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  1. Comets crashing into Jupiter, the OJ Simpson trial : (, Playstation launches : ), the war in Rwanda, Mandela becomes the President of South Africa, Tanya Harding has Nancy Kerrigan's knee assaulted, the NBA Finals (my poor Knicks!), Donkey Kong Country is released, the Baseball Strike, Kurt Cobain kills himself, Woodstock '94


  2. To everyone - I haven't checked on my rosters lately, but I'd like for everyone to know you can give me requests for trades for me to consider. (One more thing, tomorrow I am going over to my relatives for the day, but I will try to work with any offers before deadline)


  3. Confirmed

    I have agreed with both Lupz_27 and Labs_66 trade offers, but please bear in mind this is my first draft - I'm not familiar with 1.2 or 3.5 or any numbers followed by decimals, but I'll learn as I go along (I did a nice draft in a Fantasy Football league on NFL.com a few years ago, though). Anyway see you guys March 12th!


  4. I do like Kaillera, but yes I see how it can slow down. QuakeLive (or a game like Call of Duty 1, when I've installed a patch, of course) shows a list of servers after entering from the main menu (sorcery!). Right, the IP address I meant was a dynamic IP, thanks for the typo notification.

    One issue I have, what do you see when you go to, , or (I still go to my cable company's website)?


  5. I might join a Tecmo Bowl league soon (I've already joined the Tecmoworld.com forums), and I've played a few games (even with Discord), but I have never hosted. I'm having trouble logging on my cable company account to deal with the router stuff, so I just play non-league games.

    Also, for me, online playing by connect to servers for games like QuakeLive or World of Warcraft is like the easiest, Hamachi is like a second, and a direct IP connection is third, really.

    And for those who might want to know - if you do play directly through an IP connection, you might want to remember that your IP number is static, and you can reset it to a different number if you'd like for your next time playing by disconnecting your router's power cord for 30 seconds, then connect it back. You could even check through Command Prompt your IP settings and see the number for your IP changed.

    Hope this was a refreshing view about online connectivity, fellas.

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