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  1. First off, being new to the forum (but not the game itself), I'd like to say that this forum has enhanced immeasurably my enjoyment of NHL '94, and this is one of my favorite places on the Internet. Well done, folks. Having recently started using Winnipeg, I wanted to share a couple of observations. Housley is, I think, more of a liability than an asset. Sure, he's fast and can keep up with Selanne, but man, he is *always* out of position, which is a huge pitfall when playing fast teams (Dallas, Vancouver) that can really generate and capitalize on breakaways. On top of that, to describe his shot as mediocre would be generous. Bautin, I've found, stays in his zone and protects the goal quite well. With he and Numminen in the back, I can bench Borsato and bring in Zhamnov, whom I have found to be a fine counterpart to Selanne. Sure, Selanne is a bit too fast for him to always keep up with, but he is still able to contribute in terms of setting up some one-timers and, yes, shooting. His shot is average, but not garbage, and most teams seem to not pay so much attention to him; as a result, he usually winds up with a goal or two for me. I drag Housley out when I'm behind, desperate, and want a lot of offensive options, but that usually means bringing Borsato on to shore up the defense, and he offers little beyond not being fat.