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  1. Finally. The ever popular FHL Series comes to NHL 95! This year I have added a mess of new teams. Teams will include: From last years game: Bangs Dragons Brownwood Lions Cisco Loboes Eastland Mavericks Howard Payne Yellow Jackets Hardin Simmons Cowboys McMurry Indians Michigan Wolverines Michigan State Spartans New Additions: Crosslines Warriors Garrison Bulldogs Killeen-Ellison Screaming Eagles (Will appear as Ellison Eagles) Killeen Kangaroos Guest Appearences By: Florida Panthers Minnesota Wild Nashville Predators Philadelphia Flyers Pittsburgh Penguins San Jose Sharks
  2. Like..I tried to change Brass Bonanza to a goal only tune. Song never played. Then I try giving Today is Your Birthday (CAL and LAK) to Dallas. It didn't play. I'm using Hex Workshop and XVI32 for this.
  3. Whats your messenger id? I need some help with ditties for nhl94.

  4. Can you get on aim? I need hep with changing the music of nhl 94

  5. Sorry for the double post, but i tried this and the only thing that would change was the horns. What am I doing wrong?
  6. Why is it that i cant even get the game to start after i change something? I changed the goal horn to the end of period one and MTL's music to play in DAL.
  7. I'm considering starting an online NHL10 league for 360 users. Only NHL teams would be allowed, and Dallas of course, would be mine. Would there be any interest in this?
  8. I got an issue. I took out a few teams, yet when I open in NOSE, the removed teams are still there
  9. Simply put, no. I tried removing the goalie with nose and it didnt work. Game crashes before the first faceoff. Edit: Wait, I'll try it
  10. HE was Macho King in WWF, trust me. I've watched WWF since I was six and remember that as a heel (villain) he was Macho King.
  11. This may be a fluke, but its so damn easy to win the Cup as Hartford. I've done it five times. I've even won once as TB and once as SJ. As TB, I swept DET and as SJ, I somehow swept MTL. AS HFD, I beat my namesake team , yet DAL somehow sucks? Wtf?
  12. Nor many know this, but LONG before he was "Macho Man", he was indeed "Macho King", when he had "Scary Queen" Sherri Martel as his manager.
  13. Controls are much like that of any WWF game on SNES or Arcade. Button mashing.
  14. OT: This makes me wanna edit Royal Rumble. However, I have had NO luck finding graphics. I'd be willing to give it another go
  15. Is it too late to enter? IF not, give me my fave, Bret Hart
  16. Guys, I decided to do an FHL hack for NHL 96 so I started looking for graphics, and I found all the team banners and two logos. Hartford's and Dallas's. I got DAL's to lineup perfectly but HFD's is confusing. I'll update you guys on my progress. Edit: Found STL's logo as well as what looks to be SJ's and OTT's. I'm hunting down ANA's but no luck so far
  17. I'm looking for the Howard Payne logo that was put into my fantasy rom, who took the place of Hartford. Anyway, I'd appreciate it if someone could direct me to the hex offset to the HFD logo. Thanks!
  18. Not exactly. I had the game and it was released as "NHL 2002", but it played EXACTLY like '94.
  19. So basically, if we had a new arena in HFD at the time, we'd still have the Whales?
  20. No, I meant CGY. Lol, I actually moved Calgary to Quebec City in NHL 08 after going 0-2-0-2. I used NHL View to do it . Back on topic though, I still don't get why HFD moved to Carolina. Seemed like that even though they were horrible as the Whales, they filled up arenas on a normal basis.
  21. Sorry for the double post but I may have found a logo. I found first down markers, scoreboard items and what I think is a Jets logo. I'm needing Oilers logo though
  22. I'm working on Madden 95. But it seems all I can find right now in TLP are the playbook graphics. I'm looking for the team logos.
  23. Here are the different versions: 3 v 3 (No goalies, no defense. Forwards only) Handicap (2 v 3, 1 v 3, 4 v 5) (Coming soon) I was inspired to do this after seeing the different things that could be done with Nose.
  24. Maybe not for PHX, but what about other small market teams, such as FLA or SJ, or maybe CGY or ANH?