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  1. Detroit has "weak" home advantage (I'm not sure if that does anything) and I had to play 4 home games while Winnipeg is average on both home/away which means the advantages were in my opponent's favour and not mine. Now I don't know if it had any true effect because I believe I was the better player and I won anyway. You make a good point, but I was #1 in scoring, #1 in shots generated, #1 in shot differential and #1 in goal differential averages in the regular season and the playoffs. I scored the most goals ever by a landslide in a single season of GENS-A. I dominated and was the best player. I started my season 0-7 (I was a rookie) then I won 29 of my final 33 games and carried my momentum into the playoffs. Now I'm not too sure exactly HOW the advantages work, but the crazy wacky victories you see in Classic almost ALWAYS (or maybe always) happen with a team with the strongest advantages. There are two examples I probably should refrain from using which are Zalex (CHI) vs. Raph (BUF) and Depch (MTL) vs. Raph (BOS) as both teams had even advantages (like Blitz), and Raph seems to not like to use Boston. However, all the other weird victories in my opinion are: Flasox (CHI) over Freydey (LA) Flasox (CHI) over Icestorm (EDM) Flasox (CHI) over Icestorm (CGY) Vocally Caged (BUF) over Angryjay (TOR) Wookiee (CHI) over Zalex (DAL) Voc (TOR) over brutus (CHI) in 7! (no offense to brutus but he sucked back then!!) Zalex (CHI) over Plabax (CGY) HABS (PHI) over Zalex (DET) Depch (BOS) over Icestorm (TOR) There are obviously ton of results where the player with the lower advantage came out on top, but you would never see some of those results in a draft league. Now that I look at it, most of these teams have a good/top goalie. Maybe it is the goaltending. It could be because the teams in classic are able to have a great goalie and great offense whereas that never happens in a draft league. This could be a plausible reason and if true I would have no problem standing corrected . I know recently that the defense has improved and it has been harder for me to score on Roy and Belfour without the pass shot or a superstar player. Another supporting detail for this argument is that I never really found any results that I found weird involving MTL, a team with strong advantages and Patrick Roy. This could be because MTL does not have a superstar or high offensive firepower that gives them the offense/goalie combo that isn't seen in draft leagues. However, I still feel that BOS and PHI have that "handicap" feel to them. You rarely see the lesser skilled players picking them so I feel that's why there is a lack of results that support my argument in that department.
  2. I disagree. As there are so many draft league champions who won with average teams, I don't like this argument. How often do you see a lesser player win because he was a better GM? And it's not like Depch and Zalex use TERRIBLE teams while everyone else uses luxury in draft leagues. Also, there is still the case of Flasox, who would have an elite GDL team but get bounced in round 1 or 2. And the main problem to me is the fact that they aren't superior players at the original game. They get outplayed but manage to WIN. It's a handicap. It's like being set back 50m in the 100m race but losing despite running at a faster pace.
  3. Makes sense. That's why Flasox always lost with the best teams in GDL... And, for the record, I don't suck in Classic. I haven't registered since 2013 and I've actually only ever lost as a replacement. I have a title as well. If I do register, I'll pick a team like the Bruins or the Flyers and abuse the handicaps to victory.
  4. C: I lose because the other guy was better than me.. D: I win because my opponent was cheated but it hardly affects me because I would likely win even if my opponent weren't cheated. I don't want to say that I get cheated if I lose, it's that I'm being cheated when I lose in certain scenarios. There is a difference between the two. I've lost multiple times and not felt cheated. You even said I had good sportsmanship when I lost to annatar. That's because it wasn't BS. What you guys are painting this out to be is different from what I am getting at. There is a difference in me getting outplayed and losing because my opponent deserved it and me losing the game when I "should" have won. I'm just not a fan of losing when it's painfully obvious I should have won. And yes smoz, it is ONE of the reasons. When it comes down to it, I beat Zalex 70% of the time in draft league playoffs. I am 12-5 against him and 3-0 in playoff series. Zalex is also 0-5 in playoff series against Raph. When you combine the two, that makes 0-8. He's 0-8 against us in draft leagues so how realistic is it for him to go 2-0 in Classic? If he was playing out of his mind and outplaying me I could believe it, but he came nowhere close to outplaying me. The stats also don't lie: Zalex went to the finals but was somehow at the bottom of the league in the important stats that usually correlate with winning. Hmm.. lol wat? There are other players who have a similar situation. Flasox never had a good GDL season yet he was able to beat Freydey. Depch never had a good GDL or Blitz season yet was able to beat kingraph and Icestorm in 5 games each. Don't you think it is fishy? These things NEVER happen in draft leagues, only in Classic. There was a Hokkee/Icestorm upset in GDL 8 but that was an upset and not a predetermined gift victory. And you are right, the .500 record is my problem.
