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  1. I'm R-E-T-I-R-E-D. Someone else can take it up
  2. I believe that there are 18 players in the weight bugged version of NHL '94 that are suitable as first round players. As a result of this, I also believe any weight-bugged draft league should include no more than 18 coaches TIER I 1. Steve Yzerman 2. Petr Klima 3a. Jeremy Roenick 3b. Alexander Mogilny 5. Mike Gartner TIER 2 6. Pavel Bure 7a. Dino Ciccarelli 7b. Teemu Selanne 7c. Wayne Gretzky 10. Theoren Fleury TIER 3 11. Pat LaFontaine 12. Adam Oates TIER 4 13. Mario Lemieux 14a. Mike Modano 14b. Russ Courtnall 16. Mark Recchi 17. Doug Gilmour 18. Cliff Ronning ------------------- FAKE FIRST ROUNDERS (avoid these traps!!) Sergei Fedorov Luc Robitaille Brett Hull Joe Sakic Brian Bradley Tomas Sandstrom Peter Bondra
  3. For what it's worth, I am still one of the best players in SNES (where there is no lag and I used controller)
  4. I can use both. I don't play anymore so maybe I shouldn't be on the list.
  5. I lost it but it was not from center ice. Where the faceoff is has an impact on the percentages because people win their faceoffs differently based on where the faceoff is. I won 72% of the faceoffs that game and I finished #1 in faceoff percentage for the playoffs.
  6. If you watch game 5 of the Spring 13 GENS A Finals, with 29 seconds left you can see that I intentionally have Yzerman on the RW so I could win the faceoff to him and score to tie the game There is no way to verify this, but I knew I would win the faceoff
  7. Some of the high-level coaches have played with Detroit: Freydey, Zalex, Raph, Seth, Flasox. They all lost with Detroit. I also didn't use Coffey or Fedorov when I won with Detroit. Would it have helped? Sure. But, at the time I was still a noob and had almost zero knowledge of the players. I didn't know Coffey was fast, and I didn't know what Fedorov's stats were.
  8. There has to be a reason people can't win with Detroit. It definitely is not a coincidence. If guys like flasox can win classic with Chicago, then surely Detroit should have more than one victory.
  9. I now believe the idea that DET is the best in the game is false. They have the best players, but the advantages I think take away from it. They are hampered by weak advantages. Nobody can win with Detroit (but me) in GENS A, how could that be? I do not think it is a coincidence.
  10. The community is opposed to structure. The leagues are literally designed for slackers and slacking. The community in general is more about relationships and reputation than it is about playing in the leagues and making sure they are run smoothly. I think the favourite members of the admins in the past were slackers, so they never wanted to enforce any rules to kick out their favourite "buds". In order to justify the non-punishment of the "buds", the rules were constantly altered to try and fit the needs of the slacking "bud". It eventually became the norm, and I think this is why 99% of leagues are drawn-out with poor structure. Look how has a checkpoint tracker and a forfeit section in the all-time standings too. I've been a member for nearly six years and not once were those used. Somewhere down the line, the rules and structure were changed. Why else would the code exist?
  11. I still do not understand why there is such a negative reaction to punishing slackers. There has to be a system to punish guys who do not want to follow the rules. Charge them $100 to play or something. I got scolded in my last thread for kicking out CBK and chefstar, but what do they do? They do not play their games, yet they are invited back. All they are doing is removing players from the draft pool that other players would have loved to draft. There are no positives in having players like CBK and chefstar in your leagues. I see slackers as debt. You can have 20 coaches sign up, but if 5 are slackers, your league is really only worth 15 coaches. These slackers have interest rates too. You can see how keeping them around for too long will decrease the amount of good coaches.
  12. Funny thing is.... Mav didn't finish his season, and Darko almost never finishes his games. So maybe it is easy for CoachMac to comment when he's not in the league. Unlike you, he doesn't have an extreme bias towards the league.
  13. GDL was not always 24 coaches.
  14. NOW we are in the final four. The deadline will be Monday the 27th at 11:59PM EST!! (1) KingRaph vs (4) Uncle Seth (2) Depch vs (3) Plabax
  15. The final four are left. The deadline will be Monday the 27th at 11:59PM EST!! I accidentally chose the wrong rounds for the series.. so we will need to fix that. Ignore the empty series created in the first two rounds. If you guys do play, make sure you upload your games to the round 3 series that has been created. Depch and zeppelin are left to play. The deadline will be Wednesday the 22nd at 11:59PM EST!! EDIT: I could have sworn that I read that Depch had beaten Zeppelin. My bad.
  16. It's true. Humans are not monogamous. Think of this: most people get married around 30 and die in their 80s (here in North America). That means most should be married for 50 years or so. However, the average marriage lasts for 8 years. Marriages last ~20% as long as they should, and the ones that DO last are usually because of kids or fear of losing assets in divorce. People have about 3-5 partners before marrying. That is because people are attracted to many. You are probably attracted to thousands of women. Do you think there is some special power that will just turn that off once you get married? Not a chance. Love is not eternal. It wears off.
