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  1. @The Sauce, thanks for the rundown on the differences between Naples and Skip’s version of 2018. Super helpful. And I agree - their work is amazing. Can’t wait to see what they do for 2019.
  2. Thanks @clockwise. Am definitely hoping to stick around. Right now we’re just playing with an Analogue Mega Sg and an Everdrive, so no online gaming yet. The next step will be running an emulator (Kega Fusion?) on the Raspberry Pi that we just ordered so that we can play NHL94-2018 online. I figure it will be a another month before that comes together. Am having a tough time beating my brother when he uses Nashville against my Blackhawks. My players are getting over powered. So I think I’m going to insist on playing with penalties.
  3. Was a ton of fun playing the game again with my brother tonight. It’s been about 20 years?!! We were pretty rusty but got better fast. My little nephew had a blast. He got to play with his uncle and daddy. He also got better as the night progressed and started to score. I gave my nephew Boston since he likes super villains. My brother chose McJesus and his Oilers. A couple thoughts from playing NHL94 again: • the game was far more pixelated than I remembered (it was a huge TV, though). But I got fairly used to it • for whatever reason, I found the Naples 201
  4. Hi folks! Great to join the community. Have wanted to get involved for a couple years now. But it wasn’t until this summer that the stars finally aligned. I’ve only ever played ‘94 (and only on the original console and cartridge). However, tomorrow I’ll be playing a ROM for the first time as me and my brother introduce the game to my 6 year old nephew. Have decided to take my nephew directly to the 2018 ROM so that he can get to know today’s league and pick his own modern day team. Can’t wait to play again; learn how NHL 94 has evolved these last 25 years; and get to kno
  5. I like #4. Would also get one of a 6-button controller if that was an option.
  6. It seems to me that these are inappropriate uses of the words queer, gay and fag. Am I missing something? Regarding the dump in, I like to use it from time to time to mix things up. And also with the hard pass around the boards as described above. I don’t mind defending it as I just play really aggressive with my goalie, which also leads to some ridiculous moments (eg dive to get the puck). But haven’t truly dealt with incessant dumping.
  7. Best workplace ever. I want to work where u work so I can play every day, too. Great job on the tribute tune. This should get played every time someone wins the Stanley Cup.
  8. I always thought the biggest benefit of the fake shot would be to deke a manually controlled goalie. (Either pressing a button for a fake wind up or a button to abort a real windup.) Never even considered implications for the AI goalie. Probably easiest if it has no effect rather than always tricking the auto goalie. So grateful & excited that folks have been exploring this.
  9. Would love to have drop passes and fake shots. Crossing my fingers that a mod genius figures it out.