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  1. hey guys, haven’t played in a while and looking for a test game to see if everything runs alright on the mac. Also having trouble logging into AIM and I can’t seem to sign up for a new account either. I’ll be available Sunday early afternoon if anyone wants a warm-up game
  2. usually on at night (9pm eastern and onwards) as im on the west coast
  3. big ups to da94wookie, congrats on the championship. hard fought series, his mtl boys took it to my squad. all in all, a great series
  4. ill give it a shot, hopefully it works. OB lmk when ur usually online
  5. big ups to the admin, such a well-run league. We simply wouldn't be able to play w/o your help and work
  6. Round 1 VAN vs BUF complete. game 1: buf @ van - 8-3 van game 2: buf @ van - 9-1 van game 3: van @ buf - 6-0 van game 4: van @ buf - 5-2 van good games with jaylighter, good dude too.
  7. sunday in the am, 11ish pacific time lets give that a shot
  8. Really did want to settle our differences over aim, but he left right away and yea I overreacted a bit. At any rate, I do apologize for the public bash. I don't consider myself a poor sport and im pretty certain that some of the others I've played would agree. Just wanna have fun out here, would like to minimize these situations.
  9. wow telling me to learn some sportsmanship...yea i ran the score up on you 11-0, 9-2 i started scoring one-timers and deked only if i had breakaways. but if u didnt try killing the clock so soon maybe i woulda realized that ur not as big a poor sport as i originally thought. nobody so far has been so bad as to score in their own net. suck it up, princess
  10. alright new league guy here, been wanting to play league for quite some time now. aim: oilfan87 email: nash-87@hotmail.com got the hamachi, looking to get confirmed. let's do this!
  11. Thanks for the response I'll check it out. My tile editing game is non-existent at the moment, gonna have to give it a go and see how it works. So far I've only managed to do small things with player names, ratings,etc. and edit color edit.
  12. Hey guys, So I've made a few edits to the sega cd game, nothing major as I'm a newb. I've been seeing the in-game font changed to look like nhl97's in a lot of the genesis edits. Can this be done for the Sega Cd version? Any help would be appreciated.
  13. also looking to have a game with anyone aim oilfan87.
  14. hey guys been here for a long time and just browsed around, but havent yet played anybody yet. wondering if i can have a game against someone to see how i fare out there
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