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  1. NHL '94 was released on FOUR different consoles, so even then the point of having the "best" NHL '94 player doesn't apply to the tournament if it's only going to be GENS and SNES. Sure it's cool to mix them, but you still won't determine who the best player is. What if the runner-up in the tournament is actually better at the other two consoles?
  2. Someone hasn't been looking at GENS A the past couple of seasons..EDIT: Unless nobody is elite in classic I guess.
  3. You lost to Carse when you had NYR against his crappy old Bure You are the big-time loser in the finals stop losing man!! (1-2 lol)
  4. GDL 09 vs BoKnowsNHL94 - Game 7 GDL X vs Icestorm - Game 7 I lose both games 6-5 after sloppy play in which my opponent piles on goals and then a late push by myself comes up short. When I look at it now, I definitely would have won the title had I won these games. In GDL 09 I would have played TomKabs (I had beaten him exactly a week earlier) and swos before taking on Carse in the final. In GDL X I would have beat swos in the final. BoKnowsNHL94 (1) vs Plabax (8) ---------------------------------------------- I definitely outplayed Bo in this series. Late in Game 5 (series tied 2-2) I had the lead and with my goalie I willingly decided to pass it in Bo's direction and I got scored on. I don't know why I did it but I honestly didn't care too much because I really thought I was going to win regardless. I lost that game in OT but bounced back in Game 6 with my most dominating game of the season. Game 7 was a mess. Bo brought his A-game and I was in a hole early on. I fought back and got back into the game. I'm pretty sure I hit the post on a penalty shot THEN on what was going to be a breakaway my team took a penalty I had a final rush, missed and then just saved the state while we were still in play. We didn't even end up seeing the three stars. ------------------------------ Icestorm NHL94 (1) vs Plabax (3) I came off a 4-2 series victory against Carse and I knew I was better than swos. The problem was, I wasn't confident in beating Icestorm. I used to think he was the best player in the community (I was very wrong lol ). Anyway, games 1 and 2 I got destroyed by Icestorm. My heart wasn't even racing, it just felt like I was going to lose. The problem was, my team of buggers was not good enough on the offensive end to score against Icestorm's great defensive and goalie play. Game 3 I found a rhythm and came out with the win. Game 4 I lost, but I had the extreme confidence I needed in my ability to force a game 7. I dominated games 5 and 6 and before game 7, I didn't underestimate my opponent like I did with Bo the year before. Game 7 starts and early on I give away the puck with my goalie. Icestorm scores on the open net, 1-0 for him. I come back and take the lead 2-1 before Ice ties it up at 2. In the second period, Icestorm scores 3 goals in 5 seconds and all of a sudden I'm down 5-2. Early in the third period I'm able to make it 5-4 and I have all the momentum until I give it away with my goalie yet again, and Icestorm takes advantage. It seems like a backbreaker goal but then I come right back and score to make it 6-5. The rest of the game is all me. Point-blank shots in the crease, one-timers. everything. Ice stops it all and I lose the game. I lost this series more than Ice won it. In the end, I knew swos beat Ice in the finals and he did.
  5. I meant that it is not as serious compared to other video game tournaments. Not trying to troll, but it's the truth. No room for 300-500 people (at least)? 128 players (64 each) is really weak. 64 players and 20+ games going on at once is what my local college gathers for a video game tournament.With 40+ setups, you should have enough time to ensure 400 players get at least 22 games over two days with plenty of sleep in between (round robin, assuming all matchups are best-of-3 and 10 minutes long), then on the final day you could do the top 64 in 12-14 hours (assuming all matchups are best of 7 and there is a game 7 in every round of the bracket, and also asumming when it's time for the top 8, all games are played at separate times so everyone can watch on two setups (one for the guys who want to watch GENS, one for the guys who want to watch SNES) then the Finals will be screened on one setup, so both GENS and SNES fans will watch the finals of both consoles. Since the price entry is $45 and the tournament is so cool and full of NHL players. I would expect each console's (assuming an even amount of players between the two, if not just add the diffrrencr) first place winners to be walking home with at least $8000, runner-ups with $2800, $980 for the semi-finalists, or if you want third place games, $1400 for third, $560 for fourth, $210 for the remaining top 8 losers. Mostly everyone should be back at their homes before 7AM on the Monday
  6. GDL is not s**t because standard fantasy snake drafts are normal. People play with those rules for money and it's widely recognized. If you took any hardcore fantasy player and showed them GDL, they would understand. Blitz on the other hand, full of holes and gaps, made no sense. The protect system was bad. I think it's liked because it uses the weight fix, is split up into A/B and now everyone can C-check the opposition. I'm sure for most people, the C-check is a big factor in determining how fun the game is. That's how it seems at least.
