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  1. Of course. I'll take the next flight!
  2. Thank you! No template, did it from scratch in a google "excel" sheet. Not to advanced, but the biggest problem was to fit all 31 teams on one page, and still being able to read the text
  3. Here's an overview of the top ranked teams and players in NHL 94 Rewind! In PNG or PDF format. / Limpan Rewind-team-rating-and-line-selector.pdf
  4. Hello Rewinders! Here's a first look at Rewind's complete player database, see attached file. It is only checked by me so I can not guarantee that everything is correct, if you find something wrong, feel free to tell me and I will change. The list is in its simplest form, with two tabs divided outfield players and goalies. Rating is 0-6 except for weight which is 0-15. 25 goalies had half values (on overall rating) (eg 84.5) and then it is rounded up to the nearest whole number. Speaking of goalies, it can be stated that the goalie level has risen significantly! In the o
  5. Didn't know Fogarty's story before you wrote. Tragic. Thanks for the tip about the nose editor!
  6. Several years later and this is still unclear? Or has any new facts emerged? Curious!
  7. Thanks for your answers. I will find it out the "hard" way. The reason I asked is because I was going to make a table to get a better overview! Put together a first draft for Pittsburgh last night :-) pos # first last hand weight agility speed off aw def aw shot p shot a pass a stick h endur aggr check Def 55 Larry Murphy
  8. Sorry but could anyone explain to me! If player rating is 29 in for example agility, is he then a "0" or a "1"? Same for 38, 47 and 80. Is this table correct?
  9. Hey! A new world was opened for me when I started reading this forum a few weeks ago. I had probably read somewhere that there was a weight bug, but didn't think much more about it and thought that Lemiuex was the best because he has 100 in rating. I have always played with Pittsburgh but now it is tempting to try Detroit or maybe some other "faster" and less "fat" team .. Building Lines with AJ is absolutely incredible, hat off for an amazingly detailed job @angryjay93. But me and my friends play an NHL 94 tournament once a year a