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  1. Hey guys, sorry for bumping an old thread but I need help. Ive managed to get the files extracted using tugzip or whatever. But I have a problem when I click the INSTALL.EXE "Error Opening source file [/HOCKEY.EXE] Aborting Installation I get that after I select the type of sound Im using, any way to fix this? Thanks in advance. Feel free to add my msn
  2. Hey guys, after reading all your informative/helpful post, I've finally got my game running. However, the sound and gameplay is very choppy. The game overall is very laggy. Can someone help me out and figure out how to fix this? I am trying the ctrl+f8 and ctrl+f12 but it just stays choppy, if not choppier! Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks alot guys!
  3. Guys I need help. Anythings appreciated. I have it all extracted, Dosbox open etc etc. What I do is mount c c:\nhl95 then mount c c:\hockey The Dosbox changes and I get an EASONS error or something? Guys help me out!!! I'd give you big ups. Thanks alot. If anyone who can help has msn add me at