  7. OK sorry for trolling, but I just don't think the tournament seems all to serious. I should have just said it like that.
  8. Me winning doesn't prove anything. You just want to film me lol. No thanks come to my house
  9. This seems a bit extreme. Fatigues on doesn't change the game completely. Did you play TDL? I didn't notice a difference in the results. I noticed a difference in less players mashing the C button and being cheesy abusing C checks. Another plus is that the players that are way too fast become nullified by fatigue over the course of a shift. You also don't play against top players all the time, so more skill comes out.Also, playing with something a majority of the time doesn't mean it's the best. Wasn't Blitz played for 8 seasons with s**t rules?
  10. I agree with the fatigue part. However when playing with line changes, people just pick Sc1 and Sc2. I remember playing against Raph and Labs and they never used the Chk line. It's best to leave them off since people are just looking to abuse it. This is not really the king of '94, it's a get together for the filming of a documentary. Not surprised really.
  11. There should be a brand new online league for every active player who is going to the tournament, and then do the live draft IN Toronto with a spreadsheet to help.
  12. I altered the classic ROM to increase everyone's speed and agility by 1. The ROM worked perfect and it was fun. I decided to take it a step further and make the rating system 0-15 so I could increase agility by a little bit. Once I did that... The ROM became extremely fast. Brian Bradley (now a 5/4) is faster than Mogilny ever was. Phil Housley can turn so fast that I can't even control it. Frameskip is normal, WTF help
  13. You have to forget how to lose. Back in the day I would get mad after losing in GENS B but.... I forgot what it feels like to lose and I don't get mad anymore
  14. 99 minutes, not 20. What if the game goes past the 20
  15. 24 teams is the reason GDL is better. The playoffs in Blitz only has 8 coaches Also, not every game has to be competitive, or else who would be in my league?
  16. I thought we seeded by points percentage for the purpose of having fair round one matchups and reseeding. Why wouldn't we reseed?
  17. Having two goalies has no purpose. More logical to keep the website code as it is and remove what is unnecessary.
  18. 1. Switching goalies for the fun of it is not a good reason to f**k up the goalie stats in every league. In the end you can use your manual goalie so there virtually is no reason to switch. 3. When the noobs constantly trade away their good players for goalies, it becomes kind of stupid. It's also a subtle way for the top players to stack their teams.
  19. 1) Only one goalie per team There is no need to draft two goalies. I have never even used my backup goalie in a league game. The backup goalies always end up hijacking the goalie stats aswell. 2) Trade cap with no extensions (Draft) Three or Five trades is a good number. The trading IS fun, but it gets to the point where start trading for fun and not to improve their team. 3) No trading goalies Some coaches fail to realize that a goalie isn't worth anything. If we are allowed to trade them, someone will essentially get a free player that is worthy to be drafted in the first four rounds. Example, in Blitz I was able to trade Ranford for Gilmour. 4) Have a player ranking system that generates a trade evaluator Have a formula that generates a player ranking based on points. If there is a trade where the gap between the total points of each team is too large, it is automatically vetod.
  20. I wouldn't fake a desync. The only other time you have heard this complaint was in GDL XI, and it was Houly (again). For the record, I did desync two times in a row against Zalex right before I tried to play with Houly.
  21. I have Gretzky. Had him last season aswell.
  22. If you want someone to play, DQ them and they will come online to complain instantly as if they weren't busy all along and then proceed to play their series within the next day.
  23. This reminds me of the time people thought it was a good idea to let Jaylighter (0-56) in GDL over Freydey (42-0) because of DNP. At the time, I was against it but now I realize you have to enforce some sort of harsh penalty to those who admit to going MIA. The DNP rule kind of sucks BUT, it only takes 10 minutes to play a game. You could theoretically play one hour a day for a week and complete your season.
  24. can't wait to boot you out of GDL.. with Kevin Stevens doing the beating There is a difference in the b-checking with penalties on/off.
  25. Do you really believe Seth? He used to tell me Pelle Eklund was a top 10 player.