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  1. I would like to change my team from Chicago to Boston in B division if possible chaos and Raph.
  2. Reichel is a good centre as well for Calgary
  3. After some exis can I move Lidstrom to Ld? Chicago BlackHawks G1: Soderstrum LD: (5) Nicholas Lidstrom RD: (4)Curtis Leschyshyn LW: (7) Cliff Ronning C: (16) Brett Hull RW: (17) Joe Murphy X: (26) Gary Leeman 3rd D: (6) Greg Hawgood Duplicates: (4) Curtis Leschyshyn (change duplicate 7 to 4) (6) Greg Hawgood (change duplicate 20 number to 6)
  4. Chicago BlackHawks G1: Soderstrum LD: (4)Curtis Leschyshyn RD: (5) Nicholas Lidstrom LW: (7) Cliff Ronning C: (16) Brett Hull RW: (17) Joe Murphy X: (26) Gary Leeman 3rd D: (6) Greg Hawgood Duplicates: (4) Curtis Leschyshyn (change duplicate 7 to 4) (6) Greg Hawgood (change duplicate 20 number to 6)
  5. Please drop Bernie Nichols for Zdeno Ciger . For Mr. TEX
  6. This is amazing stuff. So lower players on expansion teams will get a better bonus usually if their off- def awareness are low.
  7. I would like to sign up with Chicago please. Mr T EX
  8. Hey Latormenta, the 1v1 and 2v2 roms are great for developing skills. There is even a goalie rom 5 versus 0 or 1 on the forum to work on goalie control. I like the 3 on 3 rom to work on Moving AI in the game.
  9. Great analysis Raph. Thank you for sharing.
  10. I’m in this league sounds amazing. Mr. T ex
  11. Chicago Blackhawks LW C. RONNING C. D. CICCARELLI RW D. HAWERCHUK LD. T. GILL RD. S. STEVENS GK. F. POTVIN Forward sub 1: Kozlov Forward sub 2: Kennedy Defence sub 1: Musil Defence sub 2: Wilkinson
  12. I’d be interested if you are still accepting
  13. That’s a really cool idea. Would be good to add depth and players to our existing lineups
  14. I Tried a test analysis of the La kings, giving the players first 0 defensive awareness (0-25) and in the second game 6 defensive awareness (99) overall. I saw a significant difference in the ability to intercept and B check the puck off the offensive teams sticks with 99 defensive awareness. I also found the defensive players retreated faster in transition as in the first picture below. I also did the same for the offensive team. I found that 99 offensive awareness the players spaced out better on the ice for one timers. And that they scored more throw the puck to the net goals.
  15. Mr. T

    ETB F/D Trades

    I am posting a trade of: drop Bob Errey pick up Valcislav Fetisov
  16. Montreal Canadiens Sc1- Damphousse- Savard - Bellows D1 - Brisbrois LD - Desjardins RD Sc2- Keane- Lebeau - Muller D2 - J.J Dainault LD - Schneider RD Sc3- Leclair - leeman -Carboneau D3 - Lyle Odelein LD- Rob Ramage RD Pp1- Damphousse - Savard - Bellows Brisbrois - Desjardins Pp2- Leeman - Lebeau - Muller J.J Dainault - Schneider Pk1- Keane - Savard Brisbrois - Desjardins Pk2- Carboneau - Lebeau J.J Dandenault - Schneider Patrick Roy
  17. Line 1: LW: Thomas C: Turgeon RW: Ferraro LD: Kasperitis RD: Norton Line 2: LW: Mullen C: Hogue RW: Flately LD: Malakhov RD: Lachance Line 3: LW: McInnis C: King RW: Volek LD: Kurvers RD: Krupp 1st Goalie: Mark Fittspatrick 2nd Goalie: Glenn Healy
  18. Hello FIFA legends, thank you so much for the amazing work you're doing. I had no idea these audio files were so big, Is there a way to get around it, like take a sound and code for that sound to repeat until the desired song is made? some of the songs you have like ohohohohohoh, could you repeat that string to make a smaller code size in hex?
  19. This is an amazing piece of work thank you guys.
  20. Mr. T

    NOSE 1.2b download

    Thanks , I fixed it with an update.