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  1. Cool. Will check this one out. Haven't looked at the NHL15 player attributes (nor played it), but hopefully you used some consideration in case there's a ton of players with shot power and speed settings with 90+ values
  2. Unfortunately I didn't find them there included no.
  3. Anybody happen to have a roster update file titled as "95rost.zip" at their archives / old hard drives? It's a roster update we created in the 90's (1998 we believe) alongside our rink & game graphics updates titled "95rink.zip", "95adds.zip", "95jersey.zip". The rink gfx update we still have around along with the graphic add ons, but the "95rost.zip" update we haven't seen for years, but would really like to get ahold of it. Those rosters were made with similar passion and detail for the game as the "95rink.zip" update, and as you know, quality NHL95 rosters are really a rare treat. S
  4. Been using the PPJoy method with Windows 7, now with Windows 10 it lacks the mouse emulator (original PPJoy doesn't install on Windows 10). As an alternative for that, followed your D-fend instructions here. But when trying to use the dosbox mapper to get two keyboards working and despite being able to map the keys in the mapper view, it doesn't still recognize the keys mapped as Joystick in the NHL95 calibration screen...what is needed to get it enabled and working?
  5. jaff

    NHL 95 , XP HOW TO

    Installed on Windows 10 like a charm via Dosbox.
  6. Swell job, keep it up. Nhl95.info project is btw still on it's way, maybe during this year...maybe =)
  7. jaff

    NHL 95 , XP HOW TO

    Worked like a charm for Windows 7 as well. EDIT: only what seems to be fucked up is the colors when you start the game, but once you visit an exhibition game the colors are reset and look correct after that all the way. This might be though an individual graphics card problem or something.
  8. Yo, people have been asking how to run NHL96 on XP as well, the steps are exactly the same as with NHL95, but with a one line difference, the cd needs to be mounted with the line: mount d f:\ -t cdrom -usecd 0 -ioctl At least this was the only difference I needed to make it work. I have also managed to install NHL95 for Windows7, so I would believe there would be no difference to make it work for NHL96 on Windows 7 as well. Here we go: FIRST RUN: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- IN XP: -download and install dosbox -m
  9. Keep up the good work Koppe and Triumph. Your work is greatly appreciated.
  10. I think this sounds pretty good Not sure about the faster players part though. But what comes to defensemen, this is pretty much the direction to go. What I might still add to the defensemen part is that increasing their shot power (especially the goal scorer defensemen) might have a nice add to the game as well increasing a bit the chance that maybe two or three shots per season might go in from the blue line as well I haven't had a chance to try out these rosters yet, likely will happen sometime after Dec the 1st. Anyway, the most important thing is that here are people willing to create
  11. This seems like a great package. Thank you very much. Too bad I didn't realise to save the old rosters and everything when I still had my Jaff's EA NHL Page around. It would have been cool if you had included the original text files to the roster packages as well, indicating who has been the author creating the updates. Would have been nice to know beforehand which of the roster updates would have been created by us. But I hope we recognize them when we start using them, if some of them happen to be ours At least Our nhl95adds graphic package seemed to be included Thank you for great archi
  12. I certainly was not disappointed with NHL96. I certainly have been disappointed by all the other NHL games other than 95 & 96. NHL96 has been commonly pointed as one of the worst of Ea's NHL series games. This is certainly not the case, its just that you can't play it At first NHL96, especially after NHL95, did seem like it sucked. You really couldn't control the players the way how you could in NHL95. BUT, it takes a bit time to master the control of the players in NHL96. But once you do master it, this game is almost comparable to NHL95 in its playability. It also has easily more ways
  13. jaff


    Because Pc is the way to go To the original question on how to get it work with XP, I haven't not tried it yet myself, but I see no reason why NHL96 wouldn't work with Dosbox emulation. Try to follow the step by step details written by Ouzo at: http://nhl94.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=3025 To get updated teams from the 90's to NHL96, the graphic add-ons made by me back in the day can be downloaded here: http://www.jlunnas.com/nhl95/96graphs.zip