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  1. Well said. I just wanted to hear people's honest thoughts. Waste of time or not, I'm curious to hear what people really think.
  2. You guys are seriously acting like you don't know what hokkee had to say? I can understand aqualizard; he wasn't around. Hokkee was the biggest advocate for kicking out slackers, shortening seasons and having less coaches to improve the flow of the seasons and keep the interest up. He also was a fan of real checkpoints. You guys know this and I'm not even sure why I just typed this. How I think he's right.... well, it's not rocket science. The slackers were never punished, the seasons were always too long and they had too many coaches. There was no flow in them because they were too long, and as a result the interest levels diminished.
  3. Hokkee offered many constructive criticisms. Your memory serves you very wrong.
  4. I want your honest thoughts on how you think the community would look today had we taken hokkee's advice. I personally think we would be better off. Hokkee always had great suggestions, but he was always ridiculed, even by the moderators. When I look back it at, everything he said turned out to be true.
  5. You guys should have confidence in your game. You won't win if you think you are going to lose.
  6. The B guys should win. It's not about the A players being good, it's about the B players being good enough. It's a fun little challenge, but I really don't see the A guys winning a lot of games. A good portion of the success of the A players comes from being able to successfully exploit the attributes of the top players and not through true fundamentals. I could be wrong, but I just don't see someone like myself being able to win.
  7. Klima is bugged at 3/2 awareness. 3/2 and 2/3 actually act similar to 5/3 and 3/5. More awareness = better pass reception. I'm not sure if this is total awareness or offensive, but at least one of them is the main factor in pass reception. I also believe the higher the defensive awareness, the easier it is to knock the puck off of your opponent's stick just by putting their stick blade against it (without pressing any buttons). This I'm not 100% sure of, but there was something (I can't remember) that made me think it's the case.
  8. Who are the other four guys? They're listed as if they are well-known community members.
  9. Icestorm would have gotten his games in but he left for too many days. Same thing happened to CBK. Maybe you can do that in Classic (see mr. Bud of the Year, AJ) and walk all over the league and the wishes of the commissioner, but not here
  10. Nothing suggests that I'm not strict. It's clearly implied that anyone who delays the playoffs will be kicked out. How does that come off as letting up? You fail to understand that with the exception of the finals, delayed playoffs are 100% correlated with having no quick deadlines. You don't know how long it will take for me to impose the deadline. Why not trust me with the trigger? If you guys plan to play seconds before the deadline, don't worry. I'll give a heads up. Otherwise, it shouldn't matter.
  11. AJ was refusing to play me. I would boot someone like that without a doubt. When I become annoyed, I will post a date, and whoever is responsible for the series not getting played will get a boot.
  12. Unfortunately, you went on vacation for a week. You were unable to play all your games because you decided to go out of town.
  13. The idea behind it is that no matter how long you make the season length, people are still going to tinker around the deadlines. So I took an estimate on the shortest amount of time possible for 100% completion. It's not a "rush", it's an attempt to minimize the period in which many coaches purposely avoid playing. Had the season been two or three months, I believe there is a good chance the season looks the exact same. When Icestorm ran his GDL seasons, they were 70% longer than the Plabax League but 35% of the coaches didn't hit 90% of their games. Playoffs can go smoothly without deadlines but sometimes there are a few guys who cause a huge delay. Those are the guys that will most likely bother me if I sense a delay coming, and those are the guys I will have no problem forfeiting. And as aqualizard stated, all coaches who decided to not play their season games on time have already been removed.
  14. 1. kingraph vs. lowest wild card seed 2. Depch vs. second lowest wild card seed 3. Plabax vs. 6. HABS 4. Uncle Seth vs. 5. brutus ---------------------------------------- 7. zeppelin55 vs. 10 jackandjose 8. TexasPachyderm vs. 9 Lupz27 There is no hard deadline for playoff rounds, but if I become bothered I will make one. There won't be a playoff ROM as the one we used during the regular season has 99min OT. Also, we will reseed.
  15. It's Kaillera, not anyone's internet. Nobody lags on SNES, and nobody lags on Kega Fusion. I'm sure nobody in the community has slow internet either. It's 2017. There just isn't a way for everyone to play lagless GENS.
  16. If you can't even take out Freydey you have no business taking me out easily.. he's a clear step below me.
  17. You must have been dreaming! Did you beat me as easy as you beat Freydey in your dreams?
  18. The deadline for assigning my penalties was midnight, so no I was not 48 hours late, in fact, I was technically early. You know you love me. You are constantly reading my threads, PMing me asking to join my league, PMing me asking me how to enable B checks with no penalties for you, etc. I hope you will be there to congratulate me on my league title!
  19. It's like Tyson Gay, the guy who beat Usain Bolt in a race ONCE in his life (while on steroids) saying that he's a better runner than Usain Bolt even after the 2016 Olympics where he didn't qualify for the finals because Usain Bolt didn't beat him in the 100m final. What a joke. I am the current GDL champion. Just listen and hear me out: It makes no sense for Raph to lose to FPB in GDL. The reason he lost to FPB is because he couldn't destroy him with the CB and he couldn't stop JR. Even though Raph was better, he got smoked because he couldn't outcheese FPB. I think Raph cheesed me in GDL 14 the same way FPB cheesed him. Raph says he improved, but two of his best three GDL seasons were GDL 09 and GDL 10, so how has he "improved" if he has done worse in recent seasons? The answer is because it's not about true skill when Raph plays, it's about gimmicks and who can be the cheaper player. I'm saying that, since none of the cheese is present in Blitz, the results are a better indicator of skill. Raph would beat FPB in Blitz, but I do not think he would beat me. It's a very fair argument to make. Me saying Raph is not as good as his GDL14 results suggests is not bashing. It's the truth. It's the same case for AJ in GDL16 too, his results were clearly inflated with his cheesy CB check strategy.
  20. They will be deleted / not counted. It should also be 26 games!
  21. CHECKPOINT 4 - JANUARY 30TH, 2017 Missed Chefstar - 2 - BOOT Icestorm - 2 - BOOT --------------------------------------------------------------------------- The next checkpoint is February 5th, 2017, and all 26 games are required. You won't make the playoffs otherwise!
  22. I already said I was a bigtime CB checker. I used the CB check to my advantage when I swept you 4-0 too, but I have still given beatdowns and I still won 5 titles without it. CB check or not, my stats don't fluctuate like Raph's do. Raph would know that I don't CB check ANYMORE if: he actually read the posts in the thread and if he could make it past round 2 to play against me.
  23. No, he gets rolled over in GDL after the improvement. He claims he improved, but he got knocked out in round 2 after. If he improved as a player, why did he lose in round 2 afterwards in 5 games?