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  1. I have Gretzky. Had him last season aswell.
  2. If you want someone to play, DQ them and they will come online to complain instantly as if they weren't busy all along and then proceed to play their series within the next day.
  3. This reminds me of the time people thought it was a good idea to let Jaylighter (0-56) in GDL over Freydey (42-0) because of DNP. At the time, I was against it but now I realize you have to enforce some sort of harsh penalty to those who admit to going MIA. The DNP rule kind of sucks BUT, it only takes 10 minutes to play a game. You could theoretically play one hour a day for a week and complete your season.
  4. can't wait to boot you out of GDL.. with Kevin Stevens doing the beating There is a difference in the b-checking with penalties on/off.
  5. Do you really believe Seth? He used to tell me Pelle Eklund was a top 10 player.
  6. We all know disabling penalties DISABLES the greatness of the B-check! The B-check and the manual goalie control are the two best features of this game. How can we disable penalties and keep the b-check so we can make GA?
  7. Like most defensemen, Zhitnik's offensive awareness isn't high. He will still cross the red line, but it's nothing extreme like you are describing. I have Lidstrom in Blitz (same awareness) and he's my goalie's best friend
  8. If you don't want your defenseman to skate up the ice, dont cross the red (half line) while controlling him.
  9. 1. Buffalo (zeppelin55) 8. Boston (kingraph) I treat this matchup as if the seeds are reversed. In my opinion, kingraph has the skill and team advantage. It's tough to argue against kingraph here, as I think no team besides DET comes close to the power that Boston provides. I predict Boston (kingraph) to win this series in 5 games. ---------------------------------------------- 2. Los Angeles (HABS) 7. Toronto (Vocally Caged) I don't know too much about these coaches. Both of these coaches lost to Houly back in 2012 and it has ruined my image of both of them. Last time I played Classic, Vocally Caged managed to take 3/4 from me as Toronto, so I like his chances. I predict Toronto (Vocally Caged) to win this series in 7 games. -------------------------------------------- 3. Winnipeg (TomKabs) 6. Dallas (swos) TomKabs is a decent player and will be able to pull out a 3-x lead against swos. However, chances of beating swos in an elimination game are lower than winning the lottery Sebe returning for more than a day. I also do not want TomKabs to win, because I'm rooting for swos to join the Triple Crown Club (Winner of a Classic, GDL and Blitz title). I predict Dallas (swos) to win this series in 7 games. -------------------------------------------- 4. Pittsburgh (angryjay93) 5. Montreal (Depch) I believe angryjay is the better player, but it is pretty close. Depch's strategy of great defense and cheesy offense powered by rebound goal and one timer abuse may prevail, because I would imagine Montreal's light players to be a nasty matchup for Pittsburgh. It really sucks for angryjay, because I believe he is sort of handicapped. I predict Montreal (Depch) to win this series in 6 games.
  10. I think you meant to say GDL does reseed. If GDL does not reseed then it should be : WINNER of 1/8 vs WINNER of 4/5 WINNER of 2/7 vs WINNER of 3/6 (Raph vs Freydey/Depch) (Houly vs Bo) (Seth vs Jackandjose/Fitzo) (Plabax (me) vs Sicarius)