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  1. I have a big request. Either the GameCube midway games (hitz, blitz, red card and slugfest) for 2022-23 version. Or n64 games (ISS 64, mlb feat Ken griffey jr, Gretzky hockey, and nba on nbc).
  2. College football based on nfl blitz
  3. Be like concacaf club style?
  4. Anyone think there should be a college rom of this? Maybe SEC and Big 12 one rom and then maybe that Big10, pac12, ACC alliance
  5. Would you be able to do Ken Griffey’s winning run? It has all 30 teams with through cheat codes which I did and really good game
  6. Anyone hear about cfl and xfl looking to partner up? Would be perfect for a game blitz mod now
  7. also i'd like a mod of ken griffey's winning run if possible? it's got all 30 teams (arizona and tampa bay are hidden) and just having rosters would be awesome.
  8. yeah that's the tough part, not sure if you could decrease number of teams.
  9. I go double on the cfl, and maybe xfl too
  10. anyone have winning run with all 30 teams? i heard if you do a full 162 season you get the rays and dbacks
  11. There definitely needs to be a college and cfl (even if just team edits) version of this.
  12. TSB - college (top team version, fbs conference versions, fcs top team version, conference versions), cfl nhl 95 - Whl, ohl, qmjhl, ncaa (conference and top 30 version), Champions Hockey League (separate Europe leagues too), KHL, AHL, Echl, sphl. Canada jr a leagues? World Series baseball - ncaa(top 30 and conference version), NPB and minor leagues? Nba jam TE - ncaa (top teams and conference versions), euro league (top and country league versions), other international if I can think of any. fifa - Uefa champions and Europa league edition, World Cup edition, concacaf (mls, liga Mx, USL championship, CanPL), probably a lot of others to think about too. I know a lot but just a bunch of ideas that came to my head
  13. Nice that’s awesome! I think college would be tough cause lots of teams and conferences, maybe do one a conference and then a top 30?
  14. Looks awesome, you ever thought of a college and euroleague version for nba?
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