  17. I will never get married. Human beings are not meant to be with just one person only.
  18. You are correct. I would not act like I do on the forums at a live event. This is the internet. Am I similar in real life? Nope. I'm a nicer and more laid-back person than most. On a side note, I was banned for something I never did. The moderators were afraid to hear my backlash if they told me I was right and they were wrong, so they have let my new account go. Penalties and non-static do not add great variety to the game. It just adds unnecessary luck. I believe that no penalties and static ratings are objectively better. I do not even know why I bothered to respond to Icestorm's whining about my deadline. He left for 30% of the season, and probably decided to slack once he got back believing I wouldn't kick him out. I also gave him an extra strike to work with to compensate. Not only that, but his wife controls his play time, so I think he was venting his frustration with that situation on me to ease the feeling. What is up the community's obsession with me losing and rage quitting? Don't be mad that I always win. Appreciate it.
  19. Playoffs for Plablegs has been going on for two weeks? Not a chance. If you think seven days is equal to two weeks, maybe that's why you didn't understand why I was ranting so much in your chat. Brutus, a week is seven days. Now you won't be confused next time you need to use that term. -------------------------------------------------------------- Being an "A" or a "B" player has absolutely nothing to do with Plablegs. Plablegs is for both A and B players. I advocated for an "A" player to be in the Classic "A" league. Suggesting that people who are not "A" level players not be in the "A" league is not elitist. Houly also had played MANY leagues without many issues, which is why we asked in the first place. He was a solid "A" player who didn't slack and should (in the opinion of many) been unbanned. How does this relate to elitist attitude in anyway? You have TWO job candidates competing for one position: one is qualified, the other is not... It's elitist to suggest that the one who is qualified should get the job? Not really. And guess what, smozoma denied ME access to play in Blitz "A" because he didn't think I was an "A" player at the time. Instead he gave someone TWO teams. Raph or Hali skipped ME for dcicon when promoting the "B" coaches to "A" via. replacement in the 2012 Fall Classic. Oh well, it's not elitist. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So, where is the elite mentality in Tecmo? Care to answer why they don't have 10 coaches playing? My mentality is the exact same mentality as many Tecmo members, and they have less turnover than we do. The answer IS because they have strict deadlines that the players respect. They take it serious. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Yes, we advocate for players to be banned. But in the long run it will work. The idea behind it is that, if you let the guys know that you are serious, they will eventually stop the slacking. Slacking is there mainly because many coaches don't feel the league is serious. Yes, I booted three guys, but now the chances of them slacking again is much lower than it was before. Eventually, you will end up removing 99.9% of the slacking once everyone knows slacking really won't be tolerated. Not only that, but you will raise your interest level. Slacking is a huge turnoff for many, and it's linked to the lack of interest we see. Poor league structures that are not taken seriously and encourage slacking = lack of interest. See ba55ist and dozens of others who have left. It's a sacrifice that has to be made. It's like prison. You put those who have broken the law in jail, and hopefully when they get out they won't break the law again. Or it's like trying to potty train a dog. If you reward the dog for shitting and pissing in your house, then it's going to keep shitting and pissing in your house. But if you let the dog know that it HAS to go outside to do whatever, then it will begin to do whatever it takes to not s**t or piss in your house. I had a teacher who would give an extension every time you told him your assignment was incomplete. It got to the point where we were able to push him to the final day of classes. Had he given us a 0 the first time, we wouldn't have tried to push him a second time. It's the same concept here.
  20. Thursday 11:59PM EST is the deadline!! If you are responsible for not getting your games in then.... BOOT!
  21. Nobody listened to hokkee. That is the main reason those type of leagues weren't around. I didn't buy in to what hokkee had to say, and I didn't care about slacking. Are you not understanding the thread?? lol. What does me creating a site in the past have to do with anything? I wasn't even around when the slacking problems were becoming an issue. Go back as far as 2005, and you can see major slacking. The POINT is, everyone brushed hokkee aside whenever he spoke, but had we listened, we would have more ACTIVE players. Had the leagues been strict and well-structured from the start, we could easily be at GDL 35 and we would definitely have 24 coaches that could play 100% GP. Again, you fail to understand WHY guys aren't around to play GDL anymore. It's mainly because there is not a high enough interest level. There is no interest level because the leagues were poorly run. It's not because of time. Like I already said, Tecmo leagues have MORE coaches, LESS replacements, and HIGHER game percentage completion. If time were an issue, then they would be suffering the same problems. However, they are NOT, so that cannot be the reason. The demographics of the communities are nearly identical. What sense would it make for every single person with a lack of time to be from the NHL'94 community? How could it be that we can't get a league with 100% GP in five years, whereas Tecmo can produce 4-8 every year? I guess the guys at Tecmo have all the time in the world. You are completely missing the point: I had to kick 3 of 16 to make a sacrifice. And it's not like I'm not kicking them from the community. Just because I kicked Icestorm, it doesn't mean that he can never play again. What it's supposed to mean is that he hopefully won't slack and miss his games anymore. If you keep kicking people out for breaking the rules and show that you're strict, people will stop slacking. why you had to replace so many coaches in GDL is because so many players didn't take the league seriously, so they didn't bother to play. When guys text you saying they have no time, you are misinterpreting what they have to say. What they mean is that the league isn't worth their time. If the league were good enough, they would MAKE the time.
