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  1. I have both an original Everdrive MD and a Mega Everdrive, and the games work just fine on both. Maybe try making sure that your Everdrive firmware is up-to-date?
  2. You know he just does these in his spare time, for fun, right?
  3. I'm generally not a fan of painted consoles, but I'd pay good money for that one.
  4. Hahah, it's the circle of life! Thanks for posting it though, meat.
  5. Lol, what is there to argue about on a Scrabble forum? Either it's a word or it isn't, and that's what the Scrabble Dictionary is for. Brutus, like I said, I put a little annotation at that spot in the video saying that I meant to say "some". Other than that, I'm going to leave it alone. Thanks for all the compliments, guys!
  6. Holy crap! I completely mis-spoke when I said that! I'm going to have to see if I can fix it. I was supposed to say "Some NHL aficionados..." not "most". Ahhhhhh. Edit: I can't fix it without deleting the video, fixing it on my end, and re-uploading. I just added a little annotation correcting myself. I can't believe that I did that. I had it recorded the right way, then re-recorded that segment to add some extra information and unconsciously replaced the word "some" with "most". Maybe it was a Freudian slip, since I actually really like the SNES version, myself. Oh well, other than
  7. Thanks! Constructive criticism is always appreciated. Regarding the first point, the manual says both. Pressing A on offense performs a flip pass or clears the puck. You can certainly use it as a flip pass if you're behind the net. Regarding the second point, I think maybe I just worded it poorly? When I said something to the effect of "some NHL 94 aficionados actually prefer the SNES version of the game" I was trying to imply that most NHL 94 aficionados prefer the Genesis version, but that there was a small group of people who felt otherwise. But you are the second person to point thi
  8. This will be the only other self-promotional post I make here, I promise. I just finished up this video today. This was the reason that I talked to Amory Wong about the SNES version of the game. Anyway, let me know what you guys think! This video is focussed more on the historical perspective of the game, rather than being a how-to, tips video, or critical review of the game. I of course mentioned this website towards the end of the episode.
  9. That sounds like fun! Do you have a link with any more information? The link you posted there just seems to be results...
  10. Please do. Such a great game. I live near Sacramento, myself. Nice to see someone local!
  11. Hey guys, As I posted in the "NHL 94 Release Date" thread, I had a very nice e-mail exchange with Amory Wong, a programmer who worked for EA Canada for about 20 years and who was the lead programmer on the SNES version of NHL 94. Here's a link: http://www.cgquarterly.com/2016/02/02/amory-wong-the-classic-gaming-quarterly-interview/ As I stated in the article, this was done as part of research for the next episode of my show, which will briefly cover the history of NHL 94. If you're interested, there is a link to my YouTube channel at the bottom of the article. Thanks! Chris Classic
  12. OK, count on it. Might be a week or so, though. Edit: I just asked Amory for permission to publicly post our conversation. I have already edited it into an interview-style format. Assuming that he grants permission, I am going to publish it on my website but will also just copy-and-paste it here (in a new thread).
  13. My pleasure! I also had a pretty cool e-mail exchange with Amory Wong, who was the lead programmer for the SNES version of NHL 94. Maybe after I am done putting this episode of my show together, I'll type it out and post it here.
  14. I just fired this up for the first time. Amazing work! I can only image how much time must have gone into it, so thank you very much.