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  1. Thanks guys! You never fail to deliver on your awesome roms and they are a pleasure to play and enjoy! =)
  2. Thank you for the new season ROM Naples. Going to load it up and cross reference teams in order to get myself a few Flyers cups! (Because otherwise I won't see one lol).
  3. Yeah buddy! Christmas in October! Thanks so much guys, it should be a pleasure as always to play!
  4. Aw snap going have to hurry and get Jagr on the Flames now!
  5. -Patiently drums my fingers on the desk, waiting for the thread revealing the new 2018 edition of NHL94-
  6. Great works as always! Should be a fun holdover until the new season is upon us!
  7. Yes! Like a Christmas present in March! Can't wait to play it! Thanks Skip!
  8. Looks good! Solid orange in the old Spectrum, I like that! Sure beats seeing the same outfits on every crowd around the league lol! Can't wait to play it!
  9. This is great stuff Naples! I like the concept of dividing the decade in half, pre-lockout and then post lockout up to 2010. Nice work!
  10. I can't speak for anyone else, but I've never used my phone as a emulator for games, due to storage and battery life draining faster than a game on a 1-0 lockdown lol. I use my laptop and never have problems with handling, since then it comes down to you setting the functions of the emulator and the control pad, assuming you use that and not the keyboard for game functions.
  11. You know now I'm wondering, is there a link to 16v7? I got 16.8 but I'm interested to see what the differences were between the two.
  12. Just wanted to say I really like the work. Women's hockey is just as good as men's hockey can be, so someone making a series of games based off of this is an awesome thing to see and play!
  13. Just wanted to say thanks for the awesome work Skip! I grew up as a Nintendo/SNES kid but playing the new edits of NHL94 on the Genesis that you crank out are a blast too! The only way I can get the Flyers to win the cup lol!
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