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  1. The tilt may be appealing to you, but it's not to most. It's in every single EA Sports game in existence (at least after 1993), and I've heard numerous complaints about it. CoachMac is the first person among many I have come across who enjoys it. The feature brings results that are SIMILAR to real life, but there is no true real life comparison. In real life, things can be controlled and they are not pre-determined. In EA Sports video games, certain games are scripted/pre-determined and out of the control of the players. Say you want to dial 911. If you manage to press the right combination of buttons, you will input 911. It's possible your finger slips and you input 912 by accident.... that is bad luck. However, the BS Factor equivalent would be something forcing you to dial 912 even if you are inputting 911 perfectly.
  2. NHL '94 has better ratings and is more fun.
  3. The most impressive part is that the wedding ring is still on the finger!!! ..We know the fate of some people here in marriages
  4. Reminds me of how I used to beat kingraph back in the day!
  5. You would think this stuff was done on purpose We know how to prevent this issue.. yet the same bullshit leagues built for slackers keep coming back! When is it going to stop?
  6. Why not a thread about something that's actually important to the community... such as "How we can fix online leagues"?
  7. I think online play is fun too. I just don't think it's worth anyone's time to play in the leagues until the commissioners can get their act together. Every league has no champion and never finishes.
  8. Stick to the ROM hack roster updates, and don't bother wasting your time with online leagues
  9. Will take the bait and go off topic, but humility is not a bad thing. It's better to be arrogant than it is to be humble, but society wants you to think like a peasant instead of a king (like me)
  10. What do you think my greatest strength was as an NHL '94 player?
  11. Right-handed players are better at moving, there is no doubt about it. Gartner is smoother, has access to more precise deking, and has a better shot than Modano and arguably Bure. The gap between Gartner and Modano is much wider than the gap between Gartner and Klima, so why are you so concerned with Modano? It's clear as day that Klima and Gartner are levels above Modano. And, to be extremely great, speed can't be higher than agility. Bure suffers from this problem. Maybe Bure is better for those who are constantly turning around and skating back to their blue line in hopes of cheesing the game. That would make sense because he's faster.
  12. Why not? If you're talking save states, then you would be aiming to push the game to its absolute limits. If it's possible, it can be done.
  13. Win Faceoff --> Five-hole pass shot with the fastest pass possible (ex. Eklund or Selanne) takes less than three seconds. It's so close to three seconds that three seconds will appear to have ticked off the clock unless you start the faceoff really close to the start of a second. So say it takes 2.995 seconds to execute this technique... only two seconds will tick off the clock if you can shoot the puck at a high enoug h speed within the first .004 milliseconds of a new second. Rare, but I've seen it happen once. The three second goal I've seen ten or so times.
  14. You can score every 2-3 seconds. So the record should be no more than 30 seconds.
  15. Just leave the starting lines as default. I think there are too many viable combinations to have a "preferred" lineup/sub that will save time. I think Coffey-Konstantinov is the best defensive pairing for Detroit, but others probably are thinking Lidstrom. I like Broten-Gagner-Courtnall, but others probably want Modano. Another example is with Buffalo: I want LaFontaine at C, but most probably want Mogilny there.
  16. This is a family-friendly forum and there is no room for my behaviour
  17. Nice try. You are interchanging "Premium" with "Plabax". Not the same thing. Premium is just the 5th version of Plabax. The profile for Plabax clearly has the gender as male.
  18. I thought aqualizard was referring to community/forum members not signing up. The idea of locals filling up the tournament never crossed my mind. I'm saying that even if the tournament attracts a lot of people, we shouldn't be expecting tons of community members. I think most don't care about Greg, Danny and Doug who play with CoachMac (and registered), but more about Plabax, TomKabs and Carse (who didn't register), which is why aqualizard was dissappointed. But now that I look at it, I definitely could have been wrong.
  19. Let's be real here. Yeah, big events happen in Vegas. But the King of '94 is NOT a big event. It's big relative to the community, but not in the larger scale of things. Most can't even be bothered to leave a list for a draft; what makes you think they will travel many hours to play two games of NHL '94? Doesn't help that most people hardly got to play at the first King of '94, and when they did their team was decided by a coin toss. I can see why people aren't eager to go to the next. I am spot on about online leagues, and I am spot on about this too. You get why the tournament is in Vegas, but what you don't get is that there is little to no thought put into it. That's understandable. McMikey is only here to promote the film and to get a couple of faces on camera. He's not your average community member, but more of an ambassador. He's concerned about the FILM, not the tournament. He is like what Drake is to the Toronto Raptors. That's totally fine. However let's not sit around and act like we don't know why people aren't signing up. ------------------------------------------------------ My comments are not pointless just because I'm not attending. Even if I registered, it wouldn't alter the meaning of my comments. Just because someone works hard, doesn't mean that they deserve a pat on the back. Adolf Hitler was likely a harder worker than McMikey and Halifax combined. So what? Alexei Kovalev never worked, yet he was a full-time pro. Tons of hard-working 4th liners struggle to make the NHL.
  20. Not sure what this comment means. My comment was referring to aqualizard's in which he said he was worried that a ton of people hadn't registered. Why would a ton of people register for a tournament in Las Vegas when almost nobody lives nearby? It's like holding the tournament in the middle of South Africa. I don't think it would be reasonable to expect a ton of people to fly out to an area that holds 0% of community members and is close to about 1/10 relevant/active community members.
  21. Almost everyone relevant in the community is nowhere near Las Vegas.
  22. What about the A finals?