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  1. My last four games are with Calgary. I am around after 5pm PST monday-friday and earlier on in the day during weekends. McMarkis, let me know your availability so we can get them played.
  2. I'll be around tonight and between 8-10 pm EST tomorrow night. I'll be busy Thursday through the weekend, but I can be on anytime Saturday before 6pm EST.
  3. I'll take Chicago for my team in the B-1 League.
  4. I played test games with kingraph last night and learned you can get a pretty cheap wire on amazon (have one coming for the start of the season). Game 1 was choppy when because both of us were playing on wifi. kingraph told me that it was best to be connected by wire to have smooth game play. Before game 2 kingraph discovered he also had his wifi on during game 1, so he plugged in and Game 2 was much smoother. Thanks Kingraph for the test games, looking forward to the season!
  5. Holy crap! I'm definitely going to want one of these. Thanks for all your help kingraph!
  6. Thank you kingraph! Have everything downloaded and played some games against the CPU. So weird playing with a keyboard, going to need to rust off before I download AIM to play online.
  7. Hey everyone! So awesome this website exists, I loved playing NHL94 and NHLPA93 when I was younger. Going to have to figure out how to download these emulators and roms so I can get in on some action. This online playing community looks like its booming for an 20 year old hockey title, awesome to come across this site and to see all the active leagues. Can't wait to get this all set-up and to see how I measure up.
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