  5. Such an idiotic comment. Go read the league description on NHL ' It's designed so "everyone can get a good team".. Obviously it is INTENDED to be fair. So stupid lol what the fk are you saying. It's not meant to be fair? So why are the leagues sorted by skil level then..... hmmm I wonder why. Don't you see how the leagues are sorted by GENS-A and GENS-B? The whole point of a league is to see who the best is.. It's a competition. The goal is to WIN and you WIN by being the best. So what if teams are different every season? That goes for all leagues. How stupid can you be? Are you saying Blitz wasn't fair because there was a draft every season? Good logic man. These are not comparable to NHL '94. There is a difference between an "upset" and getting handicapped. In a handicap, the game "determines" who wins whereas an upset is usually caused by luck and other factors such as hard-work and determination like you said. There wasn't code in the Super Bowl that made Tom Brady lose. There wasn't code that made the Miracle on Ice happen. I'm talking about things that happen when they shouldn't. You don't need luck, hard work or dedication to win a handicapped game because the game automatically "makes" you win. All EA Sports Games have this. It's called "scripting" and there is code in the game designed specifically for when the game wants a team to win. It just so happens that NHL '94 does it through advantages and we can take them out of the game. The Miracle on Ice and Leceister City are like winning the lottery. The handicaps I'm talking about are like losing the lottery despite getting all the numbers correct or winning despite getting none of the numbers correct. There is a clear difference between the two. I'm not a fan of the situation where I have a winning lottery ticket but am denied the jackpot for some unknown reason. The others don't mind the situation because they are the guys who have the losing ticket but still receive the jackpot. I'm saying, Why not just use the method where the guys with the winning tickets win the jackpot since that's how it's supposed to be??
  6. It's not supposed to be random. The whole idea behind it is that the best player wins. Players being different night to night does not justify losing to weaker players. At the end of the day the players are still being controlled, and when the game is fair, the better player wins regardless. I'm referring more to the extreme handicaps to the point where the game is as good as pre-determined. It's obvious some of the top players think it's BS but they don't want to admit it because : a ) agreeing with me and scarring their image b ) too scared to voice their opinion Are we really going to believe there is no problem when guys like kingraph and Icestorm lose to Depch in 5 games? The same kingraph who was disappointed when he lost to Freydey is cool with losing to Depch in 5 games? The same kingraph who put himself higher than Depch on the odds list despite having PITTSBURGH while Depch had BOSTON is cool with losing to Depch in 5 games? The same Icestorm who said "Depch is not that good" is cool with Iosing to Depch in 5 games? The same Icestorm who said my path to GDL 11 Finals was easy because I had to play Depch is cool with losing to Depch in 5 games? How could you lose to a player in 5 games and then NOT think they are better than or at least as good as you?? To put it in perspective, I've played in the playoffs for GDL 9,10,11,12,13,14 and Blitz 09,10,11 and I've never lost in 5 games. The reason kingraph and Icestorm don't think Depch is on their level despite losing to them in 5 games is because... *drumroll*... I don't need to explain To act like there is no problem is just BS.
  7. Fair and equal are not the same thing... You can have fairness without equality and equality without fairness.
  8. I noticed a couple of potential flaws with the new GDL A/B setup. Usually 16 teams make the playoffs. Would the new format have Top8 from A and Top8 from B qualify? If so, then that is a problem. The worst coach in A is supposed to be better than the best coach from B, so it makes no sense to not have the A coach qualify. If 16 coaches do qualify, it would have to be the top 12 from A and the top 4 from B, which is more or less the same as the current format. If the finals is to feature the winner of A and the winner of B, then that would mean there would only be a 4-man playoff en route to the finals for a B player. That doesn't make any sense. If the A/B thing is to happen, then the playoffs HAVE to be separate. There would need to be a GDL "A" champ and a GDL "B" champ, that's it, that's all. Having the "A" champ and the "B" champ play in the finals would mean that one of the finalists had an uneven path to the finals relative to the seeding. First round in the "A" playoffs would feature the 4th and 5th best teams playing each other as well as the 13th and 20th best teams playing each other while the 9th-12th best teams would fail to qualify. Not only that, but it would be corny for the finals to be the top A player vs. the top B player. The A player probably wouldn't even want to play and it's just silly for the runner-up to always be a player who is supposed to be in the bottom-half of the league in terms of skill. -------------------------------- Since you want the bottom 4 coaches in A to go down to B and vice versa, the ideal way to set this is up is to have everyone play an even schedule and have the top 16 qualify. The top4 coaches would be "A", the bottom 4 would be "B", and coaches 5-12 would qualify for the wild card. Round 1 would feature all the wildcard coaches.. so 5v12, 6v11, 7v10 and 8v9. The winners of the wildcard round would qualify for the "A" playoffs as the bottom seeds and the losers would qualify for the "B" playoffs as the top seeds.
