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  1. Ouzo

    NHL 95 , XP HOW TO

    Excellent dude! This is the next step yes.
  2. DUDE, Roenick has to be in EVERY QUIZ
  3. Ouzo

    NHL 95 , XP HOW TO

    but of'course =)
  4. Ouzo


    Hi, Make an image out of it, and then read this post: NHL95 for Windows XP //Ouzo
  5. Yep, You have to have a editor for that one... Toni Wilen made these ones: NHLInfo, GFXPak, SNDView. With those we changed new team logos, player jerseys for ingame and some other stuff, like rink.... back in 95-98. Check them out: http://www.jlunnas.com/nhl95/95adds.zip http://www.jlunnas.com/nhl95/95rink.zip http://www.jlunnas.com/nhl95/95jersey.zip
  6. Hi, At least dosBox emulates old good Gravis Analog Pro totally. And the graphic addons which we have made work like a charm. Gotta try my wireless gamepad, so that I can play with my laptop too... And check my XP HOW TO topic from nhl 95 forum Cheers, Ouzo
  7. Hi everyone, At least for me NHL95 has been a major headache for a long time, when trying to play it on XP. Finally with DosBox I managed to make it work. And Heres how I did it. FIRST RUN: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- IN XP: -download and install dosbox -make an iso of your original nhl95 cd -mount nhl95 image in XP with Aclohol 120% or daemon tools -create a games folder to one of your hard drives. This folder will be mounted as a drive in a dosbox, and nhl95 will be installed into this folder -start dosbox I
  8. Hi mates, I just played NHL95 2 days ago on my laptop. Dosbox does the trick. I made it work by mounting my NHL95.iso(image of original cd) image to a virual drive on my XP, which I then mounted in dosbox as a cd drive. Then I mounted my d:\games folder as a drive in dosbox. After that I just installed the game in dosbox from cd(mounted), and played it. Sounds, graphics and gameplay are as smooth as playing on our dedicated NHL95 computer(486). I had a bit problems of game and sounds slowing down, but then I increased the dosbox cycles to 10000 or so. Works well... except that my laptop sc