be random. The whole idea behind it is that the best player wins. Players being different night to night does not justify losing to weaker players. At the end of the day the players are still being controlled, and when the game is fair, the better player wins regardless. I'm referring more to the extreme handicaps to the point where the game is as good as pre-determined. It's obvious some of the top players think it's BS but they don't want to admit it because : a ) agreeing with me and scarring their image b ) too scared to voice their opinion Are we really going to believe there is no problem when guys like kingraph and Icestorm lose to Depch in 5 games? The same kingraph who was disappointed when he lost to Freydey is cool with losing to Depch in 5 games? The same kingraph who put himself higher than Depch on the odds list despite having PITTSBURGH while Depch had BOSTON is cool with losing to Depch in 5 games? The same Icestorm who said "Depch is not that good" is cool with Iosing to Depch in 5 games? The same Icestorm who said my path to GDL 11 Finals was easy because I had to play Depch is cool with losing to Depch in 5 games? How could you lose to a player in 5 games and then NOT think they are better than or at least as good as you?? To put it in perspective, I've played in the playoffs for GDL 9,10,11,12,13,14 and Blitz 09,10,11 and I've never lost in 5 games. The reason kingraph and Icestorm don't think Depch is on their level despite losing to them in 5 games is because... *drumroll*... I don't need to explain To act like there is no problem is just BS.
  20. Fair and equal are not the same thing... You can have fairness without equality and equality without fairness.