  22. The lack of player base is because of poor league structure. Check this out: I looked at Tecmo, a community that gets a much higher percentage of their games played, and tried to tell you guys WHY that is. It's because of how the league is run. There is no other reason. In ONE year, Tecmo can produce quadruple to 8x the leagues with 100% GP with LESS turnover and MORE coaches playing than we do in FIVE years. When I first came to the NHL '94 community, we were on GDL 9 and Blitz 06, and they were on season 22. Now they are on season 39, and we finished season 16 of GDL, and 11 of Blitz. We went through Blitz 07-11, GDL 09-16 without 100% GP ONCE. These guys get 100% GP like it's nothing. Now what is more likely to cause a lack of interest: Waiting 71 weeks for season to end, uncompleted finals (2010 classic is STILL in finals, lol!), delayed playoffs (2012 Classic finished August 30th), no checkpoints, seeing nobody online, everyone slacking on purpose, etc. OR A league that's fast-paced, has CLEAR and STRICT rules, gets 100% GP ALL the time, and gives incentive to play. Like I said, I FORGOT that I was even in classic when I was a noob. Not once, but twice this happened to me. And similar things happened to dozens of noobs over their time here, and even within the same leagues I played in. Multiple guys would just vanish during the season. Make your pick. ----------------------------- Had we listened to hokkee's suggestions, we would definitely have more people (and interest) at this point. We could have easily been like Tecmo and been on GDL 39 and Blitz 36 or at least GDL 35 and Blitz 30 or whatever with a healthy 24 coaches in each. It's not a poor opinion. ----------------------------------- Those guys that left because of me, left primarily because there was nothing else to look forward to. Why would kupuck and xdbx stay to play in a league with 25% GP completion and 14 weeks of slacking? The FUN of the community was not high enough to justify staying. Had the leagues been structured well, those guys would have stayed and just blocked me.
  23. 1. We are all speaking from experience in one way or another. 2. Nobody being around is correlated with league structure. Nobody was around because there was no incentive to play. You are suggesting that better league structure would lead to the same problem? I don't think so. My league GP rate was very high, and at Tecmo they get 100% consistently using the same structure. 3. Hokkee didn't really hate me, nor was his biggest b***h me abusing the game. We ALL know hokkee is infamous for his slacking rants. Saying that he hated my pass shot more is funny. I don't see how you can call me a liar after that one. As for preventing new players from competing, he did rant about that when Raph was playing in most of the classic leagues, and that issue was addressed and handled very well by Raph and Halifax. 4. Your efforts qualify as "making a league", whereas mine counts as "bitching"? Not really. We both made leagues. The name of your league is even modeled after mine! I could have had 20+ people in my league too, I just decided not to. One could argue that you didn't have to change the structure. 5. What is the difference between no coach and a coach that doesn't play? -------- I didn't lie anywhere, and I'm not so sure Uncle Seth did either. You said I didn't list any of hokkee's constructive criticisms so it held no credibility, but where is your list of our lies? I don't see it. Nobody is getting mad but brutus and CoachMac, and I don't see why. Seth, Depch, Raph, smozoma, jackandjose and myself have all been able to contribute without making a fuss.
  24. Also, many newcomers joined and left because the structure of not just the leagues, but the community (or the websites) were poor in general. I'm sure a lot of noobs were wondering why they were wasting their time in the classic league. For instance, I remember losing interest in my first two classic seasons because the league was very unorganized. During my first two seasons, I forgot I actually was in the league. That's how little care there was. Each time I would go on, nobody would be around to play, the website didn't have any rules, the checkpoints weren't followed, etc. I know I can't be the ONLY one in this boat, there are easily over 50 people who left due to the same thing. In my final season of GENS-C, the #1 seed (who was even as good as me) never showed up for the playoffs. He simply forgot about the league because he probably felt it was a joke. Either that, or he died/suffered a serious injury, which I don't believe is the case because his act wasn't uncommon. The guys I would talk and play with in GENS C (outside of Mike Alonzi) never came back. My AIM list is littered with HUNDREDS of noobs who were in the community for fewer than a season. Take a look at your AIM list, and ask yourselves how many people you can actually remember. I recruited around 15-20 people to the site, ALL are gone. All left mid-season, never felt the league was serious. The only one to stay for multiple years was methodm3n, and he never really even played much. Halifax, the admin of the forum and commissioner of the Classic League, can't even play 40% of his games. 19GP in classic, little games the season before that, 0GP in SDL.. There is a connection.
  25. Putting "retired" or "lost interest" without any reason is not really fair. Each person has a reason for retiring or losing interest, the list above assumes there is absolutely nothing that factors into people retiring or losing interest, as if they just randomly decide to not play anymore or randomly lose all interest. For example, ba55ist would technically fit under the "retired" or "lost interest" category, but he retired/lost interest because of poor league structure.