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  1. I downloaded it, but its only has new players on it. No Bobby Orr for the Bruins or Bobby Clarke for the Flyers. And, some of the players couldn't pass when I played. I only played one game though the Bruins vs the Flyers. What's your idea on how this ROM will work? Thanks,
  2. The last 28 Stanley Cup champs ROM or even better, Greatest Teams ROMS. The best teams for each team, that way you would have all different players. 1977 Canadiens 1972 Bruins 1964 Maple Leafs 1981 Islanders 1985 Oilers etc. I could put together a list of the best teams ... I think that would be awesome! But, playing teams from different eras, can that even be achieved?
  3. Hello Slapshot, I am also new to this sight, but love your ROMS, could you please send me any new ROMS, thanks so much! My email is david@cataford.ca Thanks, David
  4. Are their any Dynasty ROMS out there? Something with a collection of all the Stanley Cup champions or something like that? Thanks, David
  5. Has anybody created a Dynasty league as of yet? I am new to this forum, but love the leagues that have been created!!!! They are awesome! David
  6. Oh my goodness this is INCREDIBLE, thanks so much! I fell in love with hockey in 1979, its amazing to be able to play the games with those amazing players!
  7. I love NHL 94, its the best game ever. But, I think it would be so much fun to play with some classic teams like the late 1970s Montreal Canadians, or the dynasty Islanders, or the Boston Bruins with Bobby Orr and the Flyers with Bobby Clarke ... I just think that would be really cool. Is there any way, or has anybody thought of a way to get some of these classic teams on NHL 94? Thanks, David
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