  9. Classic is DESIGNED to be fair/competitive as it's grouped into A/B and they even had the drafts organized by skill one year (I think). There are enough teams with skill to the point where the gap between two teams will not be large enough to make a difference and it becomes a matter of preference. Enough with the BS. Everyone can grab a good team in a 12-man league. Nobody is going to be picking HFD, and even if someone plays with them.. then it's obviously for a challenge. I believe the best player will win with even advantages as long as he/she has a good team. If you guys honestly don't see any problems with players who are CLEARLY nowhere near the highest level like Depch and Flasox taking out guys like Frey, Ice and Raph, then what can I say.
  10. I don't understand why the community is always so reluctant to improvement. I've heard of not liking change, but I've never experienced so many people display hostility towards improvement of an activity they love. Why do people want to play an inferior version of the game so bad? What is the big deal in making a change to improve the game? I'm offering a solution that makes the game objectively better, fair, more competitive and thus more FUN. More fairness = more fun. Are people going to dislike the fact that the game is more fair, fun and rewarding? Like it or not, the ROM is already hacked with a 99minOT hack. It's there to improve the flow of things and remove the nuisance of restarting a game and the PP/PK, hot/cold, etc.. Although it is a HACK and not "classic", it makes sense to have it in!! There would be no problem leaving it as it is, but it's still there despite classic not being for hacks. So, why not just add another MINOR hack to remove another nuisance: the code in the game that sometimes puts one player at a DISADVANTAGE. It's not going to change any strategies, it won't make better players worse, or worse players better, it's not going to make goals easier or harder, it's not going to throw the game off its balance, it's just going to prevent the random games in which the advantage goes extreme. In a league that is designed for competitiveness and FAIRNESS, it makes no sense to play with the one sole option that deliberately handicaps one team and makes it UNFAIR!! That's why draft leagues don't play with uneven advantages, because obviously players want the leages to be FAIR and more fairness is always more fun.
  11. I understand that, but in a league that is designed to be fair and competitive.. why have handicaps? The teams don't have to be the exact same.. but relatively close enough in skill so it can be competitive. That's why draft leagues (including yours) have a serpentine draft order.. It's not like you put it in there for fun. You put it in there ALONG with even advantages because you obviously felt it was the most fair thing to do. I'm not asking to disable penalties, add line changes or change the goalie control delay, I'm asking to remove handicaps. Is that such a big problem? It makes the game more fun and that is a fact.
  12. I don't see how that makes any sense as the Classic playoffs use a hacked and non-original version of the game. If you don't need the 99min OT, why put it in especially if the league is supposed to have no hacks? Is it for save states? Use the Game Stitcher. Like it or not, 99minOT is still a hack that makes the game different from the original version. What if you have a player that gets injured for the period in a 99-min OT? What if you lose on a powerplay that would have been killed off in a normal 10-min OT game? A hack is a hack.
  13. Thanks for the thoughtful reply on a serious topic. On the other note, I have registered for classic twice and won once.
  14. Can the future seasons of the Classic league be played with even advantages across the board? There is really no reason not to do it. It doesn't make sense to play in leagues designed to be fair and competitive with handicaps enabled for certain teams. The idea behind these leagues is that the best of the best are supposed to win. I understand that Classic is the "un-altered" version of the game, but this is a change that falls in the same category as the 99-minute OT hack that is already used in the league so I don't see how that would matter anyway. Not only that, but draft leagues are played with even advantages and nobody has asked for them to become uneven. Why do you think that is? I don't believe this change will be harmful in anyway. It's meant to make the game more fun and competitive and I don't see how it wouldn't succeed in doing so.
  15. Perfect example of why a group chat via. text is better than AIM/Forums..
  16. Thank you, I couldn't remember.
  17. I think the 'actual' IDs of the players are team specific and the number is the slot of the player on the team (starting with 0 and going from G-->F-->D, or the same order the program extracts, like an index) For example, BOS would have Moog as 0, Blue as 1, Oates as 2, Poulin as 3, or CGY would have Vernon as 0, Reese as 1, Nieuwendyk as 2, Reichel as 3 and so on. --------------------------------- So, if using a database... it would probably look like: Get PLAYER where TEAM is the team of the player and PLAYERINDEX is the "ID" from the uploader If you were extracting a goal scored by Adam Oates, the extractor would search for the player on Boston with an index of 2, who is Oates.
  18. Yeah, yeah.. the stats don't lie. You were getting outplayed in nearly every game. At least when you made the finals in Blitz and GDL, you weren't at the bottom of the league in all the playoff stat categories..
  19. I want to play if and only if I get a top 15-16 pick (the only way to have a chance at winning)... thanks!
  20. I am just happy that nobody will be a repeat champ!!!! I always wanted to be the first. Good games and good luck to FPB, who I doubted from the beginning after making some of his trades.
  21. Zalex.. 0-5 vs Raph, 0-3 vs me in draft leagues, kicks our ass in classicFlasox.. never been to GDL finals, multiple classic titles and finals appearances Depch.. two finals appearances, destroys Icestorm and Raph but nothing in draft leagues Frey.. 2x survivor champ, 2x gdl, 3x blitz, loses to flasox